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How did women do it back then?


Blood is nutritious, you can just eat it.


Pulled from the tampon debate in the /leftypol/ mod thread
>the means to hygenically clean the reusables
This particularly matters because solving this also tends to solve issues of potable water and other matters at the same time


There's gotta be a whole load of history behind this from Hunter gatherer times to now


Women just bleed or used rags. Not an ideal situation because it prevented women from participating in the public sphere.


Well in a tribal group like say how the Kokhoi is it, the hunter gatherer tribes of africa and other similar social arrangements all space is public and it doesn't seem particularly safe to be free bleeding when There's big cats and the like around and even rags aren't exactly around since there isn't even bark or the like to process

Yet for millions of years humans survived this way it seems to me like a hidden history nobody thinks to ever examine


Our ancestors may have lacked our current technology but they weren't stupid and they had their ways the literature I have on medical anthropology is silent on the matter but in other matters of healthcare hunter gatherers are clearly sophisticated and far more knowledgeable than might commonly be thought


I know that the Ancient Egyptians used papyri.


This whole subject is about as relevant as how people poo without toilet paper. Real important for socialist revolution guise. Get fucked faggots




Generally it was one hand to wipe with the other to eat with where There's no leaves

The Romans used sponges on a stick soaked in vinegar and yes they shared these things

Worse than sharing toothbrushes one might think, but this was normal for them

But both this and our main topic are as hygiene issues which are also always public health issues, give we're facing a pandemic of a disease that spreads both by aerosol and through fecal matter along with surface contact this topic may be more relevant to us scientific socialists than it seems
Now That's interesting, the moment paper was available historically it immediately found this use

Perhaps disposability and the properties of paper are preferable?


Public health is important to socialists. How could it not be?


I remember my father teaching me the classic Christian way to deal with women on their periods, which is to give them a rag and sleep on the roof.


Was that not the libertarian who fucked his jailbait daughters?


File: 1608527921234.jpg (89.08 KB, 750x748, image0-287.jpg)

That was my step-dad from tennessee. He claimed to be a christian but he seemed to value wealth more than GOD, so he took us to evangelical churches where i almost began apologizing for turning my back on the lord. I'm not sure why,i guess i just felt like the atmosphere was suffocating me and the deity was personally trying to force me to kneel. I went to a catholic church later on where i did kneel and begin crying during something those retards were doing, i'm not sure what catholics do but i kinda got up in front of everybody with tears in my eyes for no particular reason and asked for a blessing.
My biological father was the one who claimed to be a satanist when he was younger (but he personally met jesus inside a jail cell), smoked meth and threatened to kick me out of the house if i voted for bernie lol. Anyways it was my biological father who told me that you're supposed to sleep on the roof to avoid women on their period. That was when my parents were divorcing i think.


Freud thought women learned to be devious because they had to hide their periods so nobody knew they could get pregnant so they got better at covering shit up.


I would bet that the association between women and working with textiles comes partly from women weaving fibers together to form linen and the like to soak up cooter fluids. I've heard historians referring to reusable menstrual cloth much like reusable diapers, so as far back as there was cloth there was probably menstrual cloths. Before that maybe they got creative with other shit like feathers. I know in rural India where cheap sanitary napkins are being introduced, there was a typical practice of shoving fucking dirt up there, but that's also in a culture where the whole subject is very taboo.

90% of the idea that hunter-gatherers were ooga booga cave men is the lack of hard evidence of their sophistication. Prior to monumental stone architecture, most of what they made and built disappeared completely over the ages. Shit, the idea that people were primarily cave-dwellers probably mostly comes from the fact that caves shield physical evidence from the elements. The kind of people who lived in caves back then were probably the kind of people who live in caves today - social rejects and those who were too lazy/stupid to build a longhouse or whatever. They were just as smart as us, but had less of the kind of knowledge we do, and more knowledge of how to survive in a less altered (but still altered) environment.


how the fuck do you think I know that? I'm a dude.
Let us all wait for a woman or a human waste historian to show up itt



What a story that is, your life and Christianity are quite intertwined

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