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'The weapon of criticism cannot, of course, replace criticism of the weapon, material force must be overthrown by material force; but theory also becomes a material force as soon as it has gripped the masses.' - Karl Marx
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Give me the TL;DR on him.
I've skimmed through some introductory materials of his writings and they catch my curiosity yet I am too brainlet to actually read them. What exactly is schizoanalysis and how does capitalism relate to schizophrenia?


There really is no easy TL;DR, he wrote about a lot of very different things. You could start with the SEP article, especially the part about his collaboration with Guattari.

>I am too brainlet to actually read them

Just do it, anon. Deleuze himself said that you should jump right into Anti-Oedipus even if you have no background in philosophy.

>The history of philosophy has always been the agent of power in philosophy, and even in thought. It has played the repressors role: how can you think without having read Plato, Descartes, Kant and Heidegger, and so-and-so’s book about them? A formidable school of intimidation which manufactures specialists in thought – but which also makes those who stay outside conform all the more to this specialism which they despise. An image of thought called philosophy has been formed historically and it effectively stops people from thinking.


> Deleuze himself said that you should jump right into Anti-Oedipus even if you have no background in philosophy.

How can one man be so based? Truly the nu-Marx who wanted to arm the common man with reason against capitalist production. I need to finish AO after Vol 3.accelerationAcceleration


Read Jon Roffe's The Works of Gilles Deleuze I: 1953-1969. v02 is set to come out whenever. Avoid Brian Massumi and any secondary lit derived from him as much as you can.



File: 1626756300535.jpg (39.8 KB, 484x397, 1626756296915.jpg)

Schizos are outside rationality and therefore are the site of revolution against the logic of capital.


File: 1676799096958.gif (56.55 KB, 864x648, RnM pilled.gif)

Was he Rick and Morty pilled?


Recently found this podcast. Really good shit.
I love Deleuze even though I haven't read anything by him. Really interesting shit that I feel push the boundaries of thinking in a similar way that Hegel and Marx do.


Another one


More short videos.



Another by Then and Now.


This guy has a series of videos. they act more like companion. Sometimes you can't get enough of this shit. This is #3 but you can find the other ones in his channel.
I think most of the series is going through A Thousand Plateaus.


This one is by John Ceika, aka Cuck Philosophy.
I don't remember this video so maybe I got bored or maybe I watched it sleepy or maybe I didn't watch it but YouTube thinks I did for some reason.


This one by the same creator I did watch and like. I watched it years ago, but I remember it as being accessible.


Plastic pills has a ton of nice video essays on Deleuze and Gautarri. I won't post more so if you like these videos, then check out his channel.


Gregory Sadler, of the famous half hour Hegel series, has a video series on Deleuze.



lecture 1 of 7

This video with professor in philosophy Todd May, Clemson University, SC, USA, show the 1 and 2_1 lecture Todd Mays gave about Gilles Deleuzes dissertation from 1968: Difference and Repetition in DISPUK, Denmark. This clip is recorded in April - May 2017.
Todd May gave seven lectures each focusing on different aspects of Difference and Repetition. There is especially a focus on the concepts the virtual and the actual.

Todd May is an excellent lecturer. He gives many examples to illustrate the points in Deleuzes difficult philosophy. Foucault wrote about Deleuzes work that this century (the last) might be called Deleuzian


lecture 1 of 14

Recent political theory has shifted decidedly towards ontology, the 'science of being', and thus towards examining fundamental concepts of identity, difference, space, and time. This new focus has reinvigorated questions concerning the nature of power, meaning, truth and agency, inspiring novel approaches to individual and collective subjectivity, the emergence of political events and the relationship between desire and politics. In this new study, Nathan Widder shows how Deleuze's philosophy both inspires and presses beyond political theory's 'ontological turn'.

Linking his thought to current political theory debates, Widder explains how Deleuze's philosophy and ontology of difference are cashed out through a micropolitics of creative and critical experimentation. He further demonstrates how Deleuze challenges ideas of identity and the subject that still dominate both political thought and practice today. Connecting Deleuze to key figures in both classical and contemporary political philosophy, from Plato and Aristotle to Hegel, Nietzsche, Lacan, and Foucault,

playlist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uqJgQZkVRxk&list=PLAiTRu5EElBHZd36PoVuVA5cN4XyadnmU


Just read Anti-Oedipus at the very least
Also a bunch of his seminars have been translated into English online, if you already have knowledge of some of the philosophers he discusses


Thanks for sharing. (Not OP) I am currently reading Plato's dialogues since they're small and easy to digest. I'm warming up to reading. Otherwise I won't be able to finish a book.
Did you read Anti-Oedipus with any secondary reading? I find deleuze fascinating, and extremely relevant for Marxists. I might digest a few lectures while I warm up, then give AO a try.


