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Do you put your real face online to find partners /b/?
I don't know much longer I can take being locked up inside with my old parents

I am thinking giving the glowies all my face data because I am getting lonely and really want to talk to the opposite sex and begin choosing a partner to start a life together

What do you think? Is it worth it to post your face online just for some companionship during a worldwide pandemic even though it will surely be used by rightoids to purge communists like you when they, like the cowards they are, need to crush dissenters because they fear a common people's revolution against them


go ahead and do it. The glowies literally need 100s of photos to train an algo, if you use 5 with most at weird angles or with sunglasses on it shouldn't hurt.

TBH most just want to know youre a real person and not a bot


File: 1612190128570-0.jpg (97.95 KB, 800x1044, 647a107dcc29fdcbd42819b2d0….jpg)

File: 1612190128570-1.jpg (474.24 KB, 1701x957, meme14.jpg)

>The glowies literally need 100s of photos to train an algo, if you use 5 with most at weird angles or with sunglasses
greatest news i heard all day
brb going to date 4 billion women now

i'll be sure to put ☭☭☭☭☭☭☭ in my bio's too to keep the right wing nutjobs away

thanks anon


I uninstalled all dating apps from my smartphone after thinking deeply about it.
This is an unprecedented attack vector and as communists we are extra vulnerable to these smartphone apps being flagged for elevated surveillance (and once that happens you're basically got on another level).

Date people in your local activist or arts scene. Who are you really serving by feeding the apps your unique preferences, answering quizzes, liking this and that, premium:ing, etc.? Plus the targeted demographic for these apps are apolitical consumerist lib-drones and hence it's oversaturated with them. By contrast if you just went to "the place" locally where all the young people who share key interests with you frequent, by weekends, where the bars/cafes are, and doing friendly casual convos with people, would pay off exponentially more. Also you wouldn't have large bourgs and glowies saying "excellent" while they're circlejerking to you voluntarily doxing yourself more thoroughly than any current surveillance could uncover.

The only scenario I could imagine making an exception is if I'm traveling for a prolonged period of time around the world, but then I'd still get a dedicated device for that and discard it once I'm back home. Don't fucking pay for any of these things (then you've tied it to your legal name), use a pseudonym and your phone number rather than "Facebook" during registration and don't feed it info about your political extremism for fucks sake. If it's possible use a laptop with hardened security instead of the smartphone (all the apps require access to basically every nook and cranny of your device).


if they want to purge you they'll do it even if you never use dating apps or whatever I think you should try em out if you really want to and then delete the app once you get bored of it or when the political climate starts getting more violent you have nothing to worry about if all you do is shitpost on leftypol tho


dating apps turn alienation into commodity to the point where you have to literally whore yourself to get your one of the most basic need of love to be fulfilled. It's predatory by design and it perpetuate sense of isolation further for its own survival. To have success on dating app, one has to abandon any hope of seriousness and 'take it easy' cause nobody wants to invest into drama whore when they can be cuddly and take cute pictures during off time.

The only time I attempted dating website was for fetish purpose and it was quite lame despite my city being literal sin city. I would rather spend time with people I know of IRL and make something out of it instead of hoping to find that perfectly commodified version of my fetish materialized in person of my age group.


I tried using a dating app once and instantly regretted it, you can get a date without using them, and generally people you meet in real life are more decent.


hookup apps >>> dating apps
Both are kinda off limits with covid tho -_-


Exactly. I'm kinda confused people who use online dating apps do nowadays

Webcam dates? Risking it all and going to date outside lol


File: 1612265241620.png (317.61 KB, 492x510, d48f2674e8af30173ac0c81ee9….png)

I agree with all of you 100% and I also always have and still want to meet the love of my life in rom com irl meet cute kind of way through fate. I am sickeningly idealist when it comes to love.
I find dating apps to be inhumane, artificial and vulgar way to love.

BUT, one's ideals and principles must be able to adapt and manifest itself in an ever changing world. I was going to start hanging out in bars go to events later in 2020. Then an easily transferable airborne disease happened which can easily kill one's co-morbid parents. By the time I will get a vaccine I will be in late 20s. And even then there's a tiny chance the disease could be spread. I find this very depressing. I don't want to have my first date at the age of 30 becoming an old old man.

I live in a country where political violence is common thus being an open book is stupid and I very much understand how "free" apps want to extract value from you somehow by selling your data.

Thus, listen to my plan to execute maximum satisfaction of my ideals with most minimum harm.
Tell me if this practice has any flaws

1. NO ENGAGEMENT IN POLITICAL AESTHETICISM - no ☭ in the bio, no telling right wing women to fuck off, no virtue signaling that you're a leftist in any way whatsoever. Not only is it dangerous to expose yourself as a communist with your face to the bad people potentially but also not being able to defend your positions and views only harms the communists movement. I am still reading theory.

