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Anybody know some good textbooks on modern psychology, any field goes, although social psychology would be the most important one.
And yeah, psychology general now that we are in it.


The Factorial Analysis of Human Ability - Godfrey H. Thomson


Read Fromm.


Fromm is interesting but he is an idealist


Does someone know if that book is good and were can i get it cheap
"psychiatric hegemony a marxist theorie of mental illness"


Thanks I´ll be checking him out.


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Read Leontiev


Already read him, along with all the classical texts, that´s why i put "modern", meaning more what psychology majors read.


Vehicles, Experiments in Synthetic Psychology by Valentino Braitenberg. This book is about building seemingly intelligent behavior using purely mechanical circuits. People who are curious about the emergence of sentience (that is ability to sense and react to surroundings) in animals and the question of consciousness will enjoy this book.

The PDF exceeds 20 MB file limit but can be downloaded here: https://libgen.is/book/index.php?md5=116252574659C0EF1D1D4ABA9CB25AA8


What psychology majors read is typically going to be bound to liberal hegemonic principles, and thus, in some way or another, fundamentally reactionary.

However, there are still somewhat modern texts worth reading (that come from a heterodox, psychologically critical point of view). For example, I'd recommend 'unscientific psychology' and 'lev vygotsky: revolutionary scientist' by Fred Newman.


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greatest book on psychology and socialism that I've ever read


Damn, Lebon wrote about socialism? cool, altought It must be a shit critique i think.


REDpill me on Lacan

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