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Simply put, a thread to document and explore China's relationship with the CIA.

Here we collate sources, examples, etc, which document China's friendly relations with the CIA and its objectives, in places like Afghanistan, Nicaragua, Angola, The Philippines, Israel, etc.



Paper which talks about Chinese-Pakistan relations


book detailing Chinas involvement in Afghanistan, weapons sold, people armed etc.


Books which focusses on Xinjang, talks about Chinese training camps for guerrilas


Includes leaked soviet cables detailing Chinas funding of mujihadeen in Afghanistan


A meeting between Margaret thatcher and Zhao Zinyang, where they discuss policy in Afghanistan, and other places


article which confirms Zhao Ziyang's position on Afghanistan


article detailing the China/Pakistan/US alliance

"<Beijing had close contacts with the Afghan groups like Shola-E-Javed, Sorha and Moslem Brothers. During the China’s visit of the US Defense Secretary Harold Brown, Beijing and Washington discussed the consequences of the April Revolution in Kabul. Later, the Chinese Foreign Minister Huang Hua paid a visit to Pakistan for the same matter (Chaudhuri,a 1982, p.121). “Also during the Brown visit a plan was devised to carry on an anti-Soviet campaign in a coordinated way. And for the first time an American representative admitted the possibility of concluding an anti-Soviet military alliance between the USA and the People’s Republic of China” (Chaudhuri,b 1982, p.123). Zbigniew Brzezinski visited Pakistan in February 1980 to examine the situation resulted from war. "



>The Chinese leadership has used the theory of “three worlds” to justify support for fascist regimes around the world; any “third world” ruling class that supports “unity of the third world” and opposes “the superpowers’ drive for hegemony” qualifies for Chinese aid. In 1971, the Chinese supported the Bandaranaike regime in Ceylon, sending arms to crush the uprising led by students and agricultural workers. In 1973, when General Pinochet overthrew Allende in Chile, the Chinese Embassy locked its doors in the face of leftists seeking refuge from the fascist terror; last year, the Chinese offered Pinochet a loan of $50 million, when even the liberal governments of Europe were scared that open support for the butcher Pinochet would provoke strikes in Europe. Peking Review sings the praises of the brutal Marcos regime in the Philippines. The wife and the sister of the Shah of Iran are frequent visitors to Peking; a high-level delegation was recently sent from China to help the Shah celebrate the founding of the murderous Pahlevi Dynasty.


>Includes leaked soviet cables detailing Chinas funding of mujihadeen in Afghanistan
Should post a copy since this thread will last longer than the post


damn hadn't heard the ceylon thing or the shah of Iran thing.

good idea


Good and important thread!


This thread must be stuck in the late 80s cause it's all fax no printer here.

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