2. CAN'T BE MONETIZED IF YOU HAVE NO MONEY - years of playing p2w games has taught me self-discipline and how to make the system work for me thus no "premium" marketing will work

3. STAYING AUTHENTIC WHILE ALSO BEING SAFE - don't need to announce you're a communist to share one's anti-capitalist sentiments and views on politics and talk about class. Nobody is apolitical they just don't know what means what. Rightoids often pretend to be centrist and say right wing things. This is not a hard tactic to utilize. If I somehow find love on the site then I can trust the person and confess about being a communist.

Real material Good consequences
Normalized social interaction with real people
Shyness and anxiety will be numbed after numerous encounters
Tiny chance of finding true love
Safe from political violence by pretending to be apolitical and normie on main profile

Real material bad consequences:
Face permanently out on the web
Porky will know what my favorite ABBA songs are

What do you think? Do the pros outweigh the cons?


I use/used one for fetish purposes too.

I have a crush someone from irl that i hope to meet again one day and a fwb I'm VERY comfortable with, but, because of being constantly tangled up in some activity, the kind of autistic that needs to plan plan every minute of his day and currently in the fucking army, is only available once every few months, and since him joining the army I haven't seen him in 8.

So yeah, I def have less sex than I want to but I also learned the hard way that hooking up with someone I barely now can hurt me emotionally real fucking bad,no judging the people who do, just not for me. So whether from app or not, until dream boy comes along fwb becomes attainable I'm just hoping to establish another clear fwb relationship, before someone thinks I'm using the guy, me and army dude are completely clear about this being non exclusive.


E-dating is one of the three things that made me lose empathy for women


But how can I hook up with girls, if I don't use shit like tinder? It's getting increasingly hard to do so



Do not elaborate


Do you have any official identification with a photograph in it issued some time in the past twenty years? If so, that's in a database somewhere and the glowies already know what you look like. But then again, I could be a glowie myself, lying to you to convince you to show us what you look like. :^)


> I also learned the hard way that hooking up with someone I barely now can hurt me emotionally real fucking bad,no judging the people who do, just not for me
I'm also like this and it feels like I'm the only other person in the world who has this. Its nice to read someone else has this too.


> I also learned the hard way that hooking up with someone I barely now can hurt me emotionally real fucking bad
Lol why it's just 'wham bam thank you maam
And then you never talk to them again especially if it's pandemic sex


it's not worth it from what I've seen. if you're not getting pussy in real life that's not going to change with the e-shit. even if you're good looking.
women on Tinder are especially demanding that you "entertain" them. you are basically a tap-dancing monkey in a cage and it's extremely demoralizing.


I'm this anon >>11135 I can't explain it, but it leaves me with terrible feelings. I'd rather do sexy stuff with friends or people I know.


I realized that any woman can fuck a supermodel looking man any day of the week and have an army of simps/their IRL friends for emotional support
The time of the average man is over
Our only reason to exist now is to work until we die

GG, I’m going to bed, nighty


obviously young girls have advantage of leveraging men's lust but they have to be smart about it lest they get ostracized out of society. Slut shaming is still a thing.

Better question to ask is why can't we just settle with one person, like my ultimate fetish would be reconnect with my childhood best friend and learn even more about her now that we have such a distinct lifetime experience. Too bad I will not make FB account only to talk to her again


>I realized that any woman
>can fuck a supermodel looking man any day of the week
why do you think it's the women who can fuck a guy like that and not the other way around (a good looking guy gets any woman he wants)?
>and have an army of simps/their IRL friends for emotional support
no, although it does seem that women have more friends than men on average, or there are more women who have many friends than men who do (but the difference between both isn't like 49% percent)
>The time of the average man is over
people are more often attracted to average faces


Slut shaming is meaningless and basically non-existent, men do not slut shame, those men who do get mocked as virgin incels anyway
Only lying libleft’s pretend like the time of the Woman is here, the female sex has achieved the historic defeat of all Men just as Men did the reverse millennia ago
Man just look up the Gini Coefficient of Tinder, if it was a country it would be one of the most economically unequal countries on the face of the planet, and that includes the fucking US, yea

And reminder that roughly 40% of people met their partners online and that was as far back as 2016
I’m telling you, it is ogre if you’re a guy, even if you have a gf she can easily replace you.
Our sex is superfluous now


>>11186 (me)
*isn’t here


See, this is just you telling yourself these little stories. Stop doing that for starters.


