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File: 1624375991561-0.png (790.77 KB, 1110x657, Gus-Hall-Image.png)

File: 1624375991562-1.pdf (80.76 KB, 67x118, TNO_L-NPP_Leak.pdf)

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Just noticed that both the old /gsg/ thread and the hoi 4 threads were full so here's a new thread.

Reposting from the Hoi 4 thread:

I found a supposed leak detailing the L-NPP paths, despite the lib bias of the devs Gus still seems pretty based. Plus it also has the 1976 and 1980 L-NPP candidates.

>At this stage, mass prosecution of the upper class will begin, now that the courts are sufficiently saturated with L-NPP appointees. Hall’s FBI director will have assembled lists and evidence on the illicit gains of the American wealthy, and, starting all at once, mass arrests will be carried out of the most unsavory individuals. This is a crisis as well, as this upheaval causes capital flight from the United States,which Hall can react to in a variety of ways - including shooting down private planes.

Yeah I'm thinking he's based

<The 1976 Election - Bill Epton/Abbie Hoffman

<Head of Government - ​Abbie Hoffman
<Foreign Minister - ​Noam Chomsky
<Economy Minister - ​Fred Hampton
<Security Minister -​ Philip Agee

Noam Chomsky and Fred Hampton being in the same cabinet is very funny to me


when can we get the L-NPP yockey coalition ?


When LaRouche becomes President


Yock and Hall torture time


File: 1624378125559.png (13.32 KB, 528x102, TNO-Ban.png)

Reminder that the US dev team are turbolibs who think anything left of social democracy is "extremism". Fuck the dev team, Hall is based.


>nooooo you can't just kill all the nazis you can under a communist german government, they didn't do nothing!
<haha gulags go brrrrrrrrr


File: 1624379083023.png (4.64 MB, 3826x3090, SBA-leak.png)

Talking about leaks the SBA rework looks pretty interesting,
Anarchobros… is TNO dare I say, /ourmod/ ?anarcho-communismAnarcho-Communism


File: 1624379653540.png (1.16 MB, 5632x2048, 1624368517677.png)


Tbh I feel like the devs are gonna remove the DSR path, I'm pretty sure they already said the DSR won't be Khmer Rouge for the Nazis anymore. Feel like they may incorporate the DSR into Bormann's and/or Speer's paths based on already exisiting content and toosers.


The RAF kills one of Bormann's minister near the end of his path, the RAF could probably come into power either after Borman dies or if the Nazi's lose the 2WRW badly


In the Speer tooser ( https://preview.redd.it/bu1yh8ln5ii61.png?width=3192&format=png&auto=webp&s=1073d9c689e28de9e2866c3dd20ad3ef1d73e22d ) for Europa's Narben the Communist resistence seems to be given more prominence so its possible that the DSR could be one of the paths of Go4 germany


File: 1624380892092-0.png (538.26 KB, 787x904, lon-Japan.png)

File: 1624380892092-1.png (87.3 KB, 1204x645, lon-worldmap.png)

Krasnacht seems interesting but I hate how the devs are constantly reworking the lore, feels like it'll never come out at this rate and it'll just be a tooser mod.
Their most recent rework is now instead of "fixing" the KR lore ,such as not having the retarded Balkans war happen or removing other parts of KR's jankey lore, they're going to stick closer to the KR lore. Sorta like the Kalterkrieg mod also being developed.

I do like their socialist ideologies though, provides more nuance especially with subideologies.

The based KR cold war mod is l'Ordre Nouveau ( https://www.reddit.com/r/leOrdreNouveau/ ) which is a Russian developed mod. The cold war is between National Syndicalist Third international vs Russia which is in a coalition between Right-SR Savinkov and the Bolsheviks lead by Bukharin. America also becomes a bunch of warlords, Japan also controls most of East Asia.

Check out their dev diaries, they're really high quality https://www.reddit.com/r/leOrdreNouveau/comments/lnko7e/developers_diary_4_showa_no_rokkusuta/


File: 1624389559831.jpg (48.01 KB, 362x533, oZUsmI3FLG8.jpg)

I'm really excited about France in that mod. Both the Red Socdem path and the "Paul Nizan makes Stalin look like a liberal" path seem pretty based.


/leftypol/ rework of TNO when?nazbolNazbol


What is the fucking point? just start from scratch. or even better, don't.


