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Just noticed that both the old /gsg/ thread and the hoi 4 threads were full so here's a new thread.

Reposting from the Hoi 4 thread:

I found a supposed leak detailing the L-NPP paths, despite the lib bias of the devs Gus still seems pretty based. Plus it also has the 1976 and 1980 L-NPP candidates.

>At this stage, mass prosecution of the upper class will begin, now that the courts are sufficiently saturated with L-NPP appointees. Hall’s FBI director will have assembled lists and evidence on the illicit gains of the American wealthy, and, starting all at once, mass arrests will be carried out of the most unsavory individuals. This is a crisis as well, as this upheaval causes capital flight from the United States,which Hall can react to in a variety of ways - including shooting down private planes.

Yeah I'm thinking he's based

<The 1976 Election - Bill Epton/Abbie Hoffman

<Head of Government - ​Abbie Hoffman
<Foreign Minister - ​Noam Chomsky
<Economy Minister - ​Fred Hampton
<Security Minister -​ Philip Agee

Noam Chomsky and Fred Hampton being in the same cabinet is very funny to me
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I mean I can probably import them fine, certainly flags should be no problem, my problem is actually creating the flags themselves, ones that aren't already existing flags at least. I have paint.net and GIMP but I may need to try out Krita as well.


It probably started out as “ironic” memes but as time goes on it attracted actual schizos who took it seriously like Athelas.


This ARP is silly lol. It would actually make sense as a Balkan-Soviet split following a Greek civil war where the KPD don't cuck out to Moscow.


>the KPD


>attracted actual schizos who took it seriously like Athelas.
Kek, what?


usually the AI doesn't colonize if you vassalize them before they have colonies, but if they already do they will continue to as long as they have enough money to sustain it


Anybody still play Darkest Hour?


I do, but somewhat rarely.


Well I'm considering porting the Armageddon scenario from HOI2 to DH as well as adding some additional content. I may post it here if I ever do.


File: 1626694684255.jpg (23.12 KB, 400x400, 162454392692379673.jpg)

I hope they include her through an event to splinter from the Dems as a mild isolationist succdem.


There better be a blanquist Joe Sestak carnaton revolution path




you should have changed your religion to tengri and culture converted to Ethiopian for maximum whitoid slaying power.


wtf someone actually finished a game


File: 1626746545053.jpg (377.83 KB, 1920x1080, 8a0f4ea327a7a71a9d090c8006….jpg)



>TNO, Wilson.
>Entire section of Wilsons tree is him trying to manipulate the socialist party into booting Reg's entire wing out and allying with Social-Democrats to fill the void.
>The final event in this chain is literally Wilson making a big secret speech about how much of a redfash tankie stalinboo nazbol birch is and how he needs to go to 'Save the party'
<If you fail to win enough of the party to Wilsons side their like 'WTF IS THIS WRECKER DOING???' And boot him thus replacing him with Birch since he's the second most prominent person in the fucking party in this timeline.
<Authoritarian Socialist Party becomes ruling party

The Nazi-Collaborator LibDem path is also funny.
Its literally.
>"We finally did it LibDem gang…We scrapped first past the post!"
<"What did it cost"


File: 1626787793900.png (184.62 KB, 640x628, Marxthonk.png)

>many, many far-right paths
ngl, I got the feeling that all but a select few are gonna "better" than the commie paths


>1st set of green/orange texts

>2nd set of green/orange texts



File: 1626799405495.png (3.75 MB, 1920x1080, eu4_23.png)

Why did jannies delete my pic? Fucking smegmaskins


File: 1626912130493.png (1.44 MB, 2000x1500, 989244C5-A075-4B5C-9C5F-88….png)

Looks like it’s gonna be both difficult and fun playing as East America and win against all odds. Wonder how the devs would try to balance this.


What a lovely color


Anybody have any tips on Communist China playthrough for hoi4?