These are all mostly statistics I’ve read my guy


So you're basing your assertions on American Tinder statistics. Not only that but you're mentioning this supposed 40% thing like all of those people are like what you described (not only implying that all heterosexual couples who met online are composed of one gullible manipulated man and one attractive and manipulative woman, but also that all couples that met online are heterosexual and/or normies). Based retard

>Slut shaming is meaningless and basically non-existent, men do not slut shame

>those men who do get mocked as virgin incels anyway
Yes, it happens and it's wrong, but the fact that it happens doesn't make the rest of your shit opinions true, not does it mean that average men suddenly can't find a partner nor that all women are capable of sleeping with whoever they want.
>even if you have a gf she can easily replace you
And men can't do that? I will acknowledge that women might have it slightly easier in finding a partner, but why would men be incapable of doing the same? Just because you are afraid of being dumped? Or perhaps it has already happened?


Also it really depends where you're seeing those things take place. If it's a place with a lot of liberals, the one who shows a hint of contempt for women or uses misogynistic rhetoric, he will obviously be called an incel and a virgin. But if you see a woman shit on male virgins in a place full of incels and right wing men, they will call her "roastie" and other shit like that.

Maybe you simply spend too much time around liberals online. Or someone's only showing you cherry-picked examples.


As a final addition to my own posts, I have to ask whether you have any statistics on real-life slut shaming and bullying against male virgins, or are just getting your "evidence" from the mainstream sites you visit.


Not one of you mfers critiqued or helped refine my tactics >>10398 but yeah sure the age old girls vs boys debate sure is interesting to talk about


I didn't miss your post but it looks like all the replies to the OP apply there also.
Ultimately the answer depends on whether you are and will be active as a communist or not. If not, maybe it's ok for you to give glowies and Porky your data, privacy and face. But otherwise I would recommend not signing up.

Although I do have a little problem with your third point. If you want to find a communist gf you need to announce your own political views somehow, but if you don't care and wouldn't mind teaching her about communism later on (if things work out) that's fine I guess


I'll confess that I made a Tinder account a few years ago to date """ugly""" nerds (male) in my area
As expected it didn't really work


When I said slut shaming I'm saying girls as group tend to self-regulate themselves when one girl actually decides to go way too promiscuous to the point where she flirts with wrong girl's guy . Guys don't slut shame by definition they know who easy girls are and who need bit more investment before getting trust.

If you honestly think few loud degenerates make up meaningful portion of our generation, you are living sad life indeed and I hope you can find someone but only after you get through your psychosis


polite sage as my mobile client shat itself while editing previous post

but have you tried opening up a bit to people you already know? It's not as exciting as starting romantic relationship freshly from scratch and yet it do offer what you are looking for while eliminating most of your method's downsides.


I'm not the one calling women degenerates for taking too much dick, fam


I guess I don't really get what you are trying to tell us then.

The reason why I don't mind calling people who crave new sex partner just for the score's sake out as degenerate is because they are destroying themselves for diminishing return. It's like how irresponsibly obese people hijacked positive body image movement. It's cool girls don't have to depend on men for survival but getting random amount of dick just because they can or to stick it up to the norm does not make sense or what so ever. actually, if there exist guys who genuinely mourn for not being able to do the same, all the power to degenerate woman :^)


>I don’t really know what you’re trying to tell us
That it’s over for most (70-80%) of young men in 2021
And I say this as a dude that’s at least managed to get laid a few times and used to be seen as somewhat attractive by women before the ronas began
It’s over for us, fam, we done, GG


Please tell us more.


She fucks chads now


No. Only do it if they took a mugshot of you before, then it doesn't matter because they have your face anyway. Otherwise I recommend just describing your personality and physical characteristics and only sending your face to people in dms.


File: 1612902204154.jpg (233.04 KB, 541x480, I_discovered_avatarfagging.jpg)

join the dark side and turn yourself into object of your desire. we have skin suits to cover your body hair


Not interested in giving up being an alright looking guy to be an ugly looking girl with a penis
I’m good fam


I thought that maybe I would be able to meet the cute guys in the city who don't go out often if I searched for them on Tinder.
But among all those normie looking guys (conventionally attractive), I only got kind of interested in two people who weren't exactly what I signed up for, but weren't half bad either.
One of them turned out to be a fan of my favorite band, but lived in another state and confessed that he had only signed up out of boredom, didn't really want to meet anyone IRL nor did he expect to find a date. Pretty cool dude, I learned some interesting facts about the members of the band.
The other one was closer to my type, seemed to have a lot of money, he quickly understood that I wanted to hook up with him, and I immediately pussied out, that's where I realized that having sex with strangers is not for me, and I have to be familiar with the person first.

In short, I gave glowies my name, my face and the embarrassing fact that I used Tinder and the only thing I got was this revelation. I also learned the obvious fact that the nerds I like don't use Tinder.


This, try it out. It might be fun


Am I the only person here that does normal shit like Facebook and Instagram?
If you have any public social media the feds already know your face, tbh they already know your face if you just happen to live in Burgerstan to begin with
What difference do it make?


no dude just cross dress time to time to understand what you truly desire from girl. don't go full retard and chop your dick off if you already went through puberty

most cute nerds I could imagine right now would keep it to themselves doing their things instead of whoring themselves on tinder. tbqh I'm surprised you actually had to experiment with tinder to find out how it works do you even opsec


>Dude, just do a faggotry, that will make women want your dick!
Leftists irl


You might be right, but somehow giving my face and data to Facebook feels worse than Tinder.