File: 1624415038742.jpg (112.44 KB, 960x670, sons of mobius acorn.jpg)


Feel like pure shit, I just wanted it to come out today


File: 1624420708308-0.png (72.9 KB, 625x557, sonicmod0.png)

File: 1624420708308-1.png (78.96 KB, 534x571, sonicmod.png)

A HOI4 mod in archie sonic lore is still weird


Krasnacht is basically on life support right now. Most of the original people went away because Bukharina decided to simp for the original Kaiserreich retcons instead of doing their own thing.
At this rate both Cursed Days and Red Night have a better chance of being released than Krasnacht.


I think the main issue with the anarchy path as it is now is the devs basically boxed them into a corner by making them more or less the "bad ending" for central siberia (akin to the 'aryans'/'hyperboreans' or clockman for west russia, Omsk or an insanely mismanaged stalinboo squadron for WestSib or Radkovsky for the Far-East)
The Free territory's event chains no matter if you choose to go down the AnarchoCom/Syn route or the platformist route allude to them killing straght up thousands of people which no other CentSib unifier doeseurekaEureka


File: 1624466688965.jpg (95.01 KB, 1080x476, Krasnacht-discord.jpg)

Yeah apparently there was like a schism in the Krasnacht team with those dissatisfied with Fenia's leadership because they thought the team wasn't productive enough but also because of the rework, with the dev team having a leadership vote. The faction dissatisfied with Fenia lost and left the mod team.
kek Sheeve, the guy who started the mod, got cucked out of his own mod and left

The rework is dumb and apparently the devs didn't even do that much work anyways, so maybe the faction complaining about productivity did have a point…

>a fellow Cursed Day and Red Night fan



>Chomsky Forioegn minister

So we are starting a bunch of foreign wars stillbrocialismBrocialism


File: 1624467331138.jpg (226.61 KB, 1101x887, Doriot-lon.jpg)

The France paths look so good, I love how the l'ON give a failstate path to every path and in some you can even recover in the failstate path
The Doriot failstate path where he uses the jackals like Mao used the Red Guards to regain his power in China, is incredibly based.



Yep from the leak:
>Epton’s goal is: ​
<destroying all vestiges of American imperialism​, ​
<reforming American culture and society​,
<and ​accelerating the collapse of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan.​
>Whilst the first and third goals may seem to conflict, they, in fact, do not actually oppose each other.


Isn't Doriot a rightoid with speedy characteristics though? At least to me he didn't seem that based. My take away was:
<Slightly unhinged Italian fascist with some progressive characteristics
<"Moderate" who can be anything from slightly reformed corporatist syndicalist to Stalinist (economically) in all but name
<The communist idealogue who will drag France away from syndicalism kicking and screaming


Is it wrong that I still unironically think that Kaya is one of the most based paths in TNO, and perhaps in all HOI4 multiverse as well? Like, sure, he is a fascist ideologue culturally and GAW will basically be a loose loose situation no mater what for him, but hell, establishing real existing barrack communism and destroying commodity production? Hell yeah, thats more based than 99% of all holesum chungus commie paths in any mod.


If I remember correctly the TNO team are going to do an eventual rework of Japan and East Asia in The Setting Sun since Japan right now is in a horrendously unifinished state.
They had a Japan team lead who they had to kick out because apparently they were a Imperial Japan apologist, and then the Japan team lead they had after kept bullshitting about the progress. Making the rest of the devs think Japan was more develeoped than it actually was which has resulted in Japan being this unifished mess.

Not sure if Kaya's path as we know it will survive the rework considering how much Italy is being changed in its rework.


File: 1624473490473.jpg (80.73 KB, 586x687, lon-nizan-donovan.jpg)

I don't think Doriot has his irl shift to the right in the l'ON timeline, anyways even if hes a bit cringe I still find his path interesting and will give it a play since it seems fun having France go through a Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution

However Nizan is probably the leader I agree with the most. If France goes down Nizan's path, and Russia goes down a Bolshevik path I wonder if there's a chance for detente. Probably not since Maximist UoB is l'ON's version of Burgundy in which the UoB foreign policy is to use spies to fuck relations between other countries.
Talking about Nizan I just realised the one of his foci is Donovan from Berserk lmao the l'ON devs really make some of the best focus icons out of any HoI 4 mod


>Donovan from Berserk
I assume thats the boulder? Not familiar woth Berserk, so I presumed it was some sort of illuatration of Kamiu's Myth of Sysiphus.
I personally noticed the Doriot icons. Aren't like 2 of them at least pics of the girl from Léon? If so, really based taste of the devs.


