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Penguin Random House Parent Company buys Simon & Schuster


Is that good or bad? Penguin is already the biggest Publisher out there, isn't it?


penguin house has $2 billions lying around???


What books do they have or why is this newsworthy? I know penguin has many shit but cheap editions. That's as much as I know about them.
They might have also offered stock and valuated it.


Nvm, it was 2 bil cash. It will be the largest publishing house it seems.


They have the best translation of Das Kapital.


>Is that good or bad?
Probably bad as it might be turning into a monopoly.
Also even though book sales have soared due to the pandemic they still decided to sell, which shows how bad the book industry is doing.


Don't worry, eventually Amazon is going to acquire them and things are going to be even worse.


Well, if we don't overthrow porky, Things can only get worse. You are right about that


File: 1608528397650.jpg (148.46 KB, 974x604, 1606550060432.jpg)

Damn… who would've thought?


File: 1608528399535.jpg (359.02 KB, 1127x751, 1606764008796.jpg)

I just don't want used book stores to go broke, stores that only sell new books that are usually pop trash can go fuck themselves.


I'm jelly of first worlders, they can get books for so cheap. Everything here is expensive, even used books in tatters.


Does that mean the Penguin classics catalog will get bigger?


They should burn all the Chodehouse books if they are going. Chodehouse is baby crap. I don't read it and I don't need it shoved down my fucking throat cause manbaby will pee pee his pants if you don't read it.


unfortunate word choice


I truly can't stand hearing about Chodehouse. Try talking about something I actually care about. Even just one page. Everyone here backs me up too. They don't want to hear some fat geek recite his favorite Chodehouse gags. Try to read and discuss somethin I fucking care about. Chodehouse peeves me off to no end.

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