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File: 1624336669405.png (666.11 KB, 1000x1000, Dialectics.png)



"Nothing is real and strong and my friend"
t. Hegel


All you need to know is that Hegelianism gives off massive sigma vibes and energy


File: 1624337492074.png (531.96 KB, 750x738, i0.png)



So basically if you think exactly like Hegel you can uncover all the secrets of the world from the comfort of your cathedra but otherwise you just don't get it man.

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Post attractive persons wearing glasses in this thread.
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File: 1624328323630.jpg (1.29 MB, 2048x1365, IMG_8627.jpg)

Heather Baron-Gracie


Hahaha, based and same. Alright anon, I guess I can understand you. I've been trying to resist my lust for nerds lately, you know? I hate being turned on from just the mere sight of a thin eyeglass frame on a random person's face. Every time I went out or watched TV, that was the first thing I looked for in a crowd. What the fuck.

Oh, so she's a musician. That's pretty cool.


The girl from Palewaves? She a jewess?


I always though Trotsky looked dorky as fuck, and I say this as a former Trot. Dorky voice too, but damn if he doesn't have a commanding presence, vid related.


She's cute but that eyeshadow is a bit too much

File: 1624153546015.jpg (115.14 KB, 826x815, 1623335377704.jpg)


I used to think it was leftists that were the overrly emotional and stupid ones as a teen before realizing it was the other way around just today on my 22nd birthday. I went to 16chans pol board and briefly stated the fact to the neo nazis and reactionary thing members on that site that they would all get shot by the u.s. and european police force if they tried to execute their autistic ideas and they ended up crying over the thread, deleted it for portraying reality and then the next fucking post was dedicated to left wing censorship, on ordinary /pol/ all I had to say was not all black men are criminals for a fucking shitstorm of autistic retards to start shilling and bumping my thread in anger before turning the entire post into a reddit circlejerk. Its get even better(most of the right view themselves as intellectually superior especially male reactionaries due to watching too many sjw owned clips on youtube and browsing the abhorrent mess that is twitter every fucking day without ever bothering to get into debates with someone with opposing or different views that actually bothers to read something in their god dambed lives) when you meet them in real life because they will say abhorrently retarded shit in public and all you have to do to see them meltdown is stand up for yourself and they'll endlessly seethe if not freakout in public like what happened with that white lady screaming in a fucking walmart about wanting mexicans to go back to mexico. Fuckin love those guys not because I like em but because I like laughing at em


Yes, sjws and alt-right fags are two sides of the same coin. Our true enemy are liberals who have no illusions about their ideology.


File: 1624191919383.png (2.21 MB, 898x1102, ClipboardImage.png)

This image exists for a reason


reactionaries are self-victimizing by definition, they're guided by the real or perceived loss of something, and for the vast majority of them what they might be losing is some retarded spook

File: 1624341261091.jpg (25.65 KB, 446x435, LiJQCji.jpg)


roses are read
violets are blue
I just lost the game
and so did you too


Fuck u


wait what did i just lose

File: 1624301679358.jpg (54.67 KB, 802x699, 1624145298516.jpg)


New John Oliver video just dropped.
Say what you want about the guy he's one of the few libs who comes really close to shitting on capitalism as much as you can with a primetime show.
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BLM has been in great part a working class popular movement. If you don't want your movement recuperated don't even do anything because literally anything you do is always-already being recuperated. BLM has radicalized a lot of people. The point is to weaponize these things.

Just check out all the libs who are pro-pride but have been criticizing corporate astroturfing of pride. Your answer to pride shouldn't be "nah fuck homos, only class matters", but to frame the problem of LGBT liberation in terms of class society, capitalism, and the commodification of identity.




I am cumming in your fucking ass, booj.


these shows did slowly but surely make me more and more leftwing until i eventually became a communist


People need to learn more about BLM from Ferguson to now. From my understanding it got co-opted hard, little by little till last year where it really got, got.

File: 1623955165785.jpg (56.07 KB, 604x800, R602eaaa376ad8e9bffe336c57….jpg)


>Brushig your teeth
>Not shitting outside
Chairman would be disappointed


I do not shower
>Brushig your teeth
I do not brush my teeth
>Not shitting outside
I do not not shit outside


File: 1623955520883.jpg (16.96 KB, 474x315, OIP (56).jpg)



Start shitting outside ffs.


was mao just an average autist?


File: 1624340690922.jpg (858.37 KB, 3218x3190, Indochina.jpg)

File: 1623789396332.jpg (72.82 KB, 525x405, R3d928a06e3ab036a75650dd86….jpg)


Whats the economic system inside a prison?
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Slave economy with black markets.


What blows my mind that they predicted that far in advance that prison slavery would be so profitable. The prison industrial complex didn't even really exist yet, but they still through that loophole in.


>posting /leftypol/ in b


This. It just encourages answers like
Rapeocracy with mafia characteristics.


Not really. That amendments phrasing and apparent intent has nothing to do with profit. They're just saying you can be gulag'd into labor, I wouldn't be surprised if they were talking about public service labor like building railroads.

File: 1623930768815.jpg (419.08 KB, 1536x2048, 1623915598351.jpg)


I'd piss and shit all over if I found this stuff in my uncle's bathroom too.
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>office lady


Why are the Japanese like this.


This is the fantasy of right wing weeabos




why is this such a vaguley normy yet rare reaction image?

File: 1624293992033.jpg (177.84 KB, 739x723, picke.jpg)


lgtb and gay activism is a tool of the capitalists to weaken workers. reject futa cock,embrace tomboy abs
>also general thread for fighting xenostrogens in chemicals and food,discussing media attempts to crush proletarian masculinity,etc
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File: 1624332476033.jpg (122.09 KB, 1390x872, 1624321499727.jpg)

The combination of juneteenth and pride has really made this the most idpolled month in recent history


That looks like a fuckin' blanket


It looks like a blanket covered in smallpox used to commit a genocide.


File: 1624333492573.png (1.83 MB, 1000x743, ClipboardImage.png)



>implying the great theorists and leaders of actually existed socialism would have ever approved of LGBT

File: 1624126489822.jpeg (73.28 KB, 976x850, D62005BB-997B-44A0-8075-8….jpeg)


I don’t have a girlfriend
This shit sucks yo
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This post reeks of liberal moralism.
>You're just looking for women as your cope drug like someone could turn to booze or weed or dope.
Since you know better, tell me what legitimate reasons someone ought to have for seeking a partner, and explain why they are legitimate.
>Just get your life together. Getting a woman will be easy as hell. They'll come to you.
What exactly does "get your life to together" entail? If someone fits your description, is it guaranteed that a partner "will come to [them]"? If not, how would you explain it?


>What if my life is good but I just want a gf.
<Then you should have no problem getting one.
Don't you see how bullshit this logic is? Oh, you don't have a gf even though you want one, well clearly your life is isn't good. What do you define as a good life? How is a good life a precondition for finding a gf?
It seems to me more likely that you're denying that someone could live a normal life yet struggle to find a partner, simply because it's convenient for you to blame them for all their problems. You have to explain how people living miserable lives in hellish conditions guaranteed struggle more than the average joe when trying to find a partner. Are you willing to bet I wont find numerous counterexamples?


Just get addicted to codependency on purpose. Very healthy and good outcomes!


The pic would be a neat Tsutomu Nihei manga.



Could be worse, i have a gf and shes fat

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