Barracks 'communism' isn't a good thing you nutjob.


>the dev team seems to be pretty based

If I remember correctly the head dev and writing leader are both leftcoms of the italian tradition which is pretty cool I guess.

Y'know is there a HoI 4 mod thats been developed by MLs? I remember that TWR's Soviet Union was developed by a Maoist (which is why Khrushchev was a Socdem in TWR lol) but they're currently reworking TWR's Soviet Union now


File: 1624474973942.png (307.8 KB, 600x600, pol-pot-glasses.png)

Pol Pot begs to differ :^)


And look how great that turned out.


Kaya / Spartan Federation from SMAC stan here, it depends on the barrack communism. Polpotism is basically just insanity, however arranging society into a startocratic state where the military government provides direct provision (aka abolishes commodity production) to all of its citizens, that is united together by a single espirit-de-corps vision of collective future? Yes, that is, in my opinion, a very good arrangement. Perhaps not as good as the Soviet version of socialism and definitely not the more utopic (and hopefully one day successful) communism that abolishes not only commodity production, but also work, but this kind of barrack communism is still VERY good civilizational outcome, at least when compared to the current global capitalist system.


>however arranging society into a startocratic state where the military government provides direct provision (aka abolishes commodity production) to all of its citizens, that is united together by a single espirit-de-corps vision of collective future? Yes, that is, in my opinion, a very good arrangement.

So still preserving class society and the division of labour? Thats not Communism at all, completely trash

Please read Principles of Communism anon, its just a 20 min read https://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1847/11/prin-com.htm


Yep Dononvan's face is the boulder, yeah the devs have based taste, lots of great references they sneak in


The first red flag to me was when one ex-dev spoke out in a teaser about how unproductive the entire team was at the time of his own departure and got immediately downvoted to oblivion. The team under felina spent months just reworking portraits and focus symbols when even the story and paths hasn’t even been completed.


>Maximist UoB is l'ON's version of Burgundy

I assumed the idea was that they were self ascribed social imperialists? As I recall they were described as being aspiring to recreate the old British empire with the end goal of pillaging the rest of the world so that mainland Britain could be a "communist" utopia through the wealth stolen from everyone else.


>When LaRouche becomes President
Build all the Bridges




Is this a leak for when Kaya gets a proper path instead of being insta-couped?


is the cold war mod still cringe?


Old DD path of his for when he goes hardball reformist


>Actually working first strike and factional voting systems
Now I’m interested. Better than the scripted visual novel TNO did and less buggy than TWR nuking.


File: 1624766990878.png (99.21 KB, 1867x221, ClipboardImage.png)

Average gsg autist, leftists who play these retarded map painting sims should just kill themselves


These types of players are even mocked by 4channers, what's your point?


but i need these games for larping purposes


>catholic prussia
also why would you play the game to larp when you raze everything like a no-life min maxer?

very flawed testimony, i doubt this fool has ever played a paradox game without cheats


>Krasnacht have everyone being sucdem now
What the actual fuck?
<being a representation of anything


And what am I supposed to play while I listen to Harvey capital lectures?


You don't want to play vidya while watching lectures. It really fucks up your concentration to follow along and you won't get much out of it. Also David Harvey is a eurocom pseud who denies LTV. He might be good in some areas, but I would highly advise to study Capital solo, without any outside influances that might revise Marxs work unintentiomally via ignorance or deliberately due to their tendency.


I like how the world goes dark, province by province, divisions upon divisions being pushed outwards as "forbidden territory" expands, flailing against each other in pointless battles when pushed into the same tile.


Yep, it's definitely a cool effect. I like the post-script events too (like the Moon one). Makes me want some kind of post-TNO apocalyptic HOI. But then I'm desperate for more HOI mods in general (that are actually fun and good and relatively developed).


I know the problems with Harvey and I'm also studying Capital solo I'm just also following the lectures along to refresh and see if I missed anything.


Could anyone help me out with manually installing TNO to my cracked HOI4 version? I think I am getting fucked by a bad descriptor file. If I use the mod tools and don't replace the default created descriptor file, the mod crashes while loading up the game. If I replace the 2 descriptor files, it doesn't seem to recognize the mod and just launches default HOI4. Also the cracked dowser launcher always fails to launch the game, so I have to do it manually through .exe, maybe that has something to do with it. So if anyone can be so kind, could you paste here the text data from the 2 descriptor files you are using?


