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any good books on the medieval period?
yes i have already read the peseant war in germany, no i did not understood what the fuck it was saying


History of the Middle Ages. A 1988 Soviet work.


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Georges Duby's works are worth checking out. Pics related are two books of his that I highly recommend. It's worth noting Duby isn't a Marxist, but he is a social historian and damn good one at that.


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I've heard good things about thisin


Chris Wickham has some good overview books, is a Marxist, and is a giant of the early medieval period who's familiar with nearly every archaeological development in the field. The only negative thing I can say is that he's a bit dry as a stylist, which especially is a vice in a large book.


John Hatcher and Mark Bailey Modelling the Middle Ages

The Brenner Debate (Specifically 'Agrarian Class Structure and Economic Development in Pre-Industrial Europe')

Guy Bois, The Crisis of Feudalism : Economy and Society in Eastern Normandy C1300-1550

Robert Bartlett, The Making of Europe: Conquest, Colonisation and Cultural Change: 950-1350 (Personal fave, the least dry out of all the texts and it gives you a broad picture for you to decide what your interested in)

As posted by previous anon, 'The Three Orders' is a must imo. If you have a specific area your interested in that would help as there's a lot going on at the same time, and it becomes tricky to create general histories due to the variety of shit that was going on across europe. Especially since a lot of histories just ignore eastern europe.


Jacques Le Goff


From a more rightist colleague I've heard John Huizinga's "Autumn of the Middle Ages" as THE book I should read. (His 'Homo Ludens' also sounds quite interesting)


Why does a full suit of High Middle Ages chainmail, like with coif, hauberk, mufflers, cuisse, etc. look so fucking good?


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A bit specialist, but there are some reading recommendations in this academic syllabus for anyone interested in medieval philosophy and theology:

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