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Where do you find a comprehensive access to the Soviet archive? I really want to do more research using primary source to debunk reactionaries and Wehraboos. But trawling through the entire thing is just so time consuming.
There’s a recurring problem with modern history books (and other entertainment forms) in the Anglo sphere where they always cite Cold War era history works which in turn cite Nazi, gusanos or just made up garbage (The gulag archipelago being the biggest one).


bro that picture is some crazy shit.


I don't know where to access this personally, but very few historians actually get to search through the the US or CCCP official government archives.
I've heard of historians live Grover Furr who have had access to both the American and Soviet archives, but I have no idea how he got said access.

I'll try asking on the Leftypol ruspol thread for more info.


not comprehensive, but Ismail has a lot of pdf versions of old soviet books and documents


he's an old comrade from /marx/ as well


Here's one for the Stalin era:

And here's a masterpost on r/Communism for debunking common myths with sources:

There's also this, but the UI is in Russian:


Here's another Russian archive:


Welp. All the more reason to finally learn Russian.


Somebody edit this image and replace fat nk piggy with stalin or something


Ask Zemskov


what? it's not that hard to get access

you say you are doing research for a paper and that is it

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