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I recently finished reading Capital Volumes 1 and 2 for the first time (took me around 3 weeks) and I feel like I only got around 50-70% of it, is this normal?


Did you read a physical book or an e book? It sounds like a silly question, but I cannot read books electronically because I forget almost all of what I read and I know other people with this same problem.

Anyways if you’re having trouble with the book in your mind try to imagine yourself explaining everything you learned to someone. For some reason this helps you better understand and remember what you read about




Physical book




That's normal. These books are meant to be reread anyway so you can catch what you might have missed. Good job on the reading anon! How many pages were you reading a day?


I tried to do at least 50 pages a day, read 100 on some Saturdays/Sundays. I read quicker usually but it's a tough read, especially the sections with all the calculations.


I think its pretty normal especially when you read as quick as you dont worry about it read some secondary literature or something else and come back to capital later


Nice! Look forward to your post on volume 3 if you decide to read it.


Capital is something you can go back through. How much other marxist theory did you read prior to starting Capital?


>took me around 3 weeks
you read too fast. since you read so fast just re-read them and take notes this time.


I've read many of the main ML texts, off the top off my head:

Socialism Utopian and Scientific
Value, Price and Profit
Principles of Communism
Marxism and the National Question
State and Rev
Left Wing Communism
The Civil War in France
Wage Labour and Capital
Right of Nations to Self-Determination
On Contradiction
Anarchism or Socialism

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