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Thread for PDFs related to the 'Anti-Anglo reading group - left deviation'


File: 1613867662279-0.pdf (4.77 MB, 200x300, [Alenka_Zupančić]_What_is_….pdf)

File: 1613867662279-1.pdf (4.3 MB, 195x300, Bruce Fink - A Clinical In….pdf)

Bruce Fink has been recommended by GG, and Alenka has been recommended by Haz.


File: 1613867774821-0.pdf (267.44 KB, 232x300, IV-1. Louis A. Pérez Jr., ….pdf)

File: 1613867774821-1.pdf (7.44 MB, 67x118, IV-2-1.Politics and Societ….pdf)

File: 1613867774821-2.pdf (4.87 MB, 202x300, IV-3. Robin Moore, “Transf….pdf)

File: 1613867774821-3.pdf (6.88 MB, 202x300, V-1. Brad Epps, “Proper Co….pdf)

My english-language history stuff about Cuba


File: 1613867971256.pdf (678.22 KB, 67x118, Harnecker - Origins of Cap….pdf)

Marta Harnecker came up for her introductory wrok, and I recently downloaded this English translation.


1. Fear and Loathing of Fidel Castro: Sources of US Policy towards Cuba by Louis A. Perez Jr.

2. Politics and Society, 1971-1986, The Cuban Revolution Origins, Course and Legacy by Marifeli Perez-Stable

3. Transformations in Cuban nueva Trova, 1965-1995 by Robin Moore

4. Proper Conduct - Reinaldo Arenas, Fidel Castro, and the politics of Homosexuality by Brad Epps
^I really recommend this fourth one, its an excellent analysis of the persecution of homosexuals in Cuba up till 1976


Joseph Dietzgen came up in our discussion of Engels' review of Marx & Feuerbach as an example of someone who came to similar conclusions independently of Marx. Here's the marxists.org page for him:


File: 1613869355589-0.pdf (1.18 MB, 203x300, The Machine Breakers-Hobsb….pdf)

File: 1613869355589-1.pdf (2.73 MB, 230x300, Teaching Historical Theory….pdf)

1. The Machine Breakers by Eric Hobsbawm
If I remember correctly it deals with a rebellion in England by a pseudo-ludditic group. The peasants would destroy industrial machinery in a desperate attempt to protect their lievelyhood.

2. Teaching Historical Theory through Video Games by Martin Wainwright.
This essay explains how, wittingly or unwittingly, historical theory and bias is expressed through historical videogame. My favourite part is where he rips appart the Civilization games that basically present a very chauvinistic, essentialist and postmodern conception of history.


Here's the text Engels cites in reference to Dietzgen's independent materialist dialectic.
The Nature of Human Brain Work

In the version most of us read, the note was a dead link but marxists.org has a different copy with a working one.

The wikipedia entry has a section on his version of dialectical materialism for more context:


File: 1613870970398-0.pdf (2.15 MB, 195x300, Carver & Blank – A Politic….pdf)

File: 1613870970398-1.pdf (3.1 MB, 195x300, Carver & Blank – Marx & En….pdf)

Carver & Blank on the so-called "German Ideology" manuscripts. The 'Political History' volume is useful in establishing the state of the text (though i have some of quibbles). It also points interestingly to the importance of the critique of Stirner for M&E at the time. The 'Presentation & Analysis of the Feuerbach Chapter' volume is excellent if only provisional. While largely academic, the establishment of a text is always an immensely forceful and political action. These two books are (imo) the necessary starting point in dealing with the so-called 'German Ideology'


File: 1613871066582-0.pdf (1.16 MB, 192x300, 2003 Landless People. Buil….pdf)

File: 1613871066582-1.pdf (10.24 MB, 200x300, 2005 Harnecker & Chávez –….pdf)

File: 1613871066582-2.pdf (1.32 MB, 212x300, 2007 Rebuilding the Left (….pdf)

File: 1613871066582-3.pdf (1.02 MB, 187x300, 2015 A World to Build. New….pdf)

Harnecker from libgen


File: 1613871183965.pdf (7.53 MB, 200x300, 2012 The German Pestilence….pdf)

Roland Boer (Neo-Stalist theologian) on M&E's intellectual context and its relation to biblical studies


What is a neo-Stalist?


