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Hola /edu/!

Some leftypol regulars and I have had the idea to host a language-learning group for us all to learn together.

The language we are all interested in is Spanish, and we'll be using the Micheal Thomas course (>>1033) to learn it.

Here is the plan:

We each listen to one CD of Micheal Thomas every week.
Then on every Friday we discuss what we learned and practice it by trying to make new sentences with what we've learned as best we can.

Then, after we have completed the 'Foundations' part of said course we all switch to speaking Spanish only to keep practising what we've learned and to practice fluency.

This will all start this coming week.

These will be hosted on Element, if you want to join use this link:


Donde esdá la bibliodega ::DDD


I'm interested – have my bump of support.


Can Spanish speakers help?


Might be worth mentioning that the Michel Thomas method mentioned in the OP can be found at https://getchan.net/ref/res/111.html#1033 . That's where the link in the OP was supposed to point to.


Since we're going to be using Michel Thomas primarily, I think it'd be good to post some explanation as to why. Please read both articles below before getting into the course, as they explain how it works:

>Probably the most important part of the tapes is the lack of vocabulary taught. You don't get 20 irrelevant nouns with each lesson to memorize that you don't even know how to use. What new words you "learn" are mostly shared in common with English. The goal is to make you fluent before you have to memorize words.

>Thomas […] actually teaches the language and how to be constructive in it: the verbs, the verb inflections, how to combine them, basic pronouns and the like. Only once the students understand them does he move on to the words for real-world objects. Thomas will sometimes explain why he does this in the course, but it amounts to what I've said in other places: you can guess or figure out nouns or talk around them, but if you don't know how to put verbs together, you just don't know the language and you can't even fake it. It is much easier to learn nouns after you actually learn the structure of the language and can actually use them.


Sure, I don't see why not!


Quisiera ayudar, soy hispanohablante de nacimiento. ¿Los angloparlantes (natural o adoptivos) estarian dispuestos? No tengo experiencia pedagógica, pero supongo que por lo menos una conversación casual sería de buena practica si tuviesen alguien que domine el idioma de forma latina.


A matrix voice chat could help anons out. You just need to listen and use baby words. Speak slowly and make ez short sentences. Obviously depends on level.

I'm planning on learning german soon™. Just voicing this in case anyone's interested.


>I'm planning on learning german soon™


Amazing thread, what is it doing on that site?


Im >>5509. Id be super down to help anons learning spanish, if only to be someone you could have a conversation with. If there is a matrix server I could join or whatever Id be happy to


It's in the OP comrade: https://matrix.to/#/!uDgkvHYaUmWfGUtETA:matrix.org?via=matrix.org
We would love to have you.


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Greeting from /ref/! Just wanted to stop by and ask how the learning is going. I am not able to join in sadly but I want to make sure it’s going good

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