Scratch that. I'm such a fucking retard. I fixed up the descriptor file myself. And to think I could have been playing TNO all these years, well, a year, but still, I finally fucking fixed it. Feeling like Bart from that "Ichy and Scratchy" the movie episode where he finally sees it at 80 or whatever.

So, who should I play first? Khruschev, Suslov or Zhukov?


Be glad that you do not have to face the bugs that were there before the current patch.
Khrushchev path is incomplete.


Yeah look on the bright side, you have a much more feature-complete game than what we played at launch.

Clearly your first game should be blessed and wholesome Sablin


make the libs seeth, play Buhkarinist Sablin


They need to change Hall's party's name to 'CPUSA' and just make a minor writing change where it says something like "The NPP did not field their own candidate this year choosing to instead encourage their voters to support CPUSA candidate gus-hall"
And i guess the schizo retard to something like "American-Nazi-party"eurekaEureka


The only thing that makes me seethe is your spelling


Started with a Suslov run. Currently in the '67s regional unification stage with Black League, Yuriy Krylov and Mikhail being the other contenders.

Not doing Bukharinist Sablin because that sounds dengist. Might do libsoc run, though. Thinking of doing either Birch HMMLR or Hall US next, though I might save that for later since US seems like a really well developed nation.


Birch doesn't have a focus tree BTW. So I wouldn't bother.


>Not doing Bukharinist Sablin because that sounds dengist.
It isn't. The authsoc path for Sablin is based. You shoot Yagoda, build roads, own the radlibs, reform the NKVD and drop the Trotskyite/Idealist dribble which is the Libsoc path.


The libsoc path is clearly better though. In fact that applies for pretty much every country, the only way to interpret the game otherwise is to be deliberately edgy.


Just finished my first run as Suslov. Feeling mixed. I think over all he is probably the most based unifier, at least from what I've heard of the others. Its not wacky at all, but the things he does - clamping down on revisionists, controlling the bureaucrats, beating in party discipline - all really good. Also if I am not mistaken there was a hint that he will be pursuing OGAS, which, if true, instantly makes him the best. And all of this with minimal bloodshed. Though there was a feel that he was just a bit too technocratic with how he doesn't really care about soviet power more than OTL soviets. Hence I wonder how well would libsoc Sablin (or just Sablin when he gets updated) compare. But what I was really bummed out about is the drop in quality for content after Komi stage. I guess West Russia + regional focus tree were lowkie good also, but not as good at the start. They really could have added more flavour for characters, and especially Suslov himself, as now all we get are a couple "bureaucrats am I rite?" events, a few events about the economics minister and events describing the focuses, but there never seemed to be any dynamic or anything. And then the super regional stage is basically barren. I guess the reunification content wasn't that fleshed out yet.

Anyway, I also got United Arab Republic and commie Iran to form in my game so that is kinda based. Also gamer Borman long-knifing all dissidents only to spark more unrest in Germany, and LBJ going all the way to end racism and creating a welfare state… only to be replaced in 72 by neocon Kirkpatrick, which is honestly both really realistic, and in my opinion would create a really interesting timeline here for second decade, where Germany and Japan burn to the ground (first because of 2nd WRW, and second because of GAW), with US going on an interventionist rampage and becoming a CIA police state that is basically a weaker version of its OTL self and slowly reorientating itself towards conflict with the resurgent Soviets (who I chose to go anti-imperialist) in what becomes a more evenly mached and more interesting version of OTL cold war.

Doesn't Bukharinist = lowkie dengist in TNO? As in not full market reformist, but more than willing to allow for private farming or coops to exist?


>Thinking of doing either Birch HMMLR or Hall US next
Eh, Birch doesn't have a focus tree like >>10553 said, as for Hall, he doesn't really have any content either, his focus tree is supposed to be a preview of how he'll be when his full content tree comes out, whenever that will be


Suslov is just a boring vanilla M-L so I'm not surprised you found it kinda dull. Well, I mean, I know I'm biased, but still.


anyone here ever play superpower 2


I played Egypt and turned it into the richest and most populous country in the world. This was largely the result of immigration and the fact that everyone else had declining birthrates. Honestly have no clue where they are putting 700 million people in that country.


