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What is your favorite book?What book influenced you the most?What do you like about books?what are you planning to read?What are you reading now?/Lit/ thread because i did not see one in the catalog


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I'm about a third of the way through For Whom the Bell Tolls right now. It's a nice novel. I just now realized that I unintentionally ripped off aspects of the novel in a short story I wrote in a high school creative writing course.On a personal level, Siddhartha probably influenced me the most as I read it while I was in a psych ward and absolutely loathing myself. It resonated with me in a way that no words of any psychiatrist or social worker ever could at that time in my life.


Das Kapital is my favourite Comrade. Did you forget that you are on bunkerchan?


Reading Six Pillars of Self Esteem right now. It validated some ideas I already had and made me realize some other aspects of life that can have an impact on your self-esteem. Also reading Manufacturing Consent. I probably have more than a dozen books lying around right now that I still have to read, but because of exams I don't have the time to get to them at the moment.


>What are ya reading now
Capital, good lord is the third chapter a slog. Luckily I'm almost finished, and I've been told that it gets easier from there for the most part.
I just finished Breakfast of Champions not too long ago, and it's so good. It's about a small incident where one of the main characters goes nuts and starts assaulting people, and the writer having his views changed about humanity. The incident it's self is a very small part of the book that is built up almost as if it's not that important in the grand scheme of things, and most of it is about all of the things inter-connected things in society and history that lead to that moment in time happening, almost as if by inevitable accident, and through it explores inequality, poverty, and race. The same goes for the author's view of people which undergoes a synthesis between what he believed before, and what a character in the book believes that convinces him to look at humanity differently. It's very much worth a read.


Reading a lot of shit right now: Marx's 1844 manuscripts (currently on the Rent of Land) , Towards a New Socialism, Dialectic of Enlightenment, something about Historical Materialism by Bukharin, a lot of articles mosty from LeftComs, and On Contradiction by Mao. I also had physical copies of Society of the Spectacle and some translations of Trotsky's Notebooks but I misplaced those.


Anyone else growing increasingly disillusioned with art and /lit/ since being redpilled? It all just seems so hollow and pointless, or, at its worst, downright harmful in the way it reflects the ruling class's values and economic relationships. I guess I'm starting to understand how people like Sartre became skeptical of fiction in general.


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>COVID-19 shutting everything down
>stuck at home
Is it a good time to read pic related?


I’m gonna read Crito, and “Poor folk” by Dosto if I have time tonight.


I read it in high school - most of book in one night. It was great, I was reading much more fiction back then, those were some harmless times. I remember chapter about dead being burried in mass graves, pretty similar to situation right now


>Anyone else growing increasingly disillusioned with art and /lit/ since being redpilled?
Yes i've found the remedy to this is that whenever you want to read something that is fiction or that won't help you learn anything then you should read it in another language that you're weaker in. This way of consooming helps you learn a language while you're doing it so it's not a complete waste of time


are you talking about the chan board or literature in general?

I think there is just as much reason to be disillusioned by literature as to find it a revolutionary vehicle. I don't know if it has always been the case, but literature and education have a link that perhaps a lot of other arts do not, and so it is a medium for the educated. The educated also happen to be more likely to be bourgeois, capitalist sycophants, so it's natural that a lot of literature, at least within the western-anglo cannon, should fall in line with boujee values. That said, There is a significant amount of authors that also look at class relationships critically. Melville, Dos Passos, Steinbeck, etc. While I think something about the process of literature leads one to refrain from making outright political gestures and proclamations through literature, there are many heralded texts that you will find sympathetic, if not supportive, of the working class and some kind of revolution or systemic change.


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>What is your favorite book?
Hmmm hard to say but my favorite one I read in 2019 was Moby Dick. The His Dark Materials series was probably my favorite as a kid.

>What book influenced you the most?

In terms of my actual life? Maybe the Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver or Hatchet by Gary Paulsen. In terms of how I write? The books that made the biggest impression on me stylistically where War and Peace by Tolstoy, Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami, and basically everything that Kafka wrote.

>what are you planning to read?

I guess I will finish capital some day. The Grunderise or however you spell it might be another priority.

>What are you reading now?

Yesterday I read anti-duhring. I might read it again today. I will finish the german ideology soon. I've been slowly working through leviathan by hobbes but it is a bit of a slog.


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>What is your favorite book?
My favourite recently has to be The City and The City. Mieville runs with the concept of border gore and somehow manages to think up nationalist spooks worse than our own.

>What book influenced you the most?

In terms of writing style, I'm still trying to find my voice. I had a phase after high school where I tried to write like David Foster Wallace (I forced myself to finish Infinite Jest when I had cholera). In hindsight, DFW's nested and spangly prose is probably most of the reason people drop the book, but I still find his flawed and addicted characters compelling.

There's also the wilful stupidity in Don Delilo's White Noise. Delilo is something of a broken record and I learned this when I picked up his other books, but if you only read White Noise then he's perfect. In a nutshell, it's the Vaporwave book. It's easy to read despite how hateable the main character is.

In the end I like to write SF but I tend to hate the views and characters expressed inside. My big dick idol in terms of prose is still William Gibson. I remember trying to read Neuromancer back in elementary school and failing, and later picking up one of his hack imitators (Zack Parsons' "Eastwood" on SA) and thinking "shit, this is the future of writing". I went back to Gibson with a new lens and have loved his style ever since.

Nowadays I find it hard to be as enthused about anything as I was as a young'un, but I'm trying to get back into writing.


How do I become a /buddhist/?
Any good introductions


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what is your favorite book?

what influenced you most, the book?

what do you like about book?

what are you planning to book?

what are you reading now, book?


Anyone ever heard of Wizardrous?


I'm reading the Faerie Queen and its really fucking good like goddamn, but its making me feel like an absolute brainlet, I have to keep stopping and rereading bits because I miss the implication of a line and misunderstand what happens then only cotton on a few stanzas later when something happens that's out of line with what I think is happening, I can't seem to understand poetry unless I speak it out loud for some reason, so I'm also destroying my throat reading this thicc bitch

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