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File: 1613969461002.epub (2.14 MB, Levine, Yasha - Surveilla….epub)


Requesting books on the U.S Intelligence community, especially the CIA and NSA. I'm interested in their history, anything they've been involved with, how they work etc. From a leftist perspective would be appreciated as well. Currently reading Surveillance Valley by Yasha Levine, which is pretty good for some basic observation and history.


File: 1613996573225-0.pdf (3.5 MB, 212x300, William Blum - Killing Hop….pdf)

File: 1613996573225-1.epub (250.54 KB, Against Empire by Michael….epub)

File: 1613996573225-2.pdf (9.97 MB, 198x300, Tim Weiner - Legacy of Ash….pdf)



thanks fam, you know any related to the black panther party? i know fbi did a lot of fuckery with em


File: 1614156836374.pdf (473.48 KB, 67x118, War Against The Panthers- ….pdf)

See Newton's PhD thesis on why the BPP fell like it did because of COINTELPRO




File: 1616944147726.pdf (2.76 MB, 232x300, Gary Webb - Dark Alliance ….pdf)



Same guy who wrote Legacy of Ashes also has a book on the FBI, though I haven't read it.


An argument I have for a paper
relies on western intelligence agencies being agents of elite interests and dominated by elite ideology. Anyone have any good sources that could refute or support this argument?


Talk to your tutor and lecturer about it


File: 1617735296855.png (201.62 KB, 688x688, gamal trole.png)

I guess I can't argue with that


File: 1618526642265-0.pdf (12.27 MB, 183x300, Nelson Blackstock - Cointe….pdf)

File: 1618526642265-1.pdf (7.41 MB, 193x300, The Assassination of Fred ….pdf)



File: 1618526732433.pdf (45.03 MB, 200x300, Ward Churchill, Jim Vander….pdf)



File: 1618526867666.pdf (6.43 MB, 195x300, Aaron J. Leonard, Conor A.….pdf)

Related as well, I think.


File: 1618917646266.pdf (9.54 MB, 232x300, Curt Gentry - J. Edgar Hoo….pdf)

Surprised this wasn't here. I haven't read the entire thing, but I have used it as a reference for the FBI's infiltration of the CPUSA and some other organisations.

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