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Hello comrades. I propose a general thread in an attempt to get the /edu/ ball rolling again. Everytime you visit /edu/, post in this thread. Tell us about what you're thinking about, what you're reading, an interesting thing you have learned today, anything! Just be sure to pop in and say hi.
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yeah good point


That sounds awesome. I used to love the library as a kid. I aspire to be a book reader again some day. Thank you bookbros for helping motivate us lumpens


Envious. Mine has barely any, actively discourages book purchase suggestions and is always struggling to get a hold of books I put in ILL requests for.


Unlike most libraries they do offer to wrap hardcover books in plastic for literal pocket change which is nice. Although one of the librarians gave me the stink eye when I handed them my Stalin bio, lol.


Recently I learned about the reason so many English buildings have bricked up windows
Apparently it's because of a tax on fucking windows during the 1700s - 1850s. video related.

1) https://www.parliament.uk/about/living-heritage/transformingsociety/towncountry/towns/tyne-and-wear-case-study/about-the-group/housing/window-tax/
2) https://www.bbc.com/news/in-pictures-57349499


File: 1632510605578.pdf (56.13 KB, 212x300, tax.pdf)

>a tax on fucking windows



File: 1633080207488.png (18.39 KB, 1166x138, Window Tax liberalism.PNG)

It's been three and a half years fuck and now I finally have the opportunity to post this screencap:


Direct action gets the goods.


Just finished "Codes of the Underworld" by Diego Gambetta (2009). It's a very interesting book about how people in the mafia and prison gangs act and why they act that way (why is self-harm so common in prison, why do ethnic gangs form, and so on). It ends with a funny/creepy essay about how movies are influencing the mafia.



care to post a pdf?



Recently learned about the near-war between France and Brazil… over Lobsters


Lmao, i have a cousin that feels very strongly about this


Really? Relay their opinions m8!


File: 1633393153075.jpg (23.34 KB, 496x788, i1ahwabd0f751.jpg)

It takes me so long to write essays, all nighters are becoming a regular occurrence and even then I move at a snails pace. I feel like I'm hitting a brick wall over and over again, I then have to sacrifice my usual habits just to finish the essays on time. It makes things very painful.


Lol, it's mostly just banter and cursing of the French in an ironic jingoistic manner, which he does so to show he's heard about this really odd event.

Though, watching this video made me feel that, but unironically. Goddamnit, why are some Europeans so insufferably snobbish?


>why are some Europeans so insufferably snobbish?
The same reason any bourg government is, arrogant selfishness. After all the Japanese pulled the same shit on China for decades.


Just started reading Endnotes from the beginning. Curious to see their take. We definitely need some properly 21st century theory that isn't just retreading 19th and 20th century projects.


"Artificial Intelligence in Perspective" by MIT Press (1994), a retrospective by various AI researchers. The issue was dedicated to Allen Newell (who had died in 1992) and his Soar project, but it's also about other stuff like the medical expert system Mycin. It's written in something pretty close to normal language and there is no mathy stuff or code snippets in there. Instead it's very philosophical.


Finished "How to Lie with Maps" by Mark S. Monmoier (3rd edition, 2018). I suppose this has sold well because of the snappy name. Not a terrible book, but it's all obvious if you have half a brain. The author talks about how any flat map must distort the view of a planet, how different choices of threshold values for hues affect the impression of the viewer, and so on. (This irked me a bit: He mentions how Colin Powell used maps with wrong information to convince people of the necessity of going to war with Iraq. The author believes that Powell was mistaken. I believe he was lying.)


Maybe the author would agree with you in private but was afraid of being sued for libel.



>Just started reading Endnotes from the beginning
Good for you. I like reading them and their chinese cousins from chuang, even if I don't agree with everything they say obviously
>Curious to see their take
On what tough?


Reading Marshall Mcuhan, seems quite interesting, i'm wondering how his technological determinist views can be integrated into marxism.

Also found a funny anti anglo quote in understanding media.

"The English aristocracy was properly classified as barbarian by Matthew Arnold because its power and status had nothing to do with literacy or with the cultural forms of typography. Said the Duke of Gloucester to Edward Gibbon upon the publication of his Decline and Fall; "Another damned fat book, eh, Mr. Gibbon? Scribble, scribble, scribble, eh, Mr. Gibbon?""