I thought maybe some of them might've been as desperate as me or curious or horny enough to use the app.
But if they're borderline shut-ins how am I supposed to meet them? Joining local Facebook groups about geeky stuff? You know what, I wish I had figured that out back then.


it will not convince girls to crave your dick but you will understand what your dick is craving after in the first place. Then you will know what kind of relationship to aim for when talking to girls you like.

I ain't yo mother so I shouldn't tell you what to do in relationship department but your past posts suggest what you need is good friend more than someone to sleep with. You might think you can comfortably transition from friends to fwb but you have to understand guys are much more cautious nowadays and will feel rather uncomfortable if you put them in such situation without you clearly implying what you want out of them for too long.

you probably should talk to your friends (girls) about this. they probably know cousin or two who's STEM fag and not creepy


File: 1612913622223.jpeg (132.07 KB, 1280x720, FEF0353E-A88A-4922-8830-2….jpeg)

>If you dress like a woman you will understand them
>If you wear the female garment you will gain the female essence and understand the female mind
<Mfw niggas unironically think the Mel Gibson film “What Women Want” is real


Date a dude who’s shorter than 5’10
Give us lil niggas a chance b


are you autistic? I'm not saying I'm trying to understand what girls think when I cross dress. I'm trying to understand why I like stockings/garter belt/braided hair/specific styles I like, so when I talk to girl I like I don't feel overwhelmed talking to them. I really couldn't get laid before realizing girls are just people but without a dick

But yeah, I don't exactly fit into dominant masculine personality unless I force it so there's no excuse of not being a faggot :^)


Tbh I’ve never really felt overwhelmed talking to pretty girls, I think I’m good fam


tinder is made so much worse by the fact that i do not know how to take proper photos of myself, nor do i have friends to take me photos, nor the money to buy a proper good camera. nor interesting scenary (because i live iin an urban hellscape with nothing interesting or pretty around) , i even once had a male model friend, whom i had take photos of me, and they still came out the same way as my own. And this is all almost required. Mind you this happens to literally everyone, including women, but i'm punished 100x times for the same. This combines with the fact that my city posses no clubes or almost no organized hobbies (we work like 50+ hours a week here, everyone is too tired to have a life), and my work being at home, and my gym limiting my time to 1 hour, means that i have almost no friends, nor do i meet women very often


I think I already did, actually. I never really ask my boyfriends how tall they are nor is their height something special (unless it's a particularly tall person), but the last guy was almost as short as me, I think.


The fact that we're still in the middle of a raging, deadly Covid pandemic with an uncertain timeline for when it will end and multiple new variants/mutations, at least one of which (UK) is confirmed to be both more infectious and deadlier than wild type, makes 80% of your post irrelevant/horribly out of date.

Truth is, dating apps are the way to go for now unless you want to play Russian Roulette on dying or getting permanently disabled from the Coof.

Otherwise, just wait for the pandemic to be over in a couple years I guess.


Why does it have to be only dating apps? People now socialize over the internet. Just go on sites, make a couple of friends and find love that way.


>Just go on sites, make a couple of friends and find love that way

i don't want to slide in some girls DM and get called out for being creepy

on dating apps the intention is clear


If you’re a man online dating is almost 100% a waste of time


Facebook, instagram
I'm not talking about sending DMs to random girls though, rather if you don't like Tinder you can befriend people on other sites


You can't see people who liked you on these dating apps.

You gotta pay extra for that.

My day has been completely radicalized



File: 1613142728742.png (303.82 KB, 500x1033, iliekdethgribs.png)





File: 1613220541376.jpg (42.23 KB, 474x536, cuddle boys.jpg)

I have this feeling which I'm unable to explain when reading this thread.
Everything about sex just feels unfair, it's unfair that some people have good genetics and personality while others don't, it's unfair that some people are born in better and more social environments while others aren't, it's unfair that people are born with the wrong gender, …etc.
Whenever i see posts or comments where someone denounces the other sex such as "All men are blah blah blah" or "All women are blah blah blah" i get mildly enraged because such statements alienates men and women from each other, it makes men and women hate each other and i hate this.
I also really fucking hate the fact that love relationships have been transformed into market relationships where men became "buyers" and women "sellers". This is humiliating for both sexes because it reduces women to emotionless commodities and reduces men to sex-seeking creatures that will do anything for sex.
I guess what I'm trying to say is that i fucking hate sexual dimorphism.

Mind you, i'm just trying to articulate the emotions which i have kept inside me for a long time

picrel is my innermost desire.


