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File: 1614516574666-0.jpg (88.73 KB, 1200x617, us regional commands.jpg)

File: 1614516574666-1.jpg (133.77 KB, 1200x955, chinese regional commands.jpg)


This is the regional military commands of the United States and the regional military commands of the People's Republic of China.

Even if you think China has a couple examples of belligerent foreign policy, how do you think these are even remotely comparable?
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>Thinking you can maintain an exploitative international economic regime without a belligerent foreign policy to back it up


>Switzerland Canada and Scandinavia don't exist


>Thinking they aren’t just tentacles of the US Empire


File: 1614521810057.pdf (422.43 KB, 232x300, China - A Modern Social-Im….pdf)

those countries also rely on belligerent foreign policy, just, the policy of their allies, not of themselves. but that's entirely beyond the point, because imperialism isn't defined as "when country do bad mean thing" or "when war and invasion", it's defined as the highest stage of capitalism where monopolies are tied to the state and capital is exported overseas to extract profit from those countries' labor forces, and China does this.


Maoists view anything slightly right of them as revisionist making them irrelevant. This revisionist crap is no different than these people talking about how capitalism should or should not be run. Socialism has many faces, as done capitalism.

File: 1614286426096.jpg (137.06 KB, 630x1200, I_am_too_lazy_to_shop_polj….jpg)


I used to like this movie when I was still undergoing edgelord phase as newly recruited wage slave in manual labour setting. It was one of few films I watched more than thrice as I liked sober 90s aesthetics and I liked Pitt's performance.

I tried to watch it again recently but realized I could not really enjoy it and I had to quit it by mid act.

I'm still trying to understand why my attitude toward this film changed so much over few years and I suspect two things.

1. My attitude toward women changed by a lot. I was not incel per se but I was struggling in relationship department as I didn't know how to make comfortable around me for a long time. Now I'm much more comfortable with myself and didn't have much trouble talking to one or befriending one that lead to intimate moments.

Then I realized I worked in radically different environment from 90s or early 2000s. There are visibly more women in every sectors. There are wage gap but it's diminishing rapidly and I wouldn't be surprised if majority of women actually achieve financial independence as economical function of marriage is becoming obsolete.

This two factors reshaped my understanding of 'feminist' movement and masculinity. I am not saying women can do no wrong. I personally know of few incidents where they abused their newly found political / societal leverage to their unfair advantage. I wasn't target of such 'attack' but I am well aware of its existence and hope for its constructive resolution as we progresses toward new equilibrium.

What I cannot stand however is reassertion of masculinity as antithesis or reaction against rise of women in sociopolitical sphere. Not only do I sense weakness and schizophrenic inconsistency in their appeal to authority/nature, I never benefited from 'male dominant' atmosphere and I have little incentive to back their propaganda.

And I don't want to chimp out in 'safe space' exchanging punches with insecure retards. That's not what I need or want.
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>Not only do I sense weakness and schizophrenic inconsistency in their appeal to authority/nature, I never benefited from 'male dominant' atmosphere and I have little incentive to back their propaganda.

But the hyper-masculine dude turned out to be the bad guy and this quite literally schizophrenic tendency was revealed in the end. In fact the film itself addresses Toxic masculinity (in the original sense of the word) by talking about masculine depictions in media.

I'm sorry OP but this really is just a lazy rant about you getting triggered about the depictions of some form of hyper masculinity in a movie while throwing out of the window the context of this depiction. In this sense you are just as bad as those kids that idolize the movie for the wrong reasons. 1/10 movie review


> My attitude toward women changed by a lot.
I'm woman and I like the movie, don't worry about it too much (plus the protagonist was a literal schizo so it explains the depiction of the woman)


File: 1614488944324.png (28.99 KB, 554x554, 34bc52e2c9b21295c9c1b69b5b….png)

good post OP ive had similar thoughts. Fight club, the book was written in 1996 and is basically a GenX coming of age story, but of ADULT age(30s). One of the themes is the disillusionment of adulthood and realizing the American Dream is bullshit. This makes sense in context as well as the old neoliberal period of after Reaganism but before the dotcom economy, the only good jobs were in finance and the rest of the young GenXers were consigned to "McJobs" unlike their boomer/silent parents who had actually lived through the last period of Fordist Keynesianism as children and young adults.

Take the quote from the book:

>We’re the middle children of history, man. No purpose or place. We have no Great War. No Great Depression. Our Great War’s a spiritual war… our Great Depression is our lives.

This perfectly describes the end-of-history 80s/90s GenX nihilistic ennui. The author, Palahniuk, is a borderline boomer/Xer who was around 35 when he wrote it. Basically this whole generation of younger boomers/older Xers were born too late to be in the Vietnam war, etc. The 90s in particular were a vey placcid, by comparison to today, time. It was the end of history.

Contrast this to millennials for example: Millennials aren't the middle children of history, they're more like the spoiled younger child, Gen Z being the infant baby of the family. They did have a war, two in fact - Iraq and Afghanistan. They didn't have a depression, but they did have a great recession. Say what you want about the 21st century, it's certainly anything but boring and certainly not the "end of history".


