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Note that while it doesn't come across in the vid, this guy is a self-identified communist and he knows what that means (i.e. classless, moneyless, stateless society). He's a reformist though. And yes he has a Ph.D in economics.


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It's bad


thank you for saving 20 minutes of my life my g.


Both him and the other uighur are dumbasses, they are trying to look at the problem with housing in the fact that houses are distributed in the market, i.e. in circulation, but the actual problem of housing is not the market, although the market does increase the fucked upness of the housing problem, the problem is in production, not circulation. Truthfully, according to the market, everyone COULD have a house, the market is not really the reason why they don't, the real reason is surplus population, and the drive to minimum wage, as some portion of the population has to always remain destitute for capitalism to work, and also capitalists are always going to find a way to drive your wage to the level where you live like a cow. Your landlord charging you exhorbitant prices is an added thing, and product of the fact that a landlord charges you a porcentage of the maximum possible revenue you could have in the area, not what you earn, but this still remains a secondary problem. As long as you have a capital, there will always be a housing problems, because people will still live in squalor, and in fact they do do that, in poor countries, you know the ones he mentions as "not having a housing problem", even though they fucking do, you illerate fucking deluded burger


I feel like policy-wonk econ guys like him tend to reify nationalism to a weird degree. And by that I mean they go like "X country doesn't have a housing crisis therefore X country's policies must be good" and X country is basically always an imperialist core country.


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Accidently made a thread about this video too, so I deleted it and post my thoughts here.

Basically, his entire premise is so far correct, that the housing market is not comparable to the rest of the commodity market due to owned land being a monopoly. His solution for that is a Georgian land tax, but at the same time I think he tries very hard to inject terminal levels of neoliberal ideology into this, claiming that homelessness is not a consequence of the housing market but merely a consequence of Keynesian policies or the lack thereof. I think this is highly dubious, there has never been a social-democratic nation that managed to abolish homelessness, only socialist states did that. He, just like many capitalist left-liberals, parade Finland as this great example of coming close to eradicate homelessness, but I don't think they will actually manage to eradicate it.

His actual solution seems very limp-wristed, and goes along the lines of "community owned finance" and stuff like that. His retort to actual socialist public ownership is quite frankly a libertarian talking point along the lines of "then who makes the decisions??!!!" The point where I really thought that this guy is a complete shill is when he compared landlords (!) to wage workers in the fossil fuel industry who are threatened by their plants shutting down. What the fuck?

He also could have discussed the Chinese model where land is in public ownership but real estate isn't. China has one of the highest home ownership rates worldwide, but somehow he is against public land ownership?


Is the guy a Leftist or not?


He's a capitalist.


he claims on his twitter and medium that he is a communist


File: 1605664759557.jpg (56.38 KB, 540x519, 7e0.jpg)

I think he's not. He proposes all kinds of reformist Keynesian ideas that make everything more complication, economists do this a lot, they overcomplicate the issue to give off the impression that it's "way to complex to ever be rationally planned" when the central issue is quite simple, it's the property question. In material terms, there is already more housing available than people who look for housing or are homeless, all it takes is a single redistribution like in Cuba where every tenant just became homeowner. The state has this power.

In response to Philosophy Tube's expropriation suggesting, he starts with "according to Olly's argument, landlords have already been compensated through the rent in the past…" - like who gives a flying fuck? They are landlords. They're just gonna be expropriated, period.

He's the kind of guy that will tell you that he's a leftist and on your side but because of [insert post-Keynesian heterodox techno-babble] you have to freeze to death next season. It's the economy, sorry!

That he uses Germany as an example is terrible. Germany has a [b]huge[/b] housing crisis, even more so than places in the United States where there low demand, it's the number one issue in Germany, the unaffordable rents.

expropriate all landlords

centrally allocate everybody a place to live

It's not that fucking hard.


this video sucked but his video on krugman is pretty based




Ungodly based
t. economist



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