Finished a Big Chungus run after Suslov. Honestly I am disapointed. I was expecting a close-to-but-not-tragically heroic story where every choice in keeping the chungus score high and unwholesome score low would be a nail-bitter that could really backfire, or is really risky not to implement, or whatever. Instead I got a bunch of frat boys (and girls) getting shitfaced after every unification stage with a grumpy Buyrat and a grumpier Luxembourgist economist trying to get you to pass reasonable reforms that hit your chungus score. Love to get yelled at when I implement a centealized school system. But all of that is writting that gets changed regardless, so fuck it. My bigger problems is with his policies. Most of them are good, but there are two stinkers.
1) His economic policy. I am specifically talking about the chungus path. The more centralized one is ok I guess. Mainly, it stinks to me of Titoism and Wolfism (or more specifically Vaushism), where the idea of getting worker coops is put above the actual people of the country, and a window is opened for a free market to exist. Suslov was just slightly cringe for not letting unions get more power, however some amount of Soviet power without a "free producers" market is more favourable in my view than a coop economy a la Sablin.
2) Democratization. An even bigger bungle, and further proof that Sablin was just a liberal circlejerk dream. Representative democracy is reactionary, and a one way ticket towards an eventual oligarchy. Once again, Suslovs OTLish USSR structure isn't that amazing, but it is better than Sablins liberalism.
3) No OGAS. Literally fuck off unless you have OGAS. Suslov has implied plans for it (and an OTL history of support for it), Sablin "might" do it some time later. Sorry honey, but that isn't good enough.

Also in general I found Sablin path to be more boring gameplay wise than Suslov. Suslov is sparse as well, but he has a one banger of a start. Sablin just has a short war against Yagoda and thats it. Minimal managment problems, no real drama with the party wings, maybe just a bit of flavour in the foci for taking out Men. Only highlights were the trial scenes (especially Mikhail).

Final verdict:
Gameplay - slightly worse than Suslov
Basedness - somewhat worde than Suslov
Story - worse than Suslov


I honestly didn't mind the Sablin route, it's a bit of a lib circlejerk, yes, but then I'm something of a lib myself, so I enjoyed that well enough. I agree that the choice between 'blessed and cursed' should be a bit more difficult but on the other hand, any amount of mechanical disadvantage doesn't really matter if you're a sufficiently good player. Even if all the 'blessed' options gave you no bonuses you could still eventually win. So I don't know.

Also, I prefer direct democracy to representative democracy, but even still, democracy is important.


>2) Democratization. An even bigger bungle, and further proof that Sablin was just a liberal circlejerk dream. Representative democracy is reactionary
Isn't it possible for only socialist parties to actually run as candidates in elections?


Nah, he goes multi-party system.

Agreed about it not mattering much gameplay wise, but it can matter naratively. For instance, event about some reactionaries murdering a bunch of Sablinites and getting away with it if you didn't reintegrate the NKVD, or maybe fucking up your education level growth if you go with the regional option. Or just "a day in a life" event that describes how the big chungus free producers union fucks over the consumers or bungles a state infrastructure project via underdelivering the quota for resourcess.
Also I think I said before, but I got a bit of a fanfic OC vibe from him. How there is always a joke about him drinking vodka. How he magically is always present in all events like that small protest in Novosibirsk from a worker council, even though at that time he should be in Ulan-Ude doing state work like any real leader. Or how about the meme of him running his entire administration from a frathouse party member opera even after beating Yagoda all the way to unification. Now, if there were events detailing how he actually "grows up" in order to fill the boots of being an actual leader, then that would be good writting, but now its just kind of silly.


Play big chungus Stalin man, Lazar Kaganovich and remove the alt-history bukharinist cringe that destroyed the Soviet Union


I don't think TNO Russia has the technological ability to do OGAS.


I'll give it a shot some time, but will most likely go Cornman path. From what I've heard Lazar seems to be a bit too autistically authoritarian. Purging Bukharinism is based, but at the end of the day Suslov basically achieves the same result, as his USSR very much is the OTL stalinist (well, more like post-Stalin hardliner) one, just not in name. The other two I might try are Bukharina and Zhukov. I think the later might just be a shittier version of all the others, as at the end of the day he is a military man without a civilian government, but maybe I'm wrong.

