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Where is it possible to find modern and materialist history of things?
Why everytime i search for something I always have to to through pile of positivist brainlets?
I want a library full of Materialist Analysis of history. Why i cannot find out history of the Mongol Empire and Lamaism without reading through some micky mouse shit about
>lmao they chinks they think like dat
>lmao das tradition mane
>lmao religion says x therfore y happen
why there is no fucking historian who explain the material basis of these thoughts of tradition in the first place? No wonder people are geographically and historically illiterate




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you can try / read history of technology / retrospective but i don't know if thats what you need

this book has plenty of it for instance

there's also Systems Theory which is materialist but its hardy about history


also some interesting thing can be found here i think
again it is in no way systemized



I'll read it because i like to read, but i was more referring to history of societies in general.
For example, I want to learn about the Mongol Empire and the types of books I found are
>Yo these chinks be nasty kill 300 gorrilion and rape
>Yo these chinks actually good defended russia
>Yo gengis khan badass
>Yo gengis is gay
>Yo they fighted in this place at this hour of the day
Basically this pop history stuff that Dan Brown readers read.
No actual materialist history of them. No mention of their culture, politics, society or anthropology in relation the their economy. Actually very little mention of economy at all.
Just great men theory at best or triva and pop history at worst.




I'm also interested in this


Thank you




Dead board


bumping on /edu/, maybe it will get more responses here

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