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'The weapon of criticism cannot, of course, replace criticism of the weapon, material force must be overthrown by material force; but theory also becomes a material force as soon as it has gripped the masses.' - Karl Marx
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Most of the books I see about Pol Pot, Khmer Rouge and Kamdoji from those years portray these things as badly as possible, and compare Pol Pot himself to a mini Hitler, or worse. I would like to know if there is a book that justifies Pol Pot and speaks positively about him and the Khmer Rouge. Thank you in advance!anarcho-communismAnarcho-Communism


There aren’t many positives to talk about when it comes to Pol Pot. I guess you could read some of his own works, however.



The Cambodian Peasants and Their Prospects for Modernization was written by Hou Yuon who was a member of the Marxist Circle, a group Pol Pot, along with Hou Youn was popular in prior to ruling Cambodia. His thesis could give you insight to what Pol Pot envisioned for Cambodia, but I can't find it. Pol Pot's paranoia was understandable given that America previously bombed it back to the stone age, but with what I know, I don't think it's a good idea to modernize by mobilizing the peasantry only and skipping or neglecting industrialization.


they don't speak positively of him because there are no positives to speak of


>abolished capitalist relations, commodities, money and value


Retarded thing to do when your country is feudal.


brief, 40 page article on the subject. It might not be entirely "positive" but I found it enlightening. Here's a snippet from the overview:
>We are out to overthrow "common knowledge" on this question. Unlike others who falsely claim they have no particular viewpoint from which they judge, our basic stand is explicit: as Mao said, "It's right to rebel against reaction." In other words, here our starting point is that the war waged by the three Indochinese peoples (Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos) against imperialism was just. No matter how critical our conclusions on the Pol Pot regime, the fact is that they had to deal with the horror that the US created. If anyone should be on trial for genocide in Southeast Asia, it should be the US ruling class. The charges of genocide the rulers of the US want to press against former CPK leaders are an attempt to reverse right and wrong.


Glad you're deciding to take the redpill on the Communist Party of Kampuchea . Linked is the most reliable and unbiased history book on Cambodia during the socialist period.>>5581


Can any of you find Hou Yuon's The Cambodian Peasants and Their Prospects for Modernization?


Was Vickery pro-DK? From what I've read he was supportive of the Vietnamese invasion


how about from the khmer rouge themselves >>9391


Yeah, Vickery wasn't even pro-KR but pro-Vietnam. But he was still a top notch historian and more unbiased on Pol Pot/Cambodia than any anticommunist author.


Banned thought has several good articles that debunks many lies about the regime and has articles on the specific breakdown of relations between Vietnam and Cambodia.

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