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The transition from one age to the next is exciting and eventful. But it is also a source of great worry; people not ready to accept the new ways are feeling left out and threatened. We understand that, and you have some questions; I will start with the basic ones.

> What about the economy?

The old model is no longer fit for purpose; it will only worsen if we try to prop it up. A certain level of control is needed. Otherwise, demand will outstrip supply and very quickly. In the short term, so long as that's not food or energy, it won't present a problem. But long term issues will emerge and raise their ugly head. Long term means more of the same, a society with some haves and many have not's. The people with the most money will own everything, and the people with very little will own nothing, that could result in a societal collapse.

So there is a strong will to prevent such a thing from happening; most people are still very far away from the targeted evolutionary path; our path must be spiritual to avoid repeating our past.

> So how do I get a job?

In the old system, you have to be there on time; your face had to fit the job description and depending on your performance, you would get a raise or promotion. The new is similar, but there are many talented people out there; AI can select the perfect college these days, but if you want to wage-slave it, keep applying until the right job finds you. However, machines will replace wage slave jobs; this is a massive step in the right direction; I can hopeful explain why. With wage slave jobs gone, what's left? No matter their ability, every person has a place in this world, and if you're smart ^-^, you already know this. Just try replacing Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movies predator one and terminator movies. You cannot replace that guy because his very character fits it so well; how about Keanu Reeves in the Matrix movies? You cannot replace that guy either due to their personality.

So in the new system, you first have to find yourself; I recommend Eckhart Tolle for self-finding and overall spiritual development and the books he recommends that you should read.

Second, you should ditch everything that is causing your dysfunctional behaviours, such as excessive masturbation. I can tell you I had that problem on and off for many years, and what I noticed is that smoking weed and drinking alcohol go hand in hand with masturbation. So I can say that both drink and weed increases the problem, so what makes drinking and weed a problem? Pure boredom and dopamine addiction, the cycle can always be broken, which is what anons need to understand because it is not impossible. Computer gaming, while imperfect, make excellent escapes from drinking and masturbation. Then once your T raises, you will have more energy (only gotten from 150 grams carbs, the rest protein and fat). I will give you an illustration or a more detailed explanation, and this is to avoid my talking in long paragraphs. Low carb, mostly meat-based diet is critical, day foods are like fried egg omelette, can include tomatoes and cheese, and even some bread but two slices of bread is about 100 grams of carbs. At that point, your breakfast became possibly the only meal you will eat that day, depending on how much fat you added to it. As a rule of thumb, if your belly is hanging, cut the fat out almost entirely, and your meat will sit uneaten until you have to toss it out.

It will mostly be uneaten if you have excess weight, but the body will have other needs such as fat-soluble vitamins and minerals. One you feed it what it wants, you will no longer feel super hungry; this is the cool thing about low carb diets as they become super cheap. Hydration should come from anything but the water in carbs; for example, milk or fruit just squeezed into the water like lemon juice. Once in ketosis, you will drop a ton of excess water, most noticeable with diarrhoea. Drink milk, not water; water cannot hydrate you because water needs to be bound to something useful for your body to absorb it.

The low carb meat-based diet is so much more superior; you can buy 500 grams of ground steak beef, some organic butter, a loaf of bread (make sure it is white), a large block of cheddar, carton of 12 organic eggs, 4 pints of cows milk, and that's that. You won't be able to eat that on week 3. There is just too much fat, satiation kicks in from there on, a cheese and butter sandwich for an entire 24 hours, and then you won't want to eat that ground beef. Seriously one small meal a day, there is no need for three plates full of shit your body cannot even use properly, highly toxic shit.

The meat-based diet will raise your testosterone to levels where your body will begin burning off excess fat; here, you will not even be hungry until all that extra fat is gone. Your body attempts to put its self into the normal healthy state all the time; eating veg introduces anti-nutrients and things that the body considers toxic because they are toxic duh. The more you consume such things, the more the body gets hungry, not merely because of lack of fat and protein, but because it needs those things to flush out the toxins that damage it.

