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If I write an essay, theory and shit like that where do I post it and share it? Is there even an audience for mad leftist rants?


New Multitude maybe? It shouldn't be just rambling or ranting though. It should be a giant effortpost more or less


As >>4982 said, newmultitude.org might be a good option depending on what you plan on writing. Otherwise you can always make a blog and link it in relevant discussions here or twitter or something. It might feel a bit like talking to the void sometimes, but at least you can get your thoughts out. Blogs are pretty comfy tbh.


I'm not sure if I fit their editorial line, plus I'm not that smart or deep so no matter how much effort I put in it'll still be dumb
I don't want to make a blog because the only option will be wordpress, I'll have to sign up with with an e mail that can be tracked down and the blog may be taken down at any time.
I'm just so tired of making accounts up and down while they ask for more stuff from me. like you can't have an e mail without giving your phone number, it's all so painful.


in the short term: posting them as threads is fun.
(80% of the replies will suck and annoy you, but there's usually a 20% of good discussion that you can focus on.)


>the only option will be wordpress
There are other solutions for blogging out there. Look into noblogs.org, for example. You can also set up your own thing pretty easily using Github/Gitlab Pages, neocities and others, if you're a bit more tech inclined (though using these doesn't require much knowledge at all, really). In my experience, these aren't very moderation heavy platforms, and you can getting away with saying whatever you want as long you're not doing anything illegal.


Why not just post it here or >>>/edu/?


makes sense, I will feel like I'm spamming but seems the way to go
Noblogs seems intimidating, and I'm not technically inclined enough to even use neocities.
Still not being too moderation heavy is nice I will never overcome the fear of persecution
We're on /edu/ already, you came from the overboard? I love when people comes form the overboard and misses what board is the thread in like >>>/games/2112 absolute comedy
but yeah I already have a thread here and not many care but I could try posting here


>Noblogs seems intimidating
It's just WordPress with a bunch of themes. The only caveat is that you sign up with an email from an activist provider like riseup.

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