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File: 1614646861720.jpg (29.09 KB, 562x546, 1606498089367.jpg)


I just came here from bunkerchan.xyz. How much more different is this place than from bunkerchan?
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You have to go back


I'd say it's more different by a factor of four or five.


more effortposts and less /pol/ crossposting.


It's fucking



This place is exactly like flunkerchan except much bigger and 100x better

File: 1614638741949.jpeg (19.5 KB, 400x400, 9b7d672b081bc1c1a0d1e482a….jpeg)


>Leftypol.org is not currently under investigation by any Federal, State, or Local Authorities.
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If it hasn't been to court yet there's no reason not to use it as intended.


File: 1614661169514.png (238.32 KB, 441x697, gracecute3.png)

>>14603 (OP)
>/pol/, /fascist/, /liberty/, & /leftypol/ worried that glowies are coming to v& them
It's blissful knowing nobody cares about a larper like me.


AFAIK, that is actually a good thing, lol.


Which federations, which states, which localities?


any of them

File: 1614538893945.mp4 (3.56 MB, 720x1280, Uighur_ladies_party.mp4)


Upon waking up, you exit your bedroom and find yourself confronted to this:
A room full of young single lonely Uighur women that want to have some fun.
How would you get out, unscathed, of this predicament, /b/?
One last detail: Xi is watching
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H-hey ladies…


fuck you for posting this garbage
t. actual arab


You're right, please post some Arab fashion

Sorry, did I trigger you by my use of quotation marks? I don't like calling rich European countries "the West" but everybody knows what is meant by "Western" so I have no choice but to call it that too


File: 1614659425557-0.jpg (55.68 KB, 417x623, Red baron.jpg)

File: 1614659425557-1.jpg (89.71 KB, 600x396, gold.jpg)



File: 1614660244015.jpg (70.01 KB, 612x612, dog disappoint react.jpg)

>yolodomor memorial

File: 1614612820688.jpg (560.89 KB, 720x1382, Which Way Western Man.jpg)


Before you delete this thread, tell me why you so attached with degeneracy? Why would communism embrace degeneracy? Degeneracy won't bring you nothing more than wasted efforts. It must be because you all have cucked DNA.
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Ok OP, what do you plan to do about the degeneracy of the rich? Or do you perhaps embrace their kind of kiddie-diddling degeneracy?


File: 1614634604781.png (19.4 KB, 870x864, 54dceb613c1dfbe84b218a1283….png)

What part of "divorced from this particular context" are you failing to understand? It's a picture about with an old guy. It's not like the crop was centered on the boy in dress.
No one in their right mind would say people posting pepe are making a point about stoner culture.


File: 1614637025698-0.jpg (113.71 KB, 550x554, soviet-people-1950ies-1-sm….jpg)

File: 1614637025698-1.jpg (161.86 KB, 550x853, soviet-people-1950ies-12-s….jpg)

File: 1614637025698-2.jpg (90.53 KB, 550x545, soviet-people-1950ies-14-s….jpg)



keep posting these, they're funny


File: 1614647779405-0.jpg (150.8 KB, 1000x809, woamn.jpg)

File: 1614647779405-1.jpg (268.69 KB, 972x570, cnt woman 1.jpg)

File: 1614647779405-2.jpg (107.51 KB, 1024x808, cnt woman 2.jpg)

File: 1614597524558.jpg (9.15 KB, 246x138, literally for children.jpg)


When most of his video thumbnails are something childish like this or a soiface
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hatin on that retard is radlib behaviour


Dude was the epitome of the type of faggot that chuds hate, like Fr3d or Justin Bieber, until the millisecond he said something racist.


I miss when hating on pewdiepie was apolitical.


File: 1614638878992.png (140.63 KB, 973x1064, pewdiepie pol.png)

this is why


>>14604 (me)
forgot to take off shitposting flag lol

File: 1614607320502.jpg (99.03 KB, 526x499, 3rkm8r.jpg)


Let's talk about efficiency. Just how much Papa Xi Jin Ping fund you? This website even not very appropriate. After reading about your drama & split, looks like you all larpers in the end. So what's your counter argument?
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>regardless of who does it

>backpaddles every instance when called out pretending he didn't just say what he said



Why don't use it to our advantage? If those billionaires serve us trap (philanthropy), then let us use it against them. Let us reveal what they're exactly. I know it is opportunism. But by any means necessary, no?


you are retarded af nigga that anon was just memeing



>"[It was said that] under the Soviet system it was impossible to live because of the deficit. But now in Russia at least there is no deficit.