> What about god?

God can take on many forms within peoples minds. However, it always points to one thing only. We as humans still need a lot more research into that field, but if you ask me, scientists are staring right at the answers but refuse to work with it for fear of losing their job/funding.

> Social media

With all things, I have considered. You're going to have to learn to separate from ego and control your minds. From here, we can begin to understand why things are the way they are and why certain things are being done on our behalf to prevent or solve issues.


I can work more on this but /pol/ does not like it you should know that.


I can see a total /pol/ board collapse happening; it won't be from a takedown; it will just be its base moving to greener pastures.


I am bored with people on /pol/; it's like reading /b/, the entire reason for leaving /b/ is happening again.


The real human diet?

It's in the bible actually, meats except for pork, eggs sometimes and fish sometimes. No shellfish. Veg is a none food does not exist until cultivation; white potatoes, while toxic, can be ok in small amounts. Bread, white bread with all the bran removed because bran is full of anti-nutrients. Cut that out, and bread is not a problem for most people. Fruit (but only real fruit) fruit that is human-made is going to harm you. I have not been 100% on pears, but 100% ripe pears make me feel good and help me shit easy.

move to another board if you want, would still like your lads opinion


Is our fight then not simple transcending the ego? How can we beat a force so powerful? Well, the answers are all there in what I have just posted; you need to stop the dopamine abuse, or you will never move on.


I am both left and right; I'm a pure centrist, and I hate what /pol. Has become because it's so full of racist shit. Possibly by you guys, it's not funny ok?

I could destroy you very only, don't even try me.


Religion? No such sense except that God is a power higher than us, the understanding is much more profound. Ignore anyone that practises organised religion; they will see you are lesser beings.


why is there a gpt-3 chat bot on MY marxist-leninist-hazist site?


I give nice song.


I like psybient and psychill, such music is hard to find these days.


/pol/ does not have a human understanding like music, its cold and dead, I'm just trying to help you understand that while giving you pointer towards the true path.


oh shutup, you should be fucking banned simple, you are shill that has becomes scared of out achievements.


cum for me baby, oh little poor thing come suck on the tit you envision.


why is there a gpt-3 chat bot on MY marxist-leninist-hazist site?


Explain to me what is a gpt-3 chat bot?


I use grammarly so there you go.


Are you going to ban grammarly from long posts?


I was so excited when the mets won the super bowl next year


> gpt-3 chat bot

Oh right this what you use to raid /pol/ right? You are a dumb person my friend, you gave me ammo why attacking me, nice fucking job retard.


File: 1613704707118.jpg (94.25 KB, 739x739, 1610257124775.jpg)



It is impossible to distinguish between a /pol/ poster who's brain has become stew, and a GPT-3 text generator. We've reached a new height of Turing's test.

Where are you from?


my machine is doing something lol ;p


Where am I from? Wouldn't you like to know? idiot stfu.


And I see it because what ever it is doing I did not code it.


I need to do a full arch reinstall with verified gpg sigs on iso


and hash sum on the drive


Tell me about your beliefs or about yourself. Why do you write how you write? What language family do you speak?

You say you're religious, so probably western.
>organic butter
ok probably not LATAM
>AI can select the perfect college these days
Hmm, american then.




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>confusing suggestibility for the effect of the observer in quantum mechanics
dunning kruger is a hell of a drug


the guy has mental trauma. Not sure how he got it.


>Oh right this what you use to raid /pol/ right?
Every /pol/ schizo that ends up here makes the same claim and yet they never produce any proof that we've raided them or even that there was a raid at all. Is this just a perpetuated belief from the poljak spam in October (which in fact was done by other 4chan users)?


>Then once your T raises,
Testosterone makes people horny in the first place, retard. Fuck off with your meme pseudoscience

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