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It's that time of the month again, time to laugh at France for everytime they fuck up and for being reactionary cunts who either fuck up Europe's largest social revolution or being the biggest Nazi ass-kissers.

Let's not forget the mutinies during WW1, the slaughter of African conscripts after WW2, declaring communism illegal after getting a generally elected communist government in the 1936 election, having the most useless resistance in Europe despite even countries like the Czechs killing Heydrich and the Yugoslavian and Russian Partisans while also having the highest number of collaborators of any occupied country, manufacturing 60% of all German armaments during WW2, purposefully destroying all of Syria's infrastructure before they left in the 1970s, selling weapons to Portugal so they could kill leftist rebels in their colonies despite NATO placing a ban on sales to Portugal etc.


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This is a copypasta from the old Miltech thread:

The French are notorious for spending shit tons of money on useless outdated garbage. Most notable is their tank force. During the period from 1933-1939 France was renowned for having the "best" armoured force in the world, its tanks were on paper simply the best, the Infantry tank Char B1 was the best and most numerous heavy tank in Europe, its size also meant that it carried a two-way radio. Supplementing this was the Sa35, regarded as the best tank in the entire world, mostly due to its very good 47mm gun combined with its good armour and mobility, it was the best all-around tank, and the pinnacle of pre-war medium tank design that mid-war medium tanks would try and embody and would be furthered by MBTs. The problem with the French tanks is that although they were the best on paper, the French lacked any real practical experience in designing them. As a result French tanks were complete rubbish in an actual battle. Their guns, although very good, were slow to reload due to ALL french tanks having one man turrets, this meant that the commander was also the radio operator, the loader, and the gunner and could do none of those very well. As well French tanks had terrible off-road suspension, small ground clearance, and awkward hull shapes that tended to get them stuck in ditches or tip over on sharp inclines. As well they lacked radios beyond the B1, meaning that French tanks had to often communicate using signal flags or morse lamp. The Germans by 1939 were almost the complete opposite, their tanks were on paper dreadful, they were heavier, slower, and more lightly armed than the Allies's counterparts, with the best in service gun being the 3.7cm on the Panzer IIIs and Panzer 35(t)s/38(t)s with the 5cm universal gun being too expensive too see production at the time. However the Germans had built their tanks in cooperation with the Soviets and as such had extensive field experience with tanks, leading both the Soviets and Germans to prioritize ergonomics, off-road maneuverability, communication, and ruggedness. This meant that German tanks had 5 crewmen per tank compared to the French's 2-3. As well the brand new suspension created by Porsche allowed German tanks to travel over rough ground over large distances without needing replacement, something that French tanks found impossible due to their fragile suspension and low ground clearance. In 1940 France had 1240 "modern" tanks at its disposal with around 2000 slightly outdated tanks that could still pierce the armour of any German tank, while the German could muster only 570 modern tanks after Poland and 600 Czech models, bringing their practical strength to around 1100 tanks, the Panzer IIs and Is being redundant. However in reality the Germans had more tanks, entirely due to how divisional organization worked in both armies. In France tanks were not their own separate force, but integrated into the various arms of the army. Infantry and Cavalry tanks were not just monikers but quite literal descriptors, they were part of the Infantry and Calvary corps respectively. And they were in every single French division in the entire French army, working the same as any artillery or support division. In effect the French could muster anywhere from 20-80 tanks per division, with an experimental "Heavy" tank division mustering 200 tanks with 100 Char B1s, but only 2 of these every existed. What this meant was that the French, despite having more tanks than the Germans, were always outnumbered tanks wise. The Germans had concentrated their tanks into independent Panzer Corps, with supporting infantry and integrated aerial support to make up for heavy artillery, they were basically their own micro-army that could meet and overtake any opposing equivalent force with focus being on staying mobile. This meant that the Germans had 200 tanks per division against France's max 80 tanks per division, the French would have had to field at least 3 division for every German division, while more often they would have had to field, and coordinate 5 division to properly outmatch a single German division, and given the French's terrible communication system meant that was nearly impossible.


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France has been the eternal Anglo's bitch ever since Waterloo.


Where can you learn this? In HS we are only told lib shit like not everybody was a resistant or a collaborator, but of course there was emphasis on the resistants and De Gaulle.


Most resistants were communists, the only one who collaborated were bougies, in fact, the surrender was a tacit alliance of the national bourgeoisie of both countries.


De Gaulle is the world's biggest ass kisser and opportunist(not that kind BORDIGA). Even before the war he wrote token books on the future of armoured warfare which was just watered-down versions of already existing tactics from british armour theorists just so he could get a promotion, during WW2 the only reason why he led the Free French was cause he happened to be lazying about in England while France fell and was more a power grab then him wanting to liberate France, remember this is the same guy who said Brittany couldn't separate from France while simultaneously telling Quebec to separate from Canada. Also I'd say there was more collaborators than resistance. Even during the fall of France the French army during its massive retreat south looted their own towns and villages so then the towns would welcome the Germans who would stop the looting. Seriously how fucking stupid are you when you make the literal Nazis look like the heroes? Add on top of that the fact that they tried giving their entire navy to the Germans before the Armistice was even signed and was only stopped cause the British smelled bullshit and blew up the French fleet, and that during the war Allied and Soviet spies would approach factory owners in occupied countries to get the keys to the factory so they could blow it up, in every other occupied country even the bourg hated the nazis more than profit but in France when approached the factory owners would call the Gestapo to have the spies arrested. What fucking dicks.

Also how many times was Göring in Paris lounging on his fat ass? In Czechoslovakia the resistance basically killed itself to kill Heydrich, in Russia they would suicide bomb the hotels German generals were staying at even for a minor general, meanwhile the fucking Reichsmarschall is on vacation in Paris for the entire war and the French resistance did jack diddly squat.


What is it about frogs that makes them so damn dirty?


How about this complete and utter shitshow? They did it just because they got triggered about people exposing the shady shit they do while testing nukes in coral atolls.

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