Anyway, yesterday I did an IRA Ireland run. Even whit Twomey couping the IRA left, it is still pretty fucking based. It's really cool how they describe the revolution happening and the old government collapsing. Not to mension how it was cool to see ICG plot blow over and seeing the Garta totally outplayed. Will be cool to see future content added in for him later, hope there will be sort of left-IRA take over path that pushes Twomey back to the sideline, but even if not, his own plan of "Making Ireland into the IRA and vice versa" is still kinda based, even if he doesn't call himself a proper socialist or marxist. Also liked the little touch of Molotovs being renamed to Zhdanovs.


>My last red flood game.
>Jan 1st 1946
>The State of Time (Me) Conquered everything between the east bank of Kiev and the sea of Japan (I killed all of China and Russia and pushed to Korea but it got to 46' before i organised a naval invasion of the home isles)
>our other geographic borders is the himalyan border with the State of the Avatar in India (Devi killed Churchill then swallowed India, Burma and Thailand but got cockblocked from killing china by me).
>Artuad killed both the Brit'in and the germs AND the intermarium and now the league basically owns western europe up to the west bank of kiev
>America went Liberal and did nothing the whole game except imperialism in central america
Cold war mod when?
Anyway i saw a new country i didn't know could spawn before (Siberian-peoples-Republic) during it some im gonna go for a Maoist / Revisionist Russia next game.eurekaEureka


>Nah, he goes multi-party system.
Yeah, but doesn't he only allow socialist parties to run?


File: 1625406264576.png (3.76 MB, 1920x1080, eu4_19.png)

Is WC possible at this point? Granada, Hejaz, Ajam and Avaria are vassals


How much of a pain in the ass is it to get Gus Hall and have both majorities in the House and Senate? And why does Hall make the redditoids seethe so much?


Not sure how much of a pain in the ass it is, however, IIRC, you have to go down right-wing paths and deliberately fuck 'em up in order to get Gus Hall as President


>Why does Hall make redditors seethe so much?
Because he is bad ok? Because mod devs said so he is bad you dig, dog???
But in reality it is because TNO very much is a radlib-dominant mod, perhaps more left than that when you consider the "outsider" communities that love it, like us, but for the average TNO player the idea of an openly anti-LGBTQ is the ultimate trigger that for them acts as a recognisable "red-brown" fascist dogwhistle. Like hell, try to cancel Zhukov (or is it Suslov, don't recal now) for not having an LGBTQ social law change in his focus tree.
Secondly, a large contingent of them are burger liberal chauvanists who sirclejerk around "le bastion of liberty" shit, so to them, even if Hall was wholesome 100, the very fact that he can only be elected if US shits the bed is a step too far.

As for getting him, I am pretty sure its alright if you know what to do. The one hard step is getting the SAW to go your way. Basically your aim is to win SAW with full mandates during first to years of RFK, which implies: a) spending a long time holding out and trying to keep SA from loosing, but never turning the tide the first year or so, and then being able to execute a full victory fast enough before the midterms. The main goal here is to get the mandates to explode at just the time Bennet is starting his neoliberal shit. For short, here is what you do in a Hall run:
Loose Guyana
Don't do foci as Nixon to stack PP
Do all the PP costing SAW decisions that increase discontent with the war, preferably maxing it out with Carmack
Start pushing back the Shlid, aiming for late 71 early 72 victory
Only do the radical shit as RFK while pissing off unions
Don't repeal the CRA as Strom
Be corrupt and bungle the union busting as Goldwater
Get Hall

This is the standart path. I also heard you can somehow do it with MCS, but I would imagine that doesn't work well with the Mandate collapse strat.


Prime WC position depending on your ideas


How the fuck did AI manage to fuck up reconquista that bad?



File: 1625517487740-0.png (169.18 KB, 500x281, 20210704005403_1.png)

File: 1625517487740-1.png (158.68 KB, 500x281, 20210704005305_1.png)

File: 1625517487740-2.png (420.33 KB, 869x489, 20210704005714_1.png)


File: 1625518101584-0.jpg (690.68 KB, 1920x1080, 20210705154413_1.jpg)

File: 1625518101584-1.jpg (547.27 KB, 1920x1080, 20210705154531_1.jpg)



>Not doing EPIC Upton Sinclair America
Cringe. You could have done literally the most wholesome while simultaniously based path in all of TNO mod scene but you chose against it. Sad!