Preach anon.
Everyone's alienated and no one is having a good time.

Also if you want to get pampered and cuddled by a girl, a lot of girls want to pamper their guys, so it's out there comrade


File: 1613230675478.jpg (27.73 KB, 720x748, 6d7c32e2e03ae994627fcdf6a2….jpg)

I swiped left on a girl that liked me
The app told me that and so I quickly tried to rewind and it told me I gotta pay for that feature

I will become the joker
I literally could have been talking to a gorl on Valentine's Day. I have not felt like crying in months until now.


Don't make my mistake bros
Swipe right on every women you see

Don't be picky in love or you'll get cockblocked by the paywall™

I hate the modern world.


>I will become the joker
Do it anon. Go full sicko mode. Talk to the girls


The joker talks to girls??!?


There’s a 90% chance she would have ignored you, anon


I bait people on the internet for a living
People don't ignore me, I AM THE MASTERBAITER!

I wouldn't do pickup lines like any ordinary man, I would ask such deep hitting concise questions that she could not ignore me
Anyways no point in crying over spilled milk. I know you're trying to make me feel better so thanks anon.

I'm carefully swiping now. Each left swipe is like a jump scare waiting to happen


Also I just straight up saw a lib girl who listed in one of her three wishes answer that she would nuke china

swiped left
too crazy for me


>a lot of girls want to pamper their guys
Only pickmes want to do that, if you could get pregnant you would understand why women are courted by a man and usually not the other way around, no woman wants to have to take care of kids and a manchild husband


> People don't ignore me, I AM THE MASTERBAITER!
No they’ll ignore you like they ignore the vast majority of jestermaxxers
> I wouldn't do pickup lines like any ordinary man, I would ask such deep hitting concise questions that she could not ignore me
They literally don’t give a shit and usually feel disgust if you put thought into a message, besides that she probably has hundreds of messages so doesn’t give a flippant fuck about you
Women are on social media to get railed by models and boost their egos, not to suck off some fucker in clown makeup and a silly red wig
> Anyways no point in crying over spilled milk. I know you're trying to make me feel better so thanks anon.
I’m just telling you what online dating is like, it’s utter shit
Just yesterday I got my first match in weeks, it was some morbidly obese bitch with mental issues, I tried talking about art so she insulted me and said she was suicidal
This is the kind of shit that happens if you’re lucky enough for a response, online is a waste if you have a penis
Whatever you get online will most likely be the equivalent of pulling a half eaten, week old burger from the trash


>no woman wants to have to take care of kids and a manchild husband
speak for yourself


>Women are on social media to get railed model
Works for me I'm hotter than most models I see.

>Just yesterday I got my first match in weeks, it was some morbidly obese bitch with mental issues

Why did you swipe right on her if you didn't find her attractive, It's okay to be superficial anon.

I just got my first match from a qt 3.14 and even if she doesn't respond i'll just be happy thinking that I interacted with another human being briefly.

I'm not gonna generalize 4 billion people based on a dating app that's meant to capitalize on human loves shamelessly.


File: 1613294662018-0.jpg (72.56 KB, 720x828, IMG_20210214_122215_757.jpg)

File: 1613294662018-1.jpg (49.77 KB, 513x379, IMG_20210214_122218_396.jpg)

Whatever you two are talking about.
I don't want to force a girl to treat me like an aristocrat, i want a girl so i can do things for her and make her happy and i want her to say nice things to me while i'm saying nice things to her.
All my sexual fantasies now revolve around finding a sad girl and then making her happy and doing everything she wants even if it hurts me and then hoping she would do the same to me after a while.
If i can't find my dream girl then i'll be someone elses dream boy.

Whatever i just got too emotional and wanted to express my feelings.


Uhh whatever weirdo. I know plenty of women enjoy giving a a guy physical affection, and doing nice things for him now and then. I's different from treating a guy like a woman or a manchild. Project harder pickmeisha.


You sound nice but also like you have low self esteem. Honestly you should be careful not to put women on a pedestal, because they can be mean or kind just like guys, it's no good to get taken advantage of when you are just trying to be nice. I think if you can improve your self confidence than it will be easier to attract a nice girl and establish a healthy reciprocal relationship


Unless you want children, I don't honestly see what the big deal is with getting rejected

You're just getting closer to a girl that loves you really.
The ones who don't like you are helping you out by weeding you out.

Would you rather find true love late in life OR stay in an unhappy marriage forever /b/?

I would go with the first. Rather live alone instead of comprising. Maybe I just believe that because I'm young.

Who knows. I hate how complicated the simple act of finding a companion is honestly.


> You're just getting closer to a girl that loves you really.
I really need to ask, are you fucking 15?
I cannot imagine a grown adult actually believing this nonsense


Spare me your boring insults

If you just want to be in a relationship regardless if you and your partner are going to be satisfied with said relationship then fine, my mindset might seem alien to you

But according to my point of view it is simply better to not have a girl lie to you and settle. That kind shit is what leads to unhappy marriages and people. Rejection is not as bad as it is still an incompatible partner eliminating themselves.

