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'The weapon of criticism cannot, of course, replace criticism of the weapon, material force must be overthrown by material force; but theory also becomes a material force as soon as it has gripped the masses.' - Karl Marx
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Thread to discuss his philosophical and political work. Feel free to share opinions, insights and material on Alexander Dugin and his literature.


no and no


This guy is just a liberal boogeyman. They pick and choose what parts of Foundations of Geopolitics has happened and totally ignore large parts of it that are totally contrary to Russia's strategy. He wrote about every country Russia borders with and there's only so many courses of action you can take with other countries so it's no surprise some of it came true.


the "dugin is putin's brain" bs is the same tier of retarded thinking as when westoids were saying that rasputin secretly controlled the royal family


Gay Jewish? it's over duginbros


Bc of lib propaganda i thought this guy was some evil mastermind with secret informations but i did some research and it seems is just a regular subjective idealist pretty disappointing


Recently I have been studying Dugin's work and the Juche Idea in tandem and I see a lot of parallels. Juche could serve as a form of cosmology inheriting the tradition of Marxism-Leninism.


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what do you mean by cosmology


Dealing with the question of Man's destiny and his relationship with the world. This goes beyond the confines of historical materialism.


what's the Juche cosmology?


In summary, it's just the Absolute Truth that Man is supreme and masters of their own destiny.


How correct is this?


literal nazi punk


Elaborate what precisely he believes that makes him a nazi.


What's with the [REDACTED] bullshit? Do you guys get off on LARPing as commissars of the ministry of truth or something?


Big Janny is watching


Not that this was a good thread in the first place, but why would you bump a 2 month old thread just to post filth lmao


should have deleted this thread


And why isn't it a good thread? Because you personally aren't interested in Dugin?


File: 1664784743218.jpg (36.83 KB, 436x435, qr9Z4cNlwxs.jpg)

Letov about Dugin:

>EL: And there was also a story: once we lived at Kuryokhin - Dugin, me and Nyurych. We wake up, I open the window, Dugiin lies on the bed thinking about something and asks: "But where is Omsk located?" I say: "Well, where: in the south of Siberia. Near Kazakhstan." - "Kazakhstan is near Omsk? And what if the Kazakhs poisoned the air? They can poison the air! Immediately close the window: the wind is poisoned!" And, in all seriousness: he was scared terribly, he began to walk around the room. "The Kazakhs, damn it, poisoned the wind - where will I go? It is, for sure. I know they have the reed people. They have Lake Balkhash, and reeds grow in large quantities there. And the reed people live there, reed people who never stick out, only breathe through a tube." Then he thought again, thought and said: "And in the middle of Balkhash there is a huge island, where lives a gigantic, gigantic cat, whom they all worship." He had this from Kuryokhin, unambiguously. Where else could he get these ideas? He says: “Damn, reed people are all around, what can we do? They can arrange an invasion! That’s all - then we’ll be finished! If the reed people get out, they’ll climb on us with their cat! And the cat is huge, three meters tall!”

>(…) And then he drank a little, and started with this Kurekhin's hubbub again. He said that a huge plasma is flying at us from the galaxy. This plasma is approaching us, and soon we are done - literally in a year, or something. I say: "Well, yes, of course, Lenin is a mushroom." He was terribly offended, it almost came to a fight


Is the source on this in russian? I can't find this anywhere


washington post and leftypol consensus says so therefore its true



>he bumped a 2 year old worthless thread


>"jewitsch" is literally in his middle name
Does /pol/ know?


As a right-winger I think he is fundamentally correct about the elemental differences between fixed and fluid aspects of the world economy (no surprise) and how it affects political consciousness, with its formal aspects being the differences between classical "common law" ("the law of the land") and maritime law ("law of the sea", which later comes to be known simply as "commerce"). One is bound by government and the other is fundamentally lawless (where international waters still operate as an anarchy for all sorts of activity, particularly human trafficking).
My critique is his frankly revolutionary obsession with geopolitics as the site of what he would sneak under the door as world-history, which is paired with his apocalyptic fantasies of a war between humanity and the godless demons.
Nick land has commented on him before and said that he agrees with him completely but just takes the side of the atlanticists.
The alchemy of his thought can be used for further criticism however, of the domestic arrangements between spaces like the rural and the urban (which lenin also attempts to reconcile, yet he fails), or which we might say, the contradiction between the hammer and sickle - which today in america (between coastal cities and the "midwest") also has a racial aspect to it.
This is also true in most western countries, where the rural as the FIXED, landed aspect is "native" and right-wing, while the city is FLUID and international (especially as traffic drives up prices of property).
Even of persons i have given my understanding in a separate thread between fixed (bodily/intuitive) people, who are right-wing, and fluid (mental/rational) people, who are left-wing.
This is also why right-wingers are literally "stuck in their ways" while lefties "go with the flow". This is also the strange relationship between the left and capital's international rapture.
Someone like marx wouldnt deny this progressive revolution in capital; he simply thought it wasnt destructive enough (that the bourgeoisie was holding it back, from their own self-replacement).
Yet the right are the outspoken supporters of capitalism, even as it rips apart the fabric of FIXED institutions. Deleuze ofc would call this deterritorialisation; another reformulation of this binary between the fixed and fluid.
So basically, dugin is completely right, but fails to universalise his perspective; often overly-particularising by appealing to his weltenschaaung (i.e. "my truth is different from your truth").

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