File: 1614535759320.jpeg (6.33 KB, 187x270, icantspellgerman.jpeg)


>geys I feel embarrassed for perverting satire as frustrated young male
<kek are you triggered by thematic violence?
L2R critically, s'il vous plaît

I still don't think Marla as a character aged well compared with say memento's Natalie

I just saw his interview and it makes even more sense to me now. Fight club was semi-autobiography of gen X wage slave fresh out of college. I knew attending support group thing was suspiciously specific yet effective depiction to be just mere literary metaphor.

but yeah I agree. we are the only generation who is capable of embracing picrel


>L2R critically, s'il vous plaît
ta gueule pd

File: 1612428151435.png (11.98 KB, 621x168, stalin height.png)


No but seriously, why?
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Genetics. He wasn't turbomanlet back then due to wanton malnutrition, but he was still short.

Shit thread tbh


It must've been useful when sneaking out of prison
And he was taller than Lenin, I think


if you're tall you can't be a important historical person, it's common knowledge.


What about Niels Bohr?


Manlets will rise.

File: 1614511329437.jpg (147.69 KB, 712x696, IMG_20210228_175917.jpg)


Hello, my fellow workers.

I tired hearing about my old man & uncle worshipping Beatles like they're so genious or something (like "hurr durr without Lennon the Beatles won't shine, no it was Ringo bla bla bla, no it was sir Paul etc etc")

They indeed made some songs about the working class but also sort of embracing idpol. My pa & uncle, both of them are libs (They unironically worship billionaires & believe in self-made man). So how do you think about the Beatles? Were they libs or not?

PSA (I don't want to really talk about music taste, but this is something that had annoyed me recently)
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You say you want a revolution
Well, you know
We all want to change the world
You tell me that it's evolution
Well, you know
We all want to change the world

But when you talk about destruction
Don't you know that you can count me out




File: 1614521473909.jpg (41.14 KB, 227x323, all right, we stop now.jpg)

taxman was reactionary (except where it criticised Heath.)
pay your fucking taxes, pay your fucking surtaxes, if you object then stop being rich.

File: 1614495439791.jpg (84.11 KB, 800x554, 800px-Eau_Rouge_1997.jpg)


If Sonic the Hedgehog were to commit a crime against humanity, which do you think it would be?


File: 1614500389215.jpg (106.93 KB, 920x381, lovelife.jpg)

using his super speed to commit no less than one million anal rapes in the span of a fucking attosecond


Sonic already commits economic genocide destroying countless industrial facilities, ending jobs and keeping the planet in a eternal state of poverty and scarceness.
Eggman, by the other hand, makes several attempts to develop the means of production and raise life standards.


Critical Support for Eggman and his struggle against primitivism with animal enslavement.

File: 1614513708736.png (1.92 MB, 1241x978, 0cc.png)


Бей жида политрука, рожа просит кирпича!

File: 1608525679352.webm (8.24 MB, 640x480, ca9cb2d3d3f208529f278af65….webm)

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Post your based or cringe MP4, WEBM files here

Previous thread: >>1041002
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>just reposting the first webm thread
can't we just link it in the OP like a normal fucking imageboard?


For fucks sake, I thought the Fruit-ball joke in Gumball was a joke (S1, ep The Goon, literally an episode dedicated to them being retards)




Why are all the links fucked up



A few threads were messed up in the migration from bunkerchan and this is one of them

File: 1614449831825.gif (473.91 KB, 680x612, burgersoy.gif)


>r/krasnacht is a mod for the grand strategy video game Hearts of Iron IV, intended as a sequel to the popular mod r/Kaiserreich. It focuses on a Cold War between a socialist west and a fascist Russia. The current devs, however, are Commies. They have phased out Syndicalism, the less shitty socialist ideology from the original Kaiserreich mod, dismissing it as "right-wing BS" in favor of OTL style Communism, portray them as Mary Sue "true democracies," as opposed to bourgeoisie "fake democracies." The devs have also straight up confirmed that it will be impossible to get any ending other than a Communist Mary-Suetopia.




>Communist Mary-Suetopia
>when you can't into politics so you can only use childish internet memes when discussing political topics


kaiserreich is shit anyway. play kaiserredux instead


What's the difference


one is anti fun while the other is fun

File: 1614477227343.png (244.67 KB, 617x611, foucault.png)


'One can always produce the theoretical discourse that amounts to saying: in any case, sexuality can in no circumstances be the object of punishment. And when one punishes rape one should be punishing physical violence and nothing but that. And to say that it is nothing more than an act of aggression: that there is no difference, in principle, between sticking one's fist into someone's face or one's penis into their sex …. [T]here are problems [if we are to say that rape is more serious than a punch in the face], because what we're saying amounts to this: sexuality as such, in the body, has a preponderant place, the sexual organ isn't like a hand, hair, or a nose. It therefore has to be protected,surrounded, invested in any case with legislation that isn't that pertaining to the rest of the body' - Foucault

Feminists and Simps forever seething.


The "rape is a special kind of evil" stance is mostly pronounced in reactionary circles, though

File: 1614391848271.jpg (77.69 KB, 555x631, 1614154274008.jpg)


>NOOOOOOOOOO no puedes llena de soya todo mi tablón de mierda AAAAAAAAAAAA bastaaaaaaaaa NOOOOOOOOOOO todos esto no es lo que representamos


adonde esta el pussyo bueno


represento a tu mamá jajaja


lol shut up chink i dont speak korean


File: 1614492425049.png (6.53 KB, 199x253, shine.png)

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