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Post any weird and obscure history facts that you know of


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Some of y'all may already know this, but Fidel Castro loved milk. Kinda obsessed with it. So he created a genetically modified cow that would be able to as much milk as cows that only survive in the cold. And he named her Ubre Blanca


what the fuck.


Emperor Nero had a young boy emasculated and dressed him up in women's clothing so he could be the new Emperess.


classic Nero


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Thomas Sankara, while in his four years in power, jokingly called his wife «the widow».


Source for this?


File: 1608527957433.pdf (5.36 MB, Black_Critique_Amber_Murre….pdf)

A Certain Amount of Madness


smh leave the sexy stuff in /GET/




I've once read that Ceausescu as a youngster was so attractive that many girls attended meetings of the (banned) communist party just to have a chance to see him.

I bet old Nicolae made this up.


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Agusta La Torre, wife of Abimael Guzman died "of heart disease" according to the CPC-SP, but even after the war the location of her body wasn't given.
>2. Eudocio Ravines, leader of the peruvian communist party (a stalinist agent, sent to downplay and kick the mariateguist elements of the party), was secretly a CIA snitch. He later denounced communism, wrote a book with CIA money, was stripped of being peruvian by the Gnrl. Velasco Alvarado, exiled in Mexico and …nobody knows who killed him, but some right wing pundits say it was mexican communists or something like that.


File: 1608527966796.png (40.06 KB, 1533x1907, Samuda_Armospheric_pipe.png)

In the 1840's, steam locomotives were clumsy, inefficient, and slow. Also, they had a bad habit of exploding due to reasons. As such, alternative means of powering trains were actively studied.
The atmospheric railway presented itself as a solution by simply relocating the steam engine off the train and into a building, where it worked to create a vacuum in a long pipe, which in turn pulled a piston connected to a train.
Unfortunately, since the leather flap on the Samuda design which covered the cut-out where the arm connecting the piston to the train moved used bee-wax and tallow to make a seal, rats had a habit of wanting to gnaw on it. And when the engine was powered up, the vacuum created sucked them violently into the pipe.
The end result was that the train had a habit of arriving to its station following [b]a torrent of rat blood and viscera[/b].



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The renaissance painter Rafael Sanzio died very young. Doctors said he died due to fuck too much with his lover "La Fornarina"


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Pic of Brezhnev unrelated.

Mao humilliated Krushev in his second visit to Beijing. He smoked knowing Krushev hated it, etc. But the best was the water. Knowing that Krushev did not know how to swim, Mao, that loved it, went to his swimmingpool inviting Krusev to do the same, the guards gavr him swim clothes. Krushev was in the children corner where he could put his feets, meanwhile Mao swam like a boss. Then they gave Krushev a thing like a boat life-saver, and he went to him swimming like a dog to talk to Mao in the water.





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The reason why HCM had thousands of aliases was that he loved to write random stuff about his life and other non political content like romantic poetry and short stories.
He thought that publishing under his real name would reduce the amount of actual constructive criticism of his writing (who would really dare to say that literature from the father of the nation is bad?). And surprisingly enough his accounts of his own life were almost always correct.
Also that he went to the same high school as his later political rival Ngo Dinh Diem (who was the son of the principal and the founder of that school).


File: 1608527971229.png (235.65 KB, 564x724, upscale-270396537009211.png)

>the father of the nation


Hey spooks gonna spook.


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During WW2 Japan occupied a number of Alaskan islands(immediately debunking the "US soil has never been occupied by foreign invaders [i]since 1812[/i]") and did a mini-island hopping campaign up there called Operation Cottage. The Japs actually put up quite a fight but by the last island they just said "fuck it" and left but left a bunch of bombs all over the place. So the US landed unaware of this, heavy fog rolled in, and they started stepping on the traps and thought they were under attack, so for a whole night US forces on the island were trapped fighting themselves until they managed to realize there weren't any Japanese on the island.

Fucking Americans.





The destroyer probably hit a mine or something gay like that, but I shall instead choose to believe that the army somehow managed to take out a US destroyer in their confusion.


What destroyer?


>1 destroyer heavily damaged
>71 killed
>47 wounded


Oh fuck how the fuck did they even manage that?


Also isn't the compliment of a destroyer usually 70-150 men? How fucking badly did they mess up if the entire crew was killed or wounded?


Didn't know I could dislike Mao anymore than I already did. The soviets really did what they could to avoid the Sino-Soviet split, but Mao's petty shit doomed the world.


It doesn't specify that all navy soldiers who died or were wounded were on that specific destroyer.


Mao was really into dick nipples futa porn
Surprisingly it was introduced to him by an undercover american spy.

Also George Bush hated black people.


In the 1930s a party member called Gorbachev was executed during the great purge


The Camera was invented simultaneously by three different people at the same time in the 1830s without any of them having been aware of one another's work.

Hércules Florence, in Brazil, in 1832
Daguerre & Niépce, in France, in the 1820s-30s (they were partners, and had both created proto-photographs independently, but it wasn't until their later collaboration that led to the Daguerreotype in 1834-6)
Henry Fox Talbot, in Britain, in 1834


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the Spanish civil war ended on the first of April, please tell me the national victory was just a joke, we actually won right?


Night 272 of the Arabian Nights includes a brief tale relating to the fall of Toledo in Spain. It is said that the monarchs of the city kept a room in the tower locked but the last king decided to open it. Inside he found pictures of Arab soldiers and a note saying that the city would fall to Islam were the room ever opened. This supposedly happened in 711, the year Toledo fell.


*laugh track*

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