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His works contain explicit references to ancient islamic texts, some say cosmic horror is a pessimistic inversion of sufist cosmology. Some of his stories, like the nameless city, is a direct reference to a story contained within the quran. Here are some direct quotes:
>At one time I formed a juvenile collection of Oriental pottery and objets d’art, announcing myself as a devout Mohammedan and assuming the pseudonym of “Abdul Alhazred” – which you will recognise as the author of that mythical Necronomicon which I drag into various of my tales […]. (letter to Edwin Baird, February 3, 1924)
>The absurdity of the myth I was called upon to accept and the sombre greyness of the whole faith compared with the Eastern magnificence of Mahometanism, made me de-finitely agnostic […].10
You can read more here:


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most people aren't on here 24/7 and this is a bitbof a niche topic


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Its niche but I like it.


I remembered from that the biography of Lovecraft included that in his homeschooling, he was able to read the thousand and one nights, developing an love for eastern culture, even adopting an arabic name (this of course is when he is a child).
I'm glad he did it.I always liked his books, and I still love the city withouth name.
Fucking ancient intelligent cocodriles, so ancient that even death has already died

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