If he really pointed out this:
>He mentions how Colin Powell used maps with wrong information to convince people of the necessity of going to war with Iraq
he probably knows Powell was lying on purpose.


i have a fucking headache, and digestion prbolems why am i on here


Currently Reading Althusser's Philosophy for Non-Philosophers, i like it although i haven't gotten far. Besides that i am reading Snowden's book, Permanent Record, i also haven't gotten very far into it, so far is a normal autobiography, i guess that i haven't gotten into the good stuff yet.


Just finished "Brain-Wise – Studies in Neurophilosophy" by Patricia Smith Churchland (2002). She criticizes modern philosophers for trying to disentangle themselves from scientific developments, talking about concepts like mind and conscience purely based on self-reflection and dialogue with each other and irrespective of the hardware, so to speak. (She probably wouldn't be entirely happy with that sentence since she also criticizes people who talk about brain as hardware.) How different are we from the other animals? She takes clues from just about anywhere: the rough impression you get from looking at the size and shape of brains, MRI scans, various experiments with subjects assumed to be normal / subjects with brain lesions / subjects under the influence of drugs. A lot of interesting experiments with humans, monkeys, rats, and even insects are described. It's a good book, though I'm not 100 % sure whether it's entirely fair to every philosopher who gets dissed in it.


You should try reading the non-autistic/anglo-boxed side of the aisle when it comes to consciousness. Look into people who attempt to provide and develop a non-physically reductionist explanation of consciousness, look into mysticism, etc.
Before dismissing this out of hand, consider your own prejudices and recognize that these accounts are cosmological and philosophical just as much.


Stop this racializing nonsense. There have been plenty of Russian, German etc. researchers pushing in the same direction as Churchland.
>Look into people who attempt to provide and develop a non-physically reductionist explanation of consciousness
Churchland's book already does that.


The book you've mentioned is an insufficient tip of the iceberg, not a pointless one sure, but there's so much more out there. You're disserving yourself on the topic by omitting such engagement.
Also it's not literal racializing, it's just a colloquial term which relates to the geo-historical origins of this type of thought, not an essentialization of it as being innately characteristic with respect to a sole group.


i wasted a good bit of the past few years thinking i could live according to philosophy
don't do it kiddos


What if my philosophy is just living my life as i normally would anyway?


that ain't philosophy


I'm thinking about that shitty episode of Cosmos with Tyson where it's chock full of anti soviet/ anti communist propaganda.


trotskyists and marxist-leninists are the same
they both have the same core of trying to build a philosophical hermeneutics of marx and lenin (when that’s literally an impossible and pointless effort) that’s used as a kind of justification for essentially utopian, idealist politics
there’s also like the weird implicit belief that the bolshevik accession to power was something that could have been predicted and thus re-applied, and this also carries over into the obsession over having a correct political line, as if that’s what really matters


painstakingly tutoring USian leftists into grasping the most basic notions and concepts of das kapital (most of them are grad students btw although at some shithole state uni probably)




Funny, it's usually Americans who've never read Capital who tend to call it "Das Kapital"—like, that's such an easy tell; it's so common lol


i prefer the german title as a reminder of its original context


Hello /edu/

I am planning on starting a thread with everything Deleuze and Guatarri. I don't have time to do it soon, but please keep in mind for the next week or so.

If someone wants to make the thread, please go ahead.


If you're American there's no real reason to call it by the German title unless you fully intend on diving into Marxology at some point. Which, I think it's hard to determine that until after you've finished reading Capital.
Be sure to point everyone to Jon Roffe's new(ish) book on Deleuze; it's fast becoming the best introductory secondary lit on the guy: https://re-press.org/books/the-works-of-gilles-deleuze-i-1953-1969/


whatever, i just use both interchangeably anyways, i don't really care


And that's fine; I just don't want you contributing to a recurring problem among the US 'left'


concept: pink terror
mass political/military terror by centrists/moderates
usually in the context of a popular rebellion against a reactionary government where once the bourgeois wing has gotten what it wants, it liquidates anyone to the left of them
usually not much distinguishable from white terror


Someone should write a book called "The Economics of Vulgar Socialism", where they try to put liberals and conservatives understanding of socialism into a coherent ideology and economic model.


Im trying to find a youtube video of a history seminar or conference or whatever of a US professor giving a history of the Korean War. This professor was militarily involved in it, not sure to what capacity, it was an hour long. Sorry for the small amount of info, i seem to have lost the link some time ago and suddenly i need it again


File: 1638382586622.jpg (122.2 KB, 1200x1860, the-deficit-myth.jpg)


marxist communism feels a lot like a petty bourgeois democratic movement. even bordiga's supposedly ultra conception of a totalitarian one-party "proletarian" state falls flat hard imo

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