Thus leading you to be left with a smaller but maybe more compatible choices of partners to start dating with again.


I get what you're saying, and I agree with you, but I'm also a young adult.


Your mindset is alien to me because it revolves around the concept of true love and destiny which was created in medieval folk tales and Disney films


My idea is rooted in the fact that nobody is special and therefore it is very likely that there are many people who you are compatible with. It's simply a numbers game. You have to keep playing it.
But people want instant gratification.

There are no soulmates. There are multiple people who you can get along with, but the market is simply too big and thus the way to win the game is to reach one of the multiple you are compatible with faster than other people will. If your "soulmate" dies, you simply restart the game to find another human you are compatible with.

Therefore according to my theory, the more people you eliminate or people who eliminate you the closer you get to that proper set of people
Now tell me does that not sound cynical to you? Is this inspired by disney movies?


your take is cynically neoliberal. you are ignoring that one needs to engineer acceptable set of communication/personality standards to remain compatible in dating market. That doesn't necessarily implies one is not being true to oneself but the very fact that you have to be someone else only to please others don't really sound like true love to me.


>your take is cynically neoliberal
Thank you. My goal was to dissuade you on the fact that my belief that "rejection is not that bad" wasn't rooted in childish ideals or disney movies which has been reached.

>you are ignoring that one needs to engineer acceptable set of communication/personality standards to remain compatible in dating market

I am absolutely not ignoring them, In fact I am the most aware of it. One of the reasons I say that "nobody is unique" stems from my experience on dating apps and reading all these bios.

Each polite lie or act of kindness to not be mean or ghost people on these dating apps either creates a fictional ideal dating self to the other person which inevitably causes problem irl later on, or you end up alienating yourself.

>don't really sound like true love to me.

Exactly, It isn't.
That's why I am okay with rejections since I'm firstly not pretending to be anyone else. I'm not following the meta
I'm sometimes sad, sometimes cheerful sometimes mad. That's me.

So with each rejection, I'm reaching closer to a more compatible person because as I said, nobody is unique and that the reason it takes so long to find somebody you like is because the market is simply too big. Even if there are 100 girls who are compatible with me out of the 10,000 girls in the area. The odds are going to be better as long as I keep playing to reach any one of those 100 girls.

My perspective is simply a "Glass half kinda full" when it comes to dating.
I don't know if that's gonna change with time.


I mean, if you can extract some doses of dopamine or sense of self actualization through grinding dating apps, what can I really tell you? I wish you godspeed and hope you can settle with somebody 'compatible' with you.

Don't start blog posting when you get jaded with castle of lies you built for you and your future generic girlfriend tho


I'm not extracting any doses of dopamine on any of these apps. It's simply another chore for now until the world reopens, and I can conduct dating more efficiently.

>Don't start blog posting when you get jaded with castle of lies you built

Do you have zero reading compression? You just seem to want to be catty.

My practices are exactly the opposite of what you just described and are built to make sure that doesn't happen to me
I'm not going to lie or be deceitful just to get matches or pretend to be compatible with someone, so I'm not sure where you're building up this supposed inevitable unhappy conclusion that I'm leading towards somehow

Being an incel is not some material reality or truth, It is a toxic subculture that people actively choose to participate in.
My views on rejection are in a stark contrast to theirs. Even in my past when I was most mentally ilI, I never stooped so low to inceldom, It's certainly not going to happen now at my mentally fittest.

I may see the world cynically, but that only allows me to be happier and smarter than most people when they get disillusioned with life.


it could be my reading comprehension or the fact that your relationship goal or thinking process is rather alien or artificial to me. I'm bit on the edge after 12 hours shift so let me try to dissect your take further. Do entertain me by correcting me if I'm missing something.

I don't think I'm incel as I didn't have trouble befriending girls after overcoming my anxiety and mental issues but I am extremely skeptical of marriage or dedicated long term relationship in $CURRENT_YEAR due to convoluted reasoning too long to be described here. let's just blame capitalism and move on as my focus is on you and your ideal partner according to you

you start your post with marriage and fear of rejection. Not sure who you are going after. If you are targeting incels, I'll have you know they don't care about family value or marriage outside of semantics. It's always about their own impotency projected to change of culture and memeified conceptual girls going after harmful, non-traditional path i.e. psychosis. If you are targeting single males who are unable to start a family, it doesn't make sense or whatsoever in current marriage market. It's usually women who have trouble convincing men to marry them officially as most first world country governments unilaterally found out best way to pump up that population meter is mass immigration and making men hostage of their own family by making it financial suicide to lightly break up with woman once they have kids.

again I'm not too sure who you are going after but OK? maybe that's how you roll. Some people do make it work through arranged marriage tho. not saying it's ideal but some people do end up growing on each other in totally non-creepy or toxic codependent way. who are we to judge if guy wants to waifu a gal who is not waifu material? maybe she's worth it. nobody can tell it in advance. For every failed marriage you witnessed, there's probably half dozen semi-functional one and quarter successful one. People like compromising just like you but in different department.

