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I'm reading Orwell's Homage to Cataluña, and the explanation of the USSR influence goes like this:

There were two major marxist parties in cataluña:
POUM, that did not align with the USSR, and claimed that the civil war and the revolution were inseparable
PSUC, that aligned with the USSR, and claimed that only after the civil war was won, and bourgeois democracy was restored, that the revolution could go on

He was very skeptical of PSUC's position, and states that the USSR would not allow the revolution to go on because they needed stable allies, and revolutions bring about many things, but not stability.

Smart people of /edu/, can you comment on this position? Maybe provide some more info on this matter? Asking because Orwell is not the most reputable of sources.


Orwell is based, was based, and always will be based.


Soviet Union sent NKVD agents to kill anarchist leaders (which is part of the reason anarchists were defeated) and purge the republicans. Fucking Soviets always worried about their ideological purity and absolute loyalty.


orwell was a disgusting pedo


OP, I was typing up a response but found a much more comprehensive answer on Reddit to your question. Here's the link: https://www.reddit.com/r/AskHistorians/comments/8caypg/in_homage_to_catalonia_orwell_portrays_the_soviet/

tl;dr The USSR had no way to solely support a socialist revolution. Instead, the USSR's strategy was to defeat fascism via a Popular Front that included communists, socialists, and liberals. From the POV of the Communists, the POUM was undermining the war effort by pushing for revolution instead of political unity.

I'd also like to add that the militia system was retarded and the Communists were the only faction on the side of the Republic that resembled a real army.


Absolutely based read, thank you anon

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