>Well what can one say? After all, on the screen we just saw the figures about production in Soviet years and today [presumably similar, or perhaps even the same figures cited above]. How can this be, I ask? There was a lot of milk, and this is called deficit. There became half as much, and now there is no deficit, but abundance. But the word "deficit" means "lack". So apparently it is more important to see milk in the store than to see it on the dining table. More than this, it is evident that the current "abundance" is fake. If people were suddenly given a [decent] salary, all the products would be gone from the shelves in two days (and this is what happened in 1996, where before the election, in order to appease voters the government gave out pay and pensions)."


>i bet you guys get paid to think this way
>i read about stupid internet drama
all around bad thread

File: 1614575806349.jpg (11.23 KB, 480x563, FB_IMG_1535858555834.jpg)


I think I'm officially a college dropout
I just realized that I missed the re-enrollment deadline by two days
I also found out that tomorrow the new semester starts at 6am and I don't even know if I'm still in or not
It took me almost 6 years to get only 60% of necessary credits to graduate
Why did I lose all motivation? Why did I become so uninterested in college in the past year? I mean, I guess it's no big deal, it's a public university, I can easily repay my parents by working again, and after some time I can re-enter and start from the beginning, hopefully this time around it'll be easier. If I could reach 60% once I can do it again, but the difference is that I'm already familiar with all those subjects. Or maybe I could study programming this time around, idk

Hahaha fuck
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are they even doing re enrollment shit? I didn't needed to do anything but Im in hs so idk


welcome to reality. You somehow managed to make your life even worse as now you don't even have a chance to join the ranks of labour aristocrat. report to nearest sweatshop and you will happily bid half the minimum wage just to gain 'experience'.


dude just make a phone call to the enrollment offices. are you really going to cuck yourself because you were too pussy to make a phone call?


I wish. I already took 2 semesters off to work, previously. They won't let you take more.

Yep, it's like that in university. No clue if it's the same in all countries though, probably in most.

That's what I'm gonna do right now, don't worry.


What are you majoring in? If it's something like IT and you can't continue where you left off then just do a 2-year diploma at a college and ask if you can transfer credits/courses from maths and stuff.

File: 1614578712342.jpg (123.1 KB, 1200x800, DZoqeMDXUAE9hbV.jpg)


Despite the fact that anarchists have not been able to pull off even (1) successful revolution, there are still millions of people, especially in the imperialist core, that cling to this impotent ideology. Are they really naive enough to think you can pull off a successful revolution without centralization and means of repressing reactionaries? Or did they just fall for CIA propaganda about muh authoritarianism. I honestly wonder how many anarchists are unironic glowies.
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File: 1614628348831.jpg (34.64 KB, 850x315, in-a-society-that-has-abol….jpg)

>ideas only have value if they have successful revolutions related to them.
Retarded take, fuck off.
>A revolutionary ideology that cannot win a revolution is nothing
Can and Have are no in english interchangeable words, retard.
>At least social democracy is openly reformist, anarchism is literally just nothing, a means to signal to liberals that you’re not one of the “evil” types of anticapitalist
>thinks liberals tollerate anarchists.
You are retard.. That is why Macron sent militarized troops to maim land occupers.
That is why SYRIZA evicted the squats and CDU evicts anarchists from Hambach to expand coal power.
You are a mental mongaloid, anon.


A revolutionary ideology that cannot win a revolution is nothing, sorry but it is what it is
We both know you only chose anarchism because you were told communism is evil but anarchism is not


File: 1614631284655.png (115.63 KB, 625x626, bait-044.png)

>A revolutionary ideology that cannot win a revolution is nothing, sorry but it is what it is
This is the biggest nonsense I have ever read on this website. You are either a child or a yankee.
>We both know you only chose anarchism because you were told communism is evil but anarchism is not
Another brainlet take, get a fucking education or less reactionary parents, lmao.


>ideology is impossible to implement
>nothing he says or does is ever going to happen
>still thinks anyone should care about him
delusional armchair pseud


File: 1614631604880.jpg (50.2 KB, 680x722, 0a6832ae9fb9bc78c8534537a7….jpg)

>>A revolutionary ideology that cannot win a revolution is nothing, sorry but it is what it is
>This is the biggest nonsense I have ever read on this website.
Quite the cope

File: 1614615613898.jpg (191.61 KB, 900x1100, damn.jpg)


i miss the early 2010s of gaming


I miss early 2010s of internet. At least you still have your games.

File: 1614617902433.jpg (10.27 KB, 251x251, EvZB8FSXMAMSM4V.jpg)


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