So this post is where I'm officially lost.
You say people are not too unlike another and people should be able to find compatible companion without too much statistical miracle….except there are 8 billion humans inhabiting this planet so odd of meeting one is….unfavorably stacked against you?

If most people can get along with why do you think people have such hard time or bad experience looking for partners? If each rejection was that insignificant, why do people make such a big fuss about it? Why do girls despise guy who mishandle girl's first approach? Why are guys sometimes socially justified of seeking vengeance after mistreated by girl going through power trip? Don't you think it's precisely because getting started with any sort of relationship through mutual interest is so rare and most people would cherish that moment however irrational it may seem to you?

It's just my projection but I don't think you experienced any genuine rejection


I really don't think we fundamentally disagree on this topic. It seems only our perspective is different

>If most people can get along with why do you think people have such hard time or bad experience looking for partners?

As you said capitalism. A lot of people don't have the time to figure out themselves, Who they are or who they want because they are stuck in wage slavery.
After work, people come home to get bombarded with advertisements which again props up an inauthentic version of regular people.

My point is basically a boomer point. Man is alienated from Man even in the age of social media. Many are ashamed of themselves and have to project a false ideal self to keep up their self-esteem. Dating apps make money off of desperation, fear.

If you hate yourself or others for not being the ideal version propped up by corporations then you are letting the capitalists win. Which is bad.
My initial post was to men who don't care much about kids and just want to love somebody that feel bad about getting rejected.

>I don't think you experienced any genuine rejection

Fine. Let's accept such a premise

Bad, hurtful rejection irl or Invisible, neutral rejections online
The conclusion of both rejections is the same.
A person who wasn't compatible with you has been eliminated. Which is good since you're rounding off and getting closer to the good candidates.

Now you can argue that since people can get brainwashed by advertising and whatnot then maybe somebody I would have been compatible with could also reject me accidentally?
1)Yes but since I don't believe in soulmates but instead think there are just various people you can fall in love with and if one person gets sick or something you can just find other replacements.
2)And as I said people aren't unique and since I broke the conditioning by myself then somebody else also can reach that conclusion alone.

A venn diagram of such qualities in a person like that might be relatively small but not non-existent. As long as I keep playing and either eliminate or get eliminated I reach closer to a more perfect compatible set.
People do change their minds later on, but I don't want to be somebodies therapist or life guru, So I'm not going to try and explain somebody is compatible with me to understand why society brainwashes people instead I can just seek other people who don't need explaining. I'm not on a crusade to change minds. Although this long post might feel otherwise. I would argue this is just helping me practice putting my thoughts into words.


Is "compatibility" "personality match" "soulmate" "relationship/dating anxiety" "alienation" "couple therapy" "psychoanalysis" "romanticism" etc etc all just a big meme?

Starting to think it is.

Is it not just as simple as 2 people who have a basic respect for each other, calmly discuss any issues that come up as they come up rather than yelling/fighting about them, share responsibilities and enjoy fucking?

It can't possibly be that hard.


perhaps my comment 'castle of lies' was subconsciously directed at me not you. I'm just not brave or smart enough to live in a world where I'm replaceable even to my loved one. I will strive not to end up as mere object of desire if it means lifelong solitude. I'll just adopt as many kittens as possible

it should be but it doesn't work like that when your relationship status itself is commodified by society


You're getting to hung up on surface level stuff with the long words.

Essentially that's what a relationship should be and that's how I conduct my personal relationships with the family. But not everybody agrees on such a simple and nice practice. People literally pay other people to mediate conversations between them because they can't open up to each for stupid reasons.

You gotta look at the wider issue on why if it is so easy to maintain and nurture a relationship yet people don't.
Exercising helps stave off many diseases but yet it's a thing not many do, Why?
Staying safe from corona also sounds easy in theory, but many still get infected, Why?

There are deeper systemic causes that need to be understood and addressed to even make do simple things.

Accepting that I'm just another meat bag has been the best and worst thing for me.
I wish for a collective future where everybody is united and works to be happy together.

But for now I have to walk the line between individualism and collectivism.

>I'll just adopt as many kittens as possible

That's my contingency plan too. If I get too lonely while searching. If my family pass away I'll have to replace their companionship with animals. It's bleak and morbid to me also, but it's the darn truth. It's all about just a warm body next to you in the end.


