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Post your big five/OCEAN results. Avoid MBTI/Enneagram/astrology. 16personalities is okay, it's not MBTI so just convert into big five: intuitive = openness, feeling = agreeable, judging = conscientious, turbulent = neuroticism.
My company made me do a DiSC assessment (basically corporate MBTI), and I scored almost entirely SC. I assume they only did it because HR consider big five to be disparaging, e.g. low agreeableness is bad or whatever. Not sure what use it is to them anyways.


Everyone gets high openness/intuition scores on these tests but then say it's super duper rare to get those scores. What a fraud.


MMPI-2 is the only personality test that i need.


You especially should look into the DSM-5. Trust me, you need it


I could just post my mmpi results lol


Gulag yourself, pseud.


What's wrong with DSM-5? I thought this thread is for silly personality tests?


yes please post them shay. I want to know everthing about your personality


Um now i dont want to
You sound like a glowie trying to profile me


You posted nudes of yourself. I already have your profile. Now show me your test results!


I have no idea what these acronyms mean. Post a link to an online test that you want us to take.


My bad, carry on.


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Tried to get Chad scores. How did I do?


Just looking at the questions makes me realize I'm an asshole loser lol.


File: 1614123305722.png (1.82 KB, 520x122, big5.png)

Not surprised


post link to test?


File: 1614123741331.jpg (Spoiler Image, 964.34 KB, 1400x2241, mmpi2full.jpg)

Y-y'know, f-fed-kun, i think it's c-cute that you're so i-interested in me…! >///<


>0 extroversion

see >>13448


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How you wanna organize if you aren't a borderline psychopath that physically can't shut the fuck up for one solitary second?


You'll become some sort of Trotsky


Man you look like a lost case


have sex


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I beg of you, for the sake of my sanity, delet this

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