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Anyone know any good books for reading up on the history of the RSR/RPR? Pretty much every book I've been able to find have been Ceaușescu screeds written by devout anticommunists, which for the most part don't discuss the earlier history of PCR


I wish I could help you, since my parents grew up in best romania as well, but I shouldn't tell you that Romania is one of the most slandered eastern bloc countries to date and any reliable sources are hard to find


File: 1634246702752-0.pdf (30.33 MB, 193x300, bachman1989.pdf)

File: 1634246702752-1.pdf (11.72 MB, 213x300, crowther1988.pdf)


File: 1634247117494.pdf (20.72 MB, 425x300, Rumanian Summer.pdf)



>William Crowther is a professor of the Department of Political Science. He received his Ph.D. from The University of California at Los Angeles in 1986. He is the author of numerous publications on post-communist and communist politics, and ethnic conflict. His publications includeCommittees in the New Democratic Parliaments of Central Europe, with David Olson, (Columbus, Ohio: The Ohio State University Press, 2003), and The Political Economy of Romanian Socialism, (New York: Praeger, 1988). Much of his work focuses on Moldova and Romania. He has served as a consultant on democratization for governmental and non-governmental organizations, and for the past two years he authored the Freedom House Nation’s in Transit Reports on Moldova. Professor Crowther teaches in the areas of general comparative politics, Russian and Central European politics and ethnic conflict


Thank you anons, these help a lot.
Previously all I had been able to read had been Hoxha's short passage about visiting Romania and talking to Dej about the state of socialist transition in the first 5 or so years of RPR, for anyone interested it starts at page 260 of the pdf:http://www.bannedthought.net/Albania/Hoxha/TheTitoites-EnverHoxha-1982.pdf

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