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Why is this shithole the most expensive country to live in the world? The normie answer to that would be "well because of its economy and innovation duh". What does that even mean? When I think "country that is 10 years ahead of the world", I think of Japan, South Korea, China. Not some shithole like Switzerland. And funnily enough none of the countries I've mentioned are as expensive to live in as Switzerland. And why am I calling Switzerland a shithole you may ask? Because it's almost entirely propped up by capital, Switzerland itself has little natural resources, in a hypothetical socialist world Switzerland would fall apart as there is nothing to logically justify the existence of most of its industries.


A lot of money is funneled through it through its banking system, owing to its unique and historical position within Europe. That makes the avarage income in Switzerland very high.
It doesn't have any super productivity or anything, it's no different in infrastructure and development than Austria next door.


Almost all industries are privatized, there's barely any taxation and no subsidies as a result, so unless you score a good paying job, you're fucked.
Historically, this was the reason why a lot of mercenaries came from there in the early modern age, there was just a lot of desperate fighting age lumpen men in Switzerland.
>Swiss refineries process 70% of the unrefined gold mined in the world each year. Four of the nine major players in the global gold industry conduct most of their business here in Switzerland. While the gold originates in ninety different countries, roughly half of all the gold imported for processing in Switzerland comes from Britain, the United Arab Emirates or Hong Kong – three countries that produce no gold themselves.
>Gold accounts for 63% of Britain’s exports to Switzerland, 92% of the Emirates’ and 78% of Hong Kong’s. But then too, Switzerland imports a significant amount of gold from countries that largely depend on it as a main export, such as Burkina Faso (where gold represents 72% of the country’s exports), Ghana (51%) and Mali (77%).


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