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I wanted to let everyone know that Verso Books is having a sale were everything is 40% off.
They have books by Zizek, David Harvey, classics from marx, lenin, trotsky, etc.
Take a look if you want to satisfy your commodity fetish in the form of paperbacks.


>sill haven't reprinted Origin of German Tragic Drama

Guess I'll pick up the new Martin Jay though.


none of the good shit’s in stock.
I can’t even get Luxemburg’s collected works because Volume 2 is missing.


Is absolute recoil worth getting? I’m interested to get Zizek’s reading of Hegel but I’m worried it will just be cluttered with 100 movie examples


File: 1608528191756-0.epub (1.29 MB, Slavoj Žižek - Less Than ….epub)

File: 1608528191756-1.epub (1.09 MB, Slavoj Zizek - Absolute R….epub)

File: 1608528191756-2.epub (2.13 MB, Slavoj Zizek - Sex and th….epub)

his latest reiteration is Sex and the Failed Absolute. Meanwhile Less Than Nothing is more thorough. Absolute Recoil is more of an inbetween of those two main works of his. Might want to check them on libgen first imo if you want to be sure of what you're buying. Well I have them both right here so i'll just upload.


oh lol, i just realized sex and the failed absolute isn't a verso publication. Well then I guess that's made up your mind for you. I'd like to own these books in physical form but i just checked and goddamn that's still overpriced. I could buy three meals with 30 dollars. Not gonna spend that on a book, even if I read it all the time.

If I cared enough I'd probably just take it and never return it from a library


I've read Sex and Failed Absolute. is that basically the same as Absolute Recoil?


>order from Verso
>over 5 weeks shipping time
>it's all cheap thin print-on-demand tier paper


>They have pretentious shit, confused shit, and good books that are in the public domain and online already. 40 % off!!


They really should switch to acid free paper.


I've never ordered directly from Verso, but yeah, their books are shit quality. Not only paper-wise. Some are OCRed from other publisher's editions that were sold out, with absolutely no quality checks. So you get wrong letters and missing punctuation.
This level of sloppiness for such a publisher is simply incomprehensible to me. If I knew it'd be this bad I'd rather get a torned up used copy of the other publisher's sold out edition for a heavily inflated price.
Fuck Verso. Never again.

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