Played the shit out of that country trying to get the achievements. What tips do you need?


not that anon, but I could use a few pointers. What's the general strategy in the sino-japanese war? KMT china always fucking lets me down but eating up all supply so the japanese tanks just break through


Let the Japanese land a bunch of troops in naval invasions, encircle and exterminate them, rinse and repeat until they're all dead. Don't try to seriously push into Manchuria until their forces are super weakened, just hold your ground at the starting borders (and advance opportunistically tile by tile if you see a weak point).




Ok, so here are some import points:

-Train your troops until they are level 3.

-Make 7/2's (they're not meta anymore blablablablablabla, i know but you're poor as fuck, so this will have to make do), and slowly update your previous trash infantry and cavalry divisions to them.

-Hire military advisors, specifically the army logistics expert. The difference when having him on is night and day, and makes pushing into Mengkukuo much, much easier. Other recommendable advisors include:
<Infantry expert.
<Army Regrouping expert.
<Entrenchment expert, if you plan on grinding them down for a bit (which is usually what i do until i can update my divisions to 7/2), though it isn't obligatory to hire him.

Chief of army is either the Army Morale expert or the Army Defense expert, i'll leave that up to you.

It is also recommendable that, if possible, you decrypt Japan's cipher, as well as launch the 100 regiments offensive. It's really helpful when pushing and seeing their shit fall apart.


When joining the war, you can take one of two approaches:

1. You join it after setting up your defenses in a fallback line on your border with Mengkukuo and gaining entrenchment bonus, this ensures the nationalists don't fucking die, as some enemy divisions will stay there and won't maraud the KMT as much as they normally do. Time will be mostly spent defending (doing some pushes here and there whenever the AI does its thing and forgets to man up/barely mans up some tile), but also focusing on upgrading your division templates and building stockpiles. When you feel the time is right (your divisions are strong enough/theirs are weak), you strike and seek to overrun Mengjiang. At this point, they will start to fall apart, and killing Manchukuo shouldn't be a problem (just watch for the AI trying to encircle you, as at this moment you'll probably be snaking quite a lot).

2. Do NOT join the war immediately, you want the nationalists to do a lot of the initial heavy lifting (but don't let them die either). Only do so when you're fully ready (i.e. done everything i said so far), at which point the Japanese should be starting to stretch their lines, and you can overrun Mengjiang swiftly depending on the circumstances (the 7/2's will trash what the fascists put there), and even cut their forces in half if you manage to get to Qingdao, though no guarantees.

If you push the Japanese army out of the continent, you should get an event where Japan offers you a white peace, and you prepare to turn on Chiang Kai-Shek. However, i never got it since the DLC is bugged as fuck, in which case, simply build subs (preferably by getting some other country's license production/lend-lease), naval bombers, raze the IJN to the bottom of the ocean, and invade Japan. Its army will be very pathetic given the multiple naval invasions you repelled during your preparation (tip: the AI loves trying to invade the Korean peninsula, so you can either repel it each time, or you let them get a bit of a foothold, and destroy whatever troops they mindlessly shuffle in it).


General notes:

Also, try to encircle their troops whenever an opportunity appears. It takes a medium amount of time to see their army bleeding, but it is well worth the effort.

Make plans to create planing bonuses, these can be handy buffs in battles.

If the war with Japan takes too long (i'm talking 1946 level long), it is possible that the KMT will start doing the One China Policy focus, which will makes them immediately attack you, even if in the middle of the war. So keep an eye out for that.

The guide i used to properly learn how to play is the embed video.


What are the current "meta" division templates? Is it still 40w infantry/arty space marines with a few SPGs and TDs? I recall those were the absolute kings during together for victory.



Thanks, from >>11186

>If you push the Japanese army out of the continent, you should get an event where Japan offers you a white peace, and you prepare to turn on Chiang Kai-Shek. However, i never got it since the DLC is bugged as fuck

Ah okay, that was a big problem for me. I manage to push the Japanese out of Korea and at first I thought, okay, that's it, but somehow they keep coming up with the manpower and shit to keep launching invasion after invasion. This happened to me right after I started a communist uprising and went to war with the KMT, only for Japan to drop an invasion in both South Korea and Northern China. Either one of which would have been manageable, if my imports from Uncle Joe didn't suddenly go through the floor.

