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What's a good introduction to philosophy from a marxist perspective?


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Ludwig Feuerbach and the End of German Classical Philosophy by Engels.
This covers the turn from idealism to materialism and some of the philosophical basis of Marxism. Not really a general intro to philosophy, just the part that's most relevant to communism.


Nonsense question ,sage. Read Sophist by Plato.


File: 1616877753644.pdf (43.9 MB, 172x300, The German Ideology (Great….pdf)



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the greeks




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I second this. It lays things out in a very basic and straightforward manner. I got it because I've been following this reading list.


fucking sublime ideology but no Capital, is this how to be a radlib commie 101
also unironically recommending Sartre


capital isn't about philosophy


I've often heard Lukacs' History and Class Consciousness is basically what Marx would've wrote had he stuck with philosophy.


Not the German ideology. Its bullshit


Unrelated, but I watched a Video about the German Ideology some time ago and there was this one Guy in the Comments who just insisted that it was the Jewish Ideology instead. I found pretty pathetic, but also funny

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