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'The weapon of criticism cannot, of course, replace criticism of the weapon, material force must be overthrown by material force; but theory also becomes a material force as soon as it has gripped the masses.' - Karl Marx
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I have the impression that psychology is a field that is heavily influenced by the societal structure we live in and what culture we have, to deduce that some behavior is inappropriate, an illness, a deficit, or on the other side of the spectrum healthy, a sign of maturity, desirable.
Do you guys have any literature on that?


Madness and Civilization


The Myth of Mental Illness by Thomas Szasz can easily be found online, the author is a libertarian but it still is a solid critique.



Thank you very much. I will look into it.


it looks like your question was answered well already, but i just want to chip in and say that not all psychology is the psychology of diagnosing illnesses. A lot of it is just trying to understand how the mind works, the structure of the conscious and unconscious, our perceived relation to the world, etc.


Does capitalism has an influence on what conclusions are drawn in that regard?


it totally depends on if we're talking about what gets published in big journals for example, and how studies are conducted, what studies are done, and what conclusions are drawn, of if we're talking more about psychoanalysis and the theory side of psychology (which is still influenced by actual research and is also beholden to capitalist ideology in some cases)

I wouldn't say that any ideas or scientific data produced under capitalism will conform to capitalist views. If this was true, there would be no such thing as socialism as an idea. There are contradictions, and I think it's best to search out stuff by explicit anti-capitalists or people on the fringe.

But also it's almost a silly question (not a bad question, but idk something about it tickles me), in that psychology is the study of our minds and thoughts, which are formed in capitalism, so we will reflect it obviously, and then psychology reflects that reflection, and analyzes its structures, patterns, etc. So of course it will be reflecting capitalism ultimately. But that's also why I think it's necessary to not write it off.


start with The Order of Things before you get into M&C, it discusses more of what you’re mentioning too and gives the intellectual background to M&C




Socialism as an idea is derived precisely from the arisen contradictions beholden & intrinsic to capitalism; if there are psychological findings which contradict the ideological propositions of capitalism, such findings are technically still *derived from* a capitalist context and will thusly still be partially tainted in their formative structuration by capitalist ideology. There is no wholly neutral or detoxed finding which could otherwise emerge from psychology under the particular societal mode which contextualizes its epistemological basis.


Honestly, Kaczynski touches on this a little bit in Industrial Society and It's Future. If you're open to reading a wild schizo's thoughts on psychology and sociology, it may match your perspective on the field.


Mental illness is real. It's what society considers normal. Aspergers havers are the only mentally healthy ones, but since they're the minority, they're ironically labeled as mentally ill.


gtfo varg


Published just last year.



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