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Any historical books similar to this?


Generally the go to leftist history books that are thrown around are:
>The Age of Revolution - Eric J. Hobsbawm
>Blackshirts and Reds - Michael Parenti
>Liberalism: A Counter-History - Domenico Losurdo
And of course be sure to read "The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte" since it's a classic


Global Rift by stavrianos is an incredible history of the "Third World" that the author defines as countries used produce resources for a metropolitan centers while they buy products made from their resources. his views on the USSR are kind of weird but he loves mao so it's all good


That book is trash as a history book.


A People’s History of the World is good


Keep in mind if it's US history specifically you're interested in, Blackshirts and Reds and the first two Hobsbawm books (the ones I've read so far) don't generally discuss the U.S. in much depth.




Bad citation practices, tendentious in a bad way (i.e., not just that Zinnhas ideological presuppositions, which everyone does, or that his sympathies are with the left and/or the downtrodden, which to be sure is good, but that it's persuasive writing meant to identify good guys and bad guys rather than to really investigate causal logic.)


Because Zinn clearly wrote a lot of this with conclusions already in mind that he at times desperately searches to find evidence for, often times distorting the impact of say, slavery as a dominating factor in the Americans decision to declare independence.


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this is the classic that started it all when it comes to a new type of Marxist history.

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