They are just memes, shibboleths
Chad never has to worry about any of that dogshit
He takes a bitch, rails her from behind, puts on his clothes, and goes to do something else


>implying physical affection = doing the bulk of the housework and childrearing without getting paid
go get picked sis


Women these days
They unironically despise the idea of families lmao
I can’t wait till Western society finally collapses, holy shit
>Bruh I got coke to do, no time for no babies
This society is fucked


Sane human beings do not like to live in unequal relationships. The best thing a woman can do for herself is to only date people who are willing to split chores evenly. Fortunately there are plenty of those men going around, so there are no need to date the shitty ones.


Uhhh dude, obviously he's gonna be the one doing the chores around the house while the woman is the breadwinner. Do you even /rr/?


>wahhh why won't women these days not do my laundry and wipe my ass and clean my room and cook my food now that they are allowed to be financially independent from a man
kill yourself
this literally never happens. most stay at home dads are lazy as fuck and the wife ends up having to work AND clean the house. even worse, stay at home dads are statistically more likely to cheat on their partner than stay at home moms or working dads


God just fuck off feminist


The role reversal thing was a joke m8
Obviously both partners should split their parenting and housekeeping duties 50/50 whenever possible


Anybody else willing to whore themselves out as a "kept man" to a rich, older sugar mommy (late 30's, 40's)?

What other options are there for an unemployed NEET in this economy?


there was a legit advertisement made by lifestyle femdom looking for butler. The idea of being collared latex gimp serving mistress sound hot af for sure but she was nearly twice my age so I had to pussy out


File: 1615933977729.jpg (145.21 KB, 600x800, 1615231947269.jpg)

>there was a legit advertisement made by lifestyle femdom looking for butler. The idea of being collared latex gimp serving mistress sound hot af for sure but she was nearly twice my age so I had to pussy out


When you talk to women, you start to realise how most of the shit they do is to impress other women. Women slut shame the shit out of each other. Also you sound like a bitter autist, women can sense that self hatred.


The thing is that not many young adult woven are so rich as to be able to afford a butler sex slave


is markpilier wojak single? asking for a friend


>Also you sound like a bitter autist, women can sense that self hatred.
They can even sense it through still photos


whats the best type of pictures you should take of yourself for your bio?


A picture of your ass taken by a Xerox machine


One where you're covering your face




Those pictures are obligatory for any successful dating profile:

1. Close picture of your upper face. You don't smile and you don't look straight into the camera.

2. Shirtless picture of you but it has to be in the right context i.e. no bathroom selfies. You standing on the beach, surfing and playing volleyball also works.

3. You are with a group of friends in a social setting, preferable mixed gender. All the male friends have to be less attractive than you in this picture

4. You are doing something exiting or dangerous, skydiving, riding a camel/horse, driving a sports/racing car or even shooting a gun


5. Travel picture in a foreign country

6. Picture with a pet or an animal

7. Picture that shows off a particular hobby you have.


File: 1616809814590.jpg (29.84 KB, 394x329, 1587181747208.jpg)

I got my gf through a language learning app. She started flirting with me and I eventually flew out to meet her; finally lost my virginity. Just sucks it has to be LDR though.



I've fucked at 9 girls from language learning apps. I have never met a women through another form of encounter because I'm an autist polyglot haha


pretty cool


File: 1616813422925.jpg (39.86 KB, 287x287, 15819.jpg)

Why do i always feel like i'm picking up sex dolls who refuse to put out every time i go to tinder? I'm not even talking in a sexual sense, but in a general sense, they expect you to carry the conversation, pay for everything, they expect you to show the interest without showing it themselves, they will accept dates, accept you making moves on them, and you fucking them, but it is only in the sense that they "accept" things, never acting on anything, refusing to meet you halfway in any sort of way at all, and I know that men are supposed to be the repressed gender regarding their feelings, but i feel like i express my feelings and my interest way more than anyone there, usually getting passive acceptance, or uncommited passive acknowledgements saying yes. This is just fucking with me, like even women who will actually claim to love you, do this, like they will deadass claim to love you forever and shit, and still act in such a way that they minimize the agency that they have, like a human wanting to be a doll


>Why do i always feel like i'm picking up sex dolls who refuse to put out every time i go to tinder?
Because you're using Tinder
What kinda women did you expect to find there?


somebody that actually knows how to carry a conversation, instead of passively replying to everything i say




call me a romantic like that


Now that Tinder isn't new anymore, the only women that remain in there are the ones you described first. I doubt you'll ever find someone less passive lazy than that on Tinder.
Well, if you're a romantic, stay off that place. You'd have better luck meeting people on Facebook groups or at the supermarket.


Being high and picking up a high girl at a club that you get along with really well is the most romantic thing ever and I'm tired of pretending it's not


>Shit that mostly costs money
I fucking hate OLD


Fucking kill me


Big data is a massive problem but your face is already in there for dating take video of your face etc and stop where it looks good / screencap.

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