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This is a thread to review/learn calculus.

We will all be reading through James Stewart's "Calculus" 4e edition.

see: http://libgen.rs/book/index.php?md5=67AF6FA4D6DAB692F81A09B6A2EBCC7B

This is inspired by my need to review undergraduate mathematics due to work/school purposes. I'm a bit rusty and I've forgotten a ton of math.

We will start by doing problems from his algebra review pdf which is prep for the calc problems.


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my goal is to do at least 1 problem every single day


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questions from section 1.16:


(answers - without looking)

1. -3(a^2)bc
2. -(2x^2y)(-xy^4) = -(-2[x^3][y^5]) = 2(x^3)(y^5)


just to clarify this is from the algebra review


you can do this bro!!


If you are open to a bit of an unorthodox approach to mathematics (or perhaps a very greek approach is a better way of speaking about it), the many lecture series by Norman WIldberger are good review:




wtf white people have implied to me that Mexicans are dumb savages my entire life but I passed my Calc 2 final with nearly perfect score after having failed Algebra 1 3 times earlier in life

I want my fucking money back


Based. I'm a maths grad and am free to help if you reach any impasses.


>stewart's calculus
>not keisler's infinitesimal approach
take the hyperreal pill


3. 2x(x-5) = 2x^2 -10x
4. (4-3x)x = 4x - 3x^2


How is this possible, did you just rote memorize the algebra rules you needed in Calc?
You need a decent grasp on Algebra to pass Calc.


Took Algebra 1 for 4th time in college and moved up literally all the way from there until Calc 2

it was really hard because I basically gave so little of a fuck past the 6th grade I still struggle with some basic calculations even after 2 years of non stop mathematics

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