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Do you prefer physical or digital books /edu/?


There's some semi-related discussion to this here >>602.

I personally prefer physical books, a lot nicer to own and hold and means not looking at a 'screen'. But can't always afford them and sometimes the large pdfs I want to read don't come in book form.


I forget nearly everything when I read digital books and know people with similar problems. Audiobooks are a little better than digital books, but overall I always go with physical books when I can


Most of the books I own physical copies of are either out of print and/or aren't available digitally. I've found it's best to use digital for easy reference and physical for in-depth reading. I can't always do the latter because of academic pricing though which is unfortunate, so I often have to wait until someone breaks the drm on equally expensive digital copies. Also, it frustrates me that publishers like Penguin Random House don't commit to print replicas.


Physical. There are studies out there that show people are better able to retain information from ink on paper than they can from a digital screen.

The only reason I have digital books is if I can't afford it or if I need to ctrl+f something in the book.


Let's see those studies.




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B-But I have been reading on my ereader for the past decade… Does this mean that if I have been reading print books instead, by now I would be a GENIUS?


I know you're being facetious but ereaders use electronic ink which is very different from an LCD screen.


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That's what I naively thought, but the authors of the meta-analysis disagree, as they grouped it with other hand-held devices.


Does anyone know if there is a good leftist online bookstore for physical copies?


The first one is disorganized and it’s search is bad (searched “state and revolution” and got no lenin), and the second one is all anarchist.


Direct from the big publishers:

Books published by New Left Review. Tends to be "academic left" in both a good way and a bad way.

Haymarket was associated with the former ISO - I think it's affiliated with the DSA now? Lots of left-liberal and idpol stuff but they occasionally publish gold - especially the Historical Materialism series (linked).

Pluto is kind of a balance between the last two from my experience.

Published by Monthly Review magazine. Books they publish focus especially on political economy and ecology / climate. Lots of good stuff, Cockshott's latest book for example was published by them.
[b]The Sect Press[/b]
Sectarian parties will typically only sell their literature through their party bookstore. Mostly tripe, but occasionally there's something worth reading.

Published by the British SWP. One of the better party publishers
Published by the SEP / WSWS
Published by the IMT. Their restored version of Trotsky's Stalin biography is worth reading

I'm sure I'm missing a few, especially in the sect press. Keep in mind for public domain classics like Lenin, etc. that there are many different editions to choose from (usually different introductions filtering it through your chosen sect), so shop around.


Digital Books because they're free.


Physical, helps me considerate better. And the feel of them, that it's actually a page turner, it's nice.


Digital. I love the idea of being able to freely share texts around without anybody having to pay a penny. I think we need all leftist books in digital format so we can share them amongst the politically uninitiated more easily and for cheaper.


would like physical but they cost too much.




I love, and prefer paper, it's just not as efficient or cost effective, plus pdf downloading/trading is actual irl communism. maybe you don't retain as much info, but id need to see more studies, and to see how people, especially people raised with digital culture respond to it over the course of years, with controlled variables. I have a cheap tablet and I can get basically any book I want for free.

Also, we're literally killing living beings for no reason at this point. If that sounds like hippy nonsense, I suggest you take yo' ass into the forest. Maybe drop some L or shrooms, but you need to see that they are quite alive. Pretty barbaric, and pretty fucking sad, but it won't really make you angry until you've connected with trees, only to see them ripped apart, brutally cut down, and left to slowly die on the ground so some porkie can line his pocket.


cutting down rotten or dying trees keeps a forest healthy.


physical, especially old and very old books. I like going to flea markets and look for them. you can find cool books for really cheap, especially in rural places


Physical for sure. Probably the biggest reason is if I am reading an actual book away from my computer I am not constantly tempted to be doing something else on my computer, social media, games or any other brainless but dopamine rewarding activity.
Its also easier to get comfortable holding a book then a computer.
I also love the feel and smell of books, especially old ones. I love all of my really old books, when I get a really old copy of like a communist book, especially one full of notes, it makes me think of all the other comrades who have read that book…


No preference. I have a pretty sizeable collection of paper books which are nice because I can bring them outside. I used to prefer physical books because not being able to annotate makes processing theory very difficult for me. However, I have recently switched to a system of summarizing each paragraph and then writing comments in my paper note card box which I have found to be significantly superior to writing in the margins in terms of comprehension, and it more or less eliminates the issues I had with digital pdfs. Viva Libgen!


answer him


I use digital books but only because I can pirate them. if I could pirate physicals, I would.


you could shoplift


I'd probably suck at it


Digital because of pirating absolutely


Physical but cause Coronalol, digital so I can use Sci-hub



Though if the apocalypse happens I might regret that


physical always.


I can't read online. I print out PDFs sometimes though instead of buying.


Either digital copies or hardcover physical books.

Paperbacks are pure degeneracy and counter-revolutionairy ;)

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