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im convinced im the only black lefty here. why must i be surrounded by whiteboi petit bougie, sigh. i know i know, idpol burger, but its kind of annoying all the uppity whitewashed shit, ya know


>vietnam is white


no dude /SEA/ is just white businessmen sex tourists and a cripple in a wheelchair


that's because NIGGERS are too DUMB to read theory
-Che Guevara


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I’m black too OP
This site regularly convinces me I would not hesitate to slaughter white “leftists”


Hell I am a white communist and would gladly help of given the chance, at least pyrge this site and Twitter. They make everyone who posts on them worse and dumber with every post. I've never read Adorno but when I hear the words "negative dialectic" my immediate image is internet political discussion.


Ever noticed how PPH drops off a cliff edge past midnight GMT? That's because this site actually has a huge non-burger population.


Are you the ghananon? if not, you're not alone here I think




lol nugger


anyway I'd say it's not true most anons here are white since there are a lot of americans


petition to add Malcom X flag. I can't design for shit but hopefully someone else can




Obvious pol shit. Maybe not OP but replies are pol trash.


underage white psychopath teenagers can be racist, who knew?


Make it Franz Fanon instead.




What about indian ones (well, americans of south asian ancestry)

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