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Anonymous Comrade No. 17441 >>17474 >>17530

>be you

>Leningrad,January 1943
>It's been two years since you lost all of your family to the Wehrmacht when they were defending the city during Operation Barbarossa

>all you have left is your younger brother

>both assigned to guard the western entrance of Leningrad

>both in the same abandoned apartment for three months now

>the temperature is cold as ever >feeling like shit, you haven't slept for days

>only equipped with a coat,a hat,a pistol And a mosin-sniper

>you decide to leave your brother in the building to get some food and ammo but warns him to be on alert for any enemies,he accepts

>half an hour pass

>you hear from the other soldiers

that the red army managed to reconnect with the city and that the Nazis in Stalingrad are losing costly

>happy as fuck,you decide to tell your bro.

>you hurry back to the fourth floor looking for him


>you stand there in shock

>your heart starts beating, seeing your brother with a Nazi fills you with both anger and fear

>you drop whatever you were carrying then pull out your revolver

>she quickly notices you, push away your brother and grabs her luger


>(comrade,its not what it looks like… well it is but let me explain, this is Minna, she defected weeks ago after seeing no point of fighting for Hitler and the fascists anymore and I've been hiding her here ever since)

>she interrupts (It's true! when we asked that bastard for winter clothes all he said was keep going and gave false promises. He told us lies and drove us to hate your people. He is throwing us all to die just so he can fulfill his crazy dreams and drive the whole world against Germany, so if you're gonna shoot me now know this, I'm seeking revenge on Hitler and his butcher generals,and to prove that I stole valuable documents containing the proximity of Von Leebs's army and their numbers, I will fight and help you stop him if you trust me ,and by the way i don't know how to say this but your brother here is a good young man, who did not kill me on sight when I surrendered to him with my tale)

>he responds (please don't kill her brother, I love her I really did find a connection with her, a connection that I want to keep alive)

>you're in a sticky situation; on one hand your brother is what is left for you in this world and on the other, you fucking hate nazis and ought to kill them…

>what do you do?


Lol i would just fucking kill her and give the documents to the officers


But that is my opinion anyway.




brother needs to learn a valuable lesson
>tie up miss nazoid
>force brother to suck my gun with my revolver pointed at miss nazoids head
>blow my orphan swimmers in her stupid kraut hair
>ghost him until the war is over
>invite them both over for dinner
>brother opens the door
>everyone do the dinosaur


The good ending.


Force them both to suck my cock,its leningrad and i havn't had a good orgy in years.


File: 1614024992625-0.png (2.22 MB, 3312x3000, grace_angry.png)

File: 1614024992625-1.jpg (469.92 KB, 1382x1750, 4102340912049901249898.jpg)

You must mean St. Petersburg.
>also, simping for this nazi thot


Ikr,the proletariate should start simping for monarcho-thots instead.
They will become the people's E thots and they will enjoy it.


suck her dick


How about call it "the city of lenin and saint peter" and be done with it?


File: 1614143734465.jpg (185.8 KB, 1200x813, 7379c690998bf450fdcf228880….jpg)

Here is a sign from the 1991 anti-renaming protests suggesting "Petro-Leningrad" as a compromise solution.


Sounds good to me,too long but a nice solution
Don't trust her,most females in the german army were collaborators.i am yet to see a female nazi soldier who defected and was serious about it.


The Nazis were opposed to having women in combat roles and there was no conscription for women. So the women in the Wehrmacht were volunteer auxiliaries away from the frontline.
Also the picture shows an SS officer uniform which makes her even more suspicious.


Where the fuck do you get an accurate SS uniform in 1941???

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