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Can attention spans be repaired? I regret ever being introduced to Twitter or Facebook or any of that. I feel like I can't work without looking something up a few minutes later, and then becoming distracted for an hour. I don't wanna completely abandon those social media sites, memes and cat pics are butter for my real life social relationships. Any tips?


It cannot be repaired since it is not broken. But it can be trained.


Shut down your computer. You'll think twice if it's worth turning it back on just for some trivial thing that often sends you down an Internet rabbit hole.

If you use a laptop then disable wifi in BIOS or even physically remove the wifi card, so you're limited to when and where you can check the Internet.

The problem is not just tied to individual's self-discipline though. There's too much of everything, including books, which leads to oversaturation, devaluation, burning out, boredom and apathy.


Delete all social media, install something like Cold Turkey (FOSS alternatives might excist but just werked for me), if you've got the means for it try to move on productive stuff you can do on your phone to dedicated devices (e.g. e-reader for reading instead of a reader app that your phone will eventually distract you from anyway). Ideally get a dumbphone.
Plan your day around more productive activities and a healthy sleep schedule and try to stick to your planning. Make sure to stay hygienic, well-groomed, dressed (even when unnecessary), healthy and preferably fit.

WiFi idea is not doable for a lot of people but worth considering if you can afford to.


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Do the pomodoro thing: >>>/edu/6427


Do this. Block all those damn sites and seriously consider deleting them. You can stay in touch with your friends by texting, so they fullfil no real use case


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Literally, OP, stop using them. Start making effort posts, reading, and even blogging. I have a gemini capsule and it allows me to write posts thousands and thousands of characters long and it helps me to focus and hone my skills as far as logic and my attention span goes.


Stop using social media, even youtube is a attention span killer. Also, reading and WRITING are good trainers for you attention spam, not to sound too new age but meditation also works. If you can learn to spend a few minutes doing nothing, you can learn to spend a few minutes doing something full focus.


Here are some things I have done to help train my attention span:

I deleted my facebook once and for all.
I kept my instagram to share memes and cat pics.
And I started writing in a journal 20 minutes (minimum) daily.
Limit my time here, focusing on /edu/

Writing has helped me get into the process of reminiscing more, so maybe that's a sign that I'm being more attentive?

It's just the little things.


Also, if you must use youtube to get a source of news, copy down your usual channels, and watch sparingly while NOT logged into google. Do NOT let the algorithm suck you in.

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