>2. Do NOT join the war immediately, you want the nationalists to do a lot of the initial heavy lifting (but don't let them die either).

So I shouldn't follow the video's advice and go the Government of National Defense route or whatever?

Thank you. I actually saw that video before and it's what got me started playing China, but I had no way of knowing if the information in it was still accurate, or if there might be better ways to go about it, though borrowing his strategies have gotten me through pretty well so far.


>So I shouldn't follow the video's advice and go the Government of National Defense route or whatever?

No, you absolutely should. What you should not do is joining the war immediately (if you take the second approach i laid out), let the nationalists do the initial fighting and build up your own strength. After you deem yourself ready, join the war with them.


File: 1627195111871.png (35.02 KB, 738x416, images (5).png)

Nothing more satisfying than slaughtering Whit*ids like dogs as a TVRKISH nation in EU4


File: 1627218385824.jpg (621.05 KB, 1920x1080, mwll6mrei1921.jpg)

Sneed and feed Central Asian refugee. How bout you play a nation that takes effort to play?


now try it in vicky 2


Red-Flood x Jojo part 6.

Artaud = Pucci
D, Annunzio = Dio.
Shimoi, Keller, Marinetti = Sons of Dio.
Lev Sedov = Jolyne.
Trotsky = Jotaro
Nitti, Kolchak, Churchill, Avatar, Sternburg = Jobros.

l'etat irreal = Made in heaven.

I will not explain further.


File: 1627237902238.png (3.75 MB, 1920x1080, eu4_23.png)



>please don't


What mods you guys generally use with hoi4 (total conversion/non-total conversion)? I have a few of my own, but the amount of "essential" mods can be very mind numbing. I want to use so many of them, but it's so overwhelming.


Ooh, I get you.

By the way, the game doesn't really seem to make clear, but is there any advantage to infiltrating multiple provinces, or is one as good as them all?


>mamluks > arabia
Wake me up when you get the three mountains achievement


No clue. Whenever i tried doing these infiltrations, i always failed, so i didn't use them a lot.


File: 1627262482354.png (4.43 MB, 1328x4472, ClipboardImage.png)

Average gsgoid


I didn't know they were this bad


This is my experience also, infiltration seemed pointless, though I guess it makes China waste their PP along with you (whatever that's worth)


all it does is fuck up military factories, I wouldn't bother. just get the one sabotage you need to start a communist uprising and crush them with a conventional army


This one kinda gets me because Oranje is unironically my favourite default Vic2 nation (by non-default I obviously mean my homebrew day-one save file where I tag-switched between all the big boy countries and dissolved them via releasing all their territory and devassalizing). Ornaje is basically the only country that both has access to natural resourcess, has a government that allows building factories and enough room to grow while not being OP, and having some more interesting challanges like taking down South Africa and Portugal. Also creating a Red-Africa superstate is pure kino towards the late game.


Is Hoi4 still build-14-divisions-of-medium-tanks-and-steamroll-literally-any-nation simulator or has it gotten better?


File: 1627322105567.jpg (18.09 KB, 559x350, 1625688804230.jpg)



File: 1627334125069.png (153.54 KB, 305x300, 5e561508a872bafe117ecb06bc….png)

>tfw Steam decided to redownload all my fucking HoI IV mods
For fuck sake, they're all on my fuckin' computer, the fuck you redownloading all that for?


The next update will greatly revamp the way combat currently works by changing many minor, albeit important stats (best example being the over stacking division penalty getting wayyyy less severe).

But it'll be locked behind a DLC. so poorfags are fucked lol.


just pirate everything bruh


Apparently WerBell was a known associate of Lyndon LaRouche
LaRouche path for America confirmed? Is TNO based and Plato-pilled?

Unique IPs: 33

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