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I just accepted a job as a history teacher in china. i dont have a teachers cert and im a little overwhelmed because i want to teach history better than i was taught it.

does anyone have any pdfs/epubs on historiography, philosophy of history and or textbooks on teaching history? i will be teaching to American, New Jersey standards.


or recommendations or advice.
this thread could generally be whatever history books you think are great at an entry level


Can you make the history fascinating instead of just boring? The worst teacher is someone who just does it without caring.


There are some very good resources on teaching history by the Zinn Education Project


File: 1621580215330.pdf (2.37 MB, 199x300, Howard Zinn - A People's H….pdf)



File: 1621580905861.pdf (822.83 KB, 413x300, (New Press People's Histor….pdf)

roman history


File: 1621582356473.pdf (4.61 MB, 232x300, ten-days-that-shook-the-wo….pdf)

russian revolution


File: 1621582669103-0.pdf (3.01 MB, 67x118, Albert Soboul, trans Geoff….pdf)

File: 1621582669103-1.pdf (7.78 MB, 194x300, Albert Soboul - Understand….pdf)

french rev


File: 1621582828661.pdf (3.25 MB, 232x300, Michael Parenti - History ….pdf)

a take on pop-history



i will fucking top myself if i make the same failings as my teachers.

also thanks so much for the recs!


File: 1621586259951.pdf (2.94 MB, 67x118, William Blum - Killing Hop….pdf)



does anyone have any books on perspectives of what drives societal development? id like to teach some real foundational stuff.
despite the flaws, guns germs and steel is the one that comes to mind as an example of what i am talking about


Bruh I was searching for these books and they were right here all along


Pls update the thread with your education experience in china


what an embarrassing pseud


any specific questions? ive only worked in kindergarten as an English teacher so far but any other questions you have outside of my experience, ill ask someone who works in it.
i am a foreigner so questions about state schools i wont be able to answer


just completely blogpost if you can

how did you get the job and what things can you tell us about china after living there

what political opinions do the people generally talk about in their day to day life


well, take all i say with a grain of salt because ive been working in Shanghai which is the most western city in china as far as i can tell. i cant speak to the rest of china which is probably what you want to know. also, my knowledge is filtered through the class gateway of knowing English. i can only speak to Chinese people in English so my information comes with a bias toward the upper middle class.

that being said. i got my job from just an ESL website, it was pretty easy, they were desperate. kindergartens get paid stupid sums to have their kids have a native English speaker teach them. but capitalists being who they are, will typically hire anyone who can fill the role and then lie about where they are from. indians say they are british, russians say they are American etc. sometimes the parents have good English themselves and see through it but the administration tries their best to not let the parents see how schools work. i thought i just had a bad kindergarten at first but no, this seems universal. i have a lot of friends here and everyone has similar issues with their kindergartens.
they sell the aesthetics of education at the expense of actually teaching them shit.

Chinese teachers are treated like dirt. threatened with firing.over just about anything. called in every weekend to do random "school beautifying" bullshit. 996 is pretty common and while my coteachers dont quite get that most weeks, atleaast every other week.

i dunno, the place is depressing. Shanghai would be a cool city if everyones nose wasnt to the grind 24/7. lots of cheap shit, great people, great experiences. no one has any time to do it.

actually, to be fair there are a shitton of ppublic holidays. like, every other month. the long ones though you have to make up some of the days you got off by working weekends. this is legally required and not dependant on the job.

god i dunno theres so much to say.
politics wise, it seems most chinese people ive talked to like the stability of the state but have huge complaints about the increasing nationalism, increasing workload, crackdowns on drug use and party venues. no one hates the government but they always talk shit about this kind of increasing… what would you call it.. conservativism? theres a couple people who are pretty diehard communists in support of the party who are my friends. they talk about it as necessary in the face of the American empire collapsing. which like, yeah, its a valid argument to an extent.

i dunno i dont really want to say that much. life for.me is pretty good here and i am well aware the government only tolerates foreigners. i do constantly feel watched.


File: 1624230883350.pdf (2.34 MB, 212x300, 1617877504034.pdf)



great post op, always curious how non trust-fund expats feel in china


The best history prof I had in college was former military and a crypto communist, he had us read two textbooks simultaneously, one of which was a typical american bourgeois textbook and the other was written by Howard Zinn. A significant part of the grade was note-taking which was checked every week, and at least half of the class time was spent discussing the chapter's readings.

Hopefully this helps, also read anything by Eric Hobsbawm


For the people there, what does "socialism" mean, setting aside the many, more theoretical, arguments over this and taking an everyday definition of it?

How goes this "rural revitalization" stuff that is often being mentioned by the state media?

Is the so called "New Left" as cucked and idealist as people here make it out to be?

How does the Left plan to counter the influential faction of "bourgeois roaders" in the government besides having more Marxism in the classroom?


actually what sort of history class is this? general history of the world or some specific place? how old or what grade are the students?


> have huge complaints about the increasing nationalism
Can you expand on this ? I would expect nationalism to spread like hellfire when "your" country is expected to be the world's hegemon .not that i'm complaining tho this shit is the greatest crack pandemic that modernity gave us


this is a FANTASTIC idea. i dunno how i could pull it off though. putting textbooks side to side would really put in focus the history skill of discerning validity of sources.
grades 9-12. American standard. world and US history. two seperate classes.
The chinese ive talked to talk about school like it was abuse and the more i listen to them the more it seems like it. The nationalism props up and justifies a lot of the worst aspects of Chinese society. Chinas current success becomes because of everything it does. problems with the gaokao? lazy shit, our schooling has made us the intellectual powerh ouse of the world. got problems with the work life balance. lazy shit, your grandparents worked ten times harder and fought the japanese at the same time, youve just got no ambition. the nationalism props up chinese family values too which is have kids young to give them to your parents to raise while you work (because thats what they did for their parents so this way they finally get to raise a kid for real).
ill try find some shit to this effect so you know im not just spitting propaganda. but the nationalism seems to boil down to:
china, 5000 years old continuous civilisation, our culture is the highest form of this heritage and we are becoming the hegemon, thus our social arrangements are correct.

the upper middle class people ive talked to hate that


SHEG https://sheg.stanford.edu/history-lessons has a lot of good stuff that's pretty easy to adapt, although it's definitely geared towards high school classrooms.

> actually what sort of history class is this? general history of the world or some specific place? how old or what grade are the students?

Came here to ask this. I've taught from middle school to college and to state the obvious, different age levels are different.


check out The Ignorant Schoolmaster

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