Not totally sure tbh. Got the impression then talked out my ass!


File: 1613880934638-0.pdf (4.96 MB, 189x300, Zizek – How to Read Lacan ….pdf)

File: 1613880934638-1.pdf (7.08 MB, 217x300, Zizek – Looking Awry. An I….pdf)

File: 1613880934638-2.pdf (1.97 MB, 194x300, Flisfeder – The Symbolic, ….pdf)

Zizek on Lacan // Flisfeder on Zizek


Here's a very short read by Lenin summarizing the historical context for the development of Marxism. The clarifying of the basis of Marx is pretty in line with the "anti-anglo" position.


literally Critique of Pure Reason


File: 1614460903444.pdf (4.59 MB, 196x300, 144 Day & Gaido – Response….pdf)

Day & Gaido (eds.) – Responses to Marx's Capital. From Rudolf Hilferding to Isaak Illich Rubin (Brill; Historical Materialism 144, 2018)
[Kaufamn, Bauer, Kautsky, Sombart, Cunow, Eckstein, Hilferding, Luxemburg, Schmidt, Rubin]
Good volume with lots of Rubin


File: 1614461623369.pdf (1.85 MB, 200x300, 021 Day & Gaido (eds.) – W….pdf)

Day & Gaido (eds.) – Witnesses to Permanent Revolution. The Documentary Record (Brill; Historical Materialism 21, 2009)
[Kautsky, Ryazanov, Plekhanov, Parvus, Trotsky, Luxemburg, Mehring]


File: 1614462730148-0.pdf (2.48 MB, 232x300, Karl Marx & the Birth of M….pdf)

File: 1614462730148-1.epub (987.02 KB, Michael Heinrich - Karl M….epub)

Volume 1 of Heinrich's Marx-biography (pdf & epub). Background up to the Epicurus dissertation. Given the time it takes Heinrich to write and Locascio to translate, it may be ten years before we see Vol.2 (out of a three or four vol. project. Nonetheless, it is almost certainly the best biography out there.


File: 1614463407234-0.pdf (183.29 KB, 211x300, 1 Introduction by the Tran….pdf)

File: 1614463407234-1.pdf (863.36 KB, 211x300, 2 The Value Form.pdf)

DIE WERTFORM (Appendix to Kapital 1) [Capital & Class 2.1 ed.]


File: 1614560482150-0.pdf (35.91 MB, 198x300, 24 (M:E) 1874-83; Gotha:Ut….pdf)

File: 1614560482150-1.pdf (36.17 MB, 198x300, 27 (E) 1890-95, re Europe.pdf)

Not entirely formatted. TOCs somewhat cleaned up and some internal links to footnotes added


File: 1614560667119-0.pdf (23.49 MB, 198x300, 45 (M:E) 1874-79, Letters.pdf)

File: 1614560667119-1.pdf (27.02 MB, 198x300, 49 (E) 1890-92, Letters.pdf)

Not entirely formatted. TOCs somewhat cleaned up and some internal links to footnotes added


File: 1614706295182-0.pdf (10.38 MB, 404x300, Blackshirts and Reds Ratio….pdf)

File: 1614706295182-1.pdf (3.25 MB, 67x118, Democracy for the Few by M….pdf)

File: 1614706295182-2.epub (302.16 KB, The Assassination of Juli….epub)

File: 1614706295182-3.pdf (2.42 MB, 215x300, To Kill a Nation The Attac….pdf)

A couple of Parenti books yall would perhaps like:

1. Blackshirts and Reds
2. Democracy for the Few
3. The Assasination of Julius Caesar
4. To Kill a Nation: The Attack on Yugoslavia

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