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>In the study of language, description or descriptive linguistics is the work of objectively analyzing and describing how language is actually used (or how it was used in the past) by a speech community.
A language, its rules and words should be determined by the collective people who use it and not by academic institutions and scholars
ignore the semi-cringy comic btw it was the best pic I could find as OP


there are two dictionaries a descriptive linguist will ever have to use:
>wiktionary, because it's freely editable and has tons of colloquial forms
>urban dictionary, because you can't perfectly navigate 2010s internet speak without checking urban dictionary at least a couple times


ehh there's a role for both prescriptive and descriptive methods. If you're learning a foreign language you need clear-cut rules to follow to speak correctly. And standardised forms are obviosuly desirable for some contexts like official documents and other texts meant to be read by people with different dialects. That's useful stuff. The problem comes when you get people saying that the standard dialect is the only 'correct' form and that other dialects are 'wrong' and should be stamped out, or when you get people making up random rules on no basis whatsoever (I'm looking at you, split infinitive) and forcing people to use it. This still happens in the english-speaking world but it's dying out very quickly.
OED is descriptivist, why do you think they add new internet slang to it every year? Descriptivism is, thankfully, a well-established orthodoxy in english-language linguistics now. The only people still calling themselves 'prescriptivist' are self-satisfied newspaper columnists, not taken seriously by anybody who actually studies linguistics.




I agree, and that's why socialism is when the government does stuff and when the government does everything that is communism :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDd


The opressed nations language, who not only purely lingüistic but also social biases due to the domination of the dominators language, need to be normalized and regulated to emancipate. That's why within Spain Galiza, the vasques and Catalonia have language institutions and dictionaries or why the USSR could go beyond the "grandrrusian" nationalism, caring about the federation languages of the others.

Think about the opressed workers of a nation, that see how they own language is being killed to disposses them of a separate identity and prevent a national liberation.


Manolos will say this and then get extremely asshurt when Catalonia asks for independence


Grammar anarchy!


Descriptive > Prescriptive but I think what >>356 said is right as well. To learn a language you need prescriptivsm. But having a purely prescriptive approach in language teaching is cancer.

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