Just read Anti-Oedipus


AO is one of the easiest to read. It was written for French high school graduates so about equivalent to AP or introductory freshmen Philosophy/Psychology. If you have even a little passing familiarity with the basics of Freud Nietzsche Marx Plato Aristotle Descartes Kant you don't need secondary but some joke references to 60's French literature might be kind of obscure as its kind of expected for you to be familiar with the canon.


I don't trust deleuze on writing comprehensible stuff but I'll give it a try. Reading is so hard ngl.



Prerequisites: Deleuze and Guattari

The Three Ecologies (https://monoskop.org/images/4/44/Guattari_Felix_The_Three_Ecologies.pdf)

Expressionism in Philosophy (https://monoskop.org/images/c/c8/Deleuze_Gilles_Expressionism_in_Philosophy_Spinoza.pdf)
Nietzsche and Philosophy (https://antilogicalism.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/nietzsche-and-philosophy.pdf)

Speed and Politics (https://monoskop.org/images/archive/c/c1/20170626060354%21Virilio_Paul_Speed_and_Politics_2006.pdf)
Bunker Archaeology (https://lust-for-life.org/Lust-For-Life/_Textual/PaulVirilio_BunkerArcheology_108pp/PaulVirilio_BunkerArcheology_108pp.pdf)

Marcel Duchamp and the Refusal of Work (https://my-blackout.com/2018/10/17/maurizio-lazzarato-marcel-duchamp-and-the-refusal-of-work/)

the following are available on aaaaarg.fail (use a VPN if in North America or the UK or you'll be redirected), an invite only pdf distribution network:

Order Out of Chaos
From Being to Becoming

In Catastrophic Times
Another Science is Possible

The Mass Psychology of Fascism

Afterthoughts on Material Civilization and Capitalism

On the mode of existence of technical objects




PDF for Reich


Why do you find reading difficult, anon?


So basically you know trees? Well what if instead of a tree it was shaped like a garlic or fungus? What if the branches didn't all need to connect back to a central stalk? Okay and now instead of leaves there are words and instead of wood there is meaning. Then go cut down an actual tree and make it into paper and use it to print books filled with the words that were the leaves in the metaphorical tree. That's schizo-analysis.


What am I supposed to do with this when I come up against a word that describes a complex concept? Just highlight it with a question mark and move on?

> In his magnum opus Difference and Repetition, he tries to develop a metaphysics (?) adequate to contemporary mathematics and science—a metaphysics in which the concept of multiplicity (?) replaces that of substance (?), event replaces essence (?) and virtuality (?) replaces possibility (?).

I know what words like multiplicity and substance mean, in part, because I can look up the meaning in a dictionary. But these words have deeper and more complex meanings in the practice of philosophy, do they not? Am I meant to puff my chest out and pretend like I know what they mean? Am I supposed to stop and look up the deeper meanings of each of these words as I find them? Am I meant to read so much and get so much exposure to these words that I revisit this article and finally understand what it means?

Someone described me perfectly the other day: the words simply bounce around inside my skull. It was insulting, but only because it's true. I have no idea how to systematically acquire new information that hasn't already been written in plain and simple language.

I see that AO is apparently more digestible but this is a challenge I continue to face. Should I split this out into another thread?


Look it up on the intrawebs

"What did so and so mean by such and such"

fairly simple

do this when encountering them, or at the end of a chapter when revisiting - either way make it systematic and habitual

you'll get the hang of it


for future use


why did this crackhead never cut his repulsive, mile-long nails?




There's a pretty cool playlist on youtube called Deleuze for the Desperate where a professor tries to give an explanation of some Deleuzean concepts, mainly from A Thousand Plateaus. Can help get your feet wet and guide your focus to read based on what ideas are most interesting or what "clicks" most with your understanding. Deleuzean "schizo" type theory is not really something you need to or "should" read in a linear manner. Approach it as it suits you and absorb the information the way the roots of a plant absorb water and nutrients from the soil.

The playlist
Embedded vidrel is the first video


>Why do you find reading difficult, anon?
Short attention span. Get exasperated. I find it hard to consistently read every day or so, making a habit of it is hard.


Just bought a used copy of anti-oedipus, stole a notebook and pens for notes, ready to take my first crack at this shit. will update in 24 hours with how its going.


Apparently his fingers were sensitive and it hurt too much to cut them.


Humma humma humma


Can someone explain deterritorialization and reterritorialization to me? I thought I understood it but then I watched this video and now I don't.

Is the video incorrect? Am I stupid? Both? Someone explain, ideally with examples. Thanks :)



Body without organs.


Lol. Always the dysgenic with all the opinions.


Shut up idiot. Define a BwO right now before you get the right to speak


fuck off with this fascist shit

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