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Since /crisis/ general isn't helpful at all and 4/biz/ is shill central.
Educate me on things like cryptocurrency, inflation, pumps, different economic sectors like tech…


Buy low, sell high.


Buy and hold.




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best video to teach you these things




For crypto, if you sign up on Coinbase it gives you a bunch of opportunities to get free crypto.
Basically it let's you watch 'informational courses' that are ads that shill for any given particular shitcoin, and then gives you anywhere from $10-$50 USD in that shitcoin.
Then it's just the investment game.
You can do buy-low-sell-high since you've a fair amount of startup coin, or you could try to follow 'market trends,'
which in the realm of crypto is literally just scamming.
Crypto is literal speculation around fucking monopoly money, it has no actual point, but there's still a shitton that can be made off of it.
Even the retarded belief in meme-magic that /biz/ believes gives any given shitcoin value is to some extent true, as when they meme the coin, people start buying the coin, thus giving the coin value.
It's all ponzi schemes for crypto, so if you stay on top of the schemes and scams, you can make a pretty penny.
Real stocks are of course (slightly) less fake, so that's a bigboy game I am far less knowledgeable about.


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Don't listen to any of these faggots.
The real money is made through placing well informed and strategic option calls. You need at least 1k of savings to do it effectively from my understanding and massive cahones.


Explain option calls.


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