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I'm a history major and the bourgeois dominance of the field is just as prevalent here as anywhere else.

What books on Marxist conceptions of history, historiography, etc are there that can give me the tools to critique and fight back against bourgeois historians.




Also Anti-Duhring deals with marxist conception of science and world in general. The work is a critique of some guy, but also Engels in it explains historical materialist way of looking at things. The part that were of value on their own were later published in two separate works, Socialism: Utopian and Scientific, and Origins of the Family. I have not read the second one, but I heard that it is based on obsolete anthropology. Personally, I think Anti-Duhring itself is worth reading, but it is the longest.

And audiobooks of all 3 of them if you want https://listenleft.org/by-author/engels-frederick/


Hobsbawm's 4 Ages books are always worth a read as well, imo. If you're a history major you might not really learn anything new as he's more geared toward a slightly-above-layman level of presumed knowledge, but his Marxist (although never really explicitly ML) perspective is prevalent, unapologetic and rigorously researched.


Jairus Banaji's Theory as History

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