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There's already a thread about Lindybeige but I find him a bit of an insufferable right wing anticommunist fuck, granted there's plenty of that kind of thing in the YT historian community, but we can try to pick out the diamonds, relatively speaking. I'm kind of afraid to give my recommendations since I've just been going off Youtube recommendations so I'll let you go first.


I was just watching this guy Atun-Shei Films today, he has some nice videos on the confederacy and other stuff.


Apparently some people even think he's a breadtuber but he appears to be much more just a generic liberal, which is fine enough, better than rampant rightism.


Atun-Shei is based at longmarching all over Confederate scumtards.
Hard recommend.
Wouldn't call him a Br*dT*ber, but I get the impression he has definite left wing views, I'd even venture him a bernout.
It's good he doesn't constantly, incessantly mention that in his every video up front though as Br*dT*bers do,
as that let's the generally left wing understanding of the world to seep through in his actual explaining of real, material history as he debunks.
It's absorbed subtly by the viewer, leaving the average Jim far more willing to listen, so he'd better well remain out of the Br*dT*be sphere.


I think a lot of Armchair Historians videos on historical battles and wars are pretty cool, especially since he’s one of those to give it straight about the tactical genius of the Soviet military command in WWII instead of “muh winter, muh reserves” meme

I fucking hate the people behind The Great War and World War Two though, the hosts are all just reading off scripts, the real owners are EU goals and pretty strident anti-communist woke libs


Cynical historian is pretty good, although he's quite liberal. His video on the "Death of Stalin" was very good.


I watched a few videos by this channel called "whatifalthis" and while I didn't agree with some of his conclusions he clearly researched a lot so I subscribed. Then he came out with a video about what if North Korea won the Korean war and it was complete bullshit. I recommend watching if you want to see unfiltered retardation.


Simon Roper, very interesting man with interesting facial hair, does videos on Historical linguistics


indy neidell


We already have a YT historian thread m8s. Learn to use catalog


what do you guys think about Kraut and Tea?


He is okay, but a narcissistic Liberal. That's why I don't watch him


Seconding Armchair Historian, one of the few lib youtubers that can keep his biases on check; he pretty much always gives a fair shake to America’s enemies. His recent video on the Vietnam War was excellent; one of the few non-commie history tubers to discuss the sheer tactical brilliance and unimaginable courage of the NVA and Vietcong
And like you said, his videos on the Great Patriotic War always make a point to show that the Red Army didn’t need muh General Winter but were rather the first people to bring the Wehrmacht to a halt and broke them through strategy, logistics, and a willingness to never stop fighting and never give up (above all courage truly helped win that war, even if the Germans took Moscow and hanged Stalin himself the Soviets would not surrender). Honestly I appreciate AH for explaining to normies the true brilliance and heroism of the Red Army to normies, he was even more fair to the GDR in his special about it than pretty much any other liberal would be. Hell, he very frequently does videos about battles specifically from the perspective of America’s enemies with sympathy towards them; very few can do that.

You’re right in that he absolutely blows scum like WWII and the Great War out of the water; they’re just hardcore EU neolibs who make a very strident point to push the notion that the Third Reich and the Soviet Union were two sides of the same coin, they literally did a video about gender equality in the USSR just to shit on the Soviets for not being woke by 21st Century standards. Fuck those fucking kraut cunts.


Didn't Luna make a Video, where she pointed out some Errors, he made in his Vietnam video?

I agree, that he is very good at keeping his biases in check, but there is still a Line he can't cross, otherwise he would be accused of Communist Sympathies by his retard rightoid Fans, who are probably posting in r/Historymemes


What do you all think about Historia Civilis? I think he paints an interesting picture of the late republic but I don't have a great reference for how accurate his videos are.




HistoryTime is the only one I really like

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