I think Chase Smiths route for getting a funni ending has something to do with her mechanics.
She's basically the NPP's version of Bennet and needs to keep a bunch of factions happy and the party united (which much like Bennet is broken as fuck she's the only prez asides from Bennet who can achieve one-party state tier Midterm and presidential victories)
iirc her failstate happens if either the NPP-C or NPP-FR relations meter hits zero in which case Harrington / Wallace and Thurmond basically just take their ball and go home. and depending on which one she alienated she basically has to make Hall (if Harrington walked out) or Yockey (If Strom/Wallace walked) the face of their respective branch of the party to win back some support.
This then leads (yet again iirc) to Chase not running again in 72 and either Hall or Yockey is simply the default primary candidate in-place of the usual 72 prez for their branch of the party unreliant on NPP-Y/L popularity.eurekaEureka


Upton Sinclair is the leader of Maoist liberated zone of California yes?eurekaEureka


Ideas are Influence, Quantity, Diplomatic and Offensive, haven't completed most of them due to annexing vassals and coring land non-stop

I no-cbed Granada and Byzantium and force vassalized them during the first two years of the game


Daily reminder that Grand Strategy is the whitest, malest genre of games and that never before has a uyghur, spic, chink, sanduyghur, or fem*id pondered "should I use this money to build dreadnoughts to counter the UK or build railways to increase France's industrial power?"


He is one of the three options for California post-Federal Collapse. The others being a funni esoteric ghost buster and the liberal state council that kicks him and Sinclair out.


Kys whitoid. Go to a cuck pit or somewhere and let people enjoy shit.


File: 1625621646678.png (288.62 KB, 489x489, unknown_1.png)

What are your guys opinion on the fire rises? IMO it seems pretty interesting, its also the most realistic american second civil war mod.


File: 1625623001386.jpg (57.43 KB, 637x358, .jpg)


File: 1625623336439.png (2.84 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

never heard of it, is there a link?



File: 1625631766691.png (3.68 MB, 1920x1080, eu4_12.png)

Look how cute they are together



What a retarded take. Replace him with Maupin with a Dugin alliance and you’re golden.


guy who made this probably thinks marxism leninism maoism, mao zedong thought, communism with chinese characteristics, and dengism are all the same thing


>capitalism, capitalism, capitalism and capitalism aren't all the same thing




He’s got a point. Mao was a literal retard that tolerated both the reactionary petit bourgeoisie and the large national capitalist because of his national chauvinism.


He would fit right in with the other pseuds on /leftypol/ then.


I too get all my information about China and Maoism from memes and shitposts.


>Memes are when Mao said it in stone in the manifesto
I swear most western mautists don’t even know what the fuck they’re following.
In the manifesto of the people’s liberation army:
>We are the army of the Chinese people and in all things we take the will of the Chinese people as our will. The policies of our army represent the urgent demands of the Chinese people and chief among them are the following:
>(1) Unite workers, peasants, soldiers, intellectuals and businessmen, all oppressed classes, all people's organizations, democratic parties, minority nationalities, overseas Chinese and other patriots; form a national united front; overthrow the dictatorial Chiang Kai-shek government; and establish a democratic coalition government.
Later elaborating have this:
>"Businessmen" means all the national bourgeois who are persecuted and fettered, that is, the middle and petty bourgeois.
>"Other patriots" refers primarily to the enlightened gentry.
<“enlightened kulaks”
>The national bourgeoisie is a class which is politically very weak and vacillating. But the majority of its members may either join the people's democratic revolution or take a neutral stand, because they too are persecuted and fettered by imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat-capitalism.
I love how he openly opposes to “bureaucratic capitalism” and not capitalism itself. Dude was completely fine with kulaks. At least Bukharin only said that capitalist is only a means to an end that should be eliminated when the time comes. Even leftnats like Castro didn’t stoop this low.
How do you think that almost half the party were following Deng and Zhou while a quarter were fascists that followed the Gang of Four when the cultural revolution came around?


>At least Bukharin only said that capitalist is only a means to an end that should be eliminated when the time comes. Even leftnats like Castro didn’t stoop this low.
But Mao literally did get rid of them during the cultural revolution though?
What needs to be remembered is the sheer SCALE of China and the fact that large parts of the mainland were still outside of the CPC's control until the early 60s.
Xinjiang and Tibet had multiple uprisings and small guerrilla groups pledging allegiance to the ROC were continuing to attack in Yunnan supported by the west and burma.
The Cultural revolution basically solved this question by ending the question of dual authority in China. The last of the rural landowners, ex-KMT General-Governors who had kept their position by switching sides to the red army and other systems from before the establishment of the PRC were abolished and the entire country was bought under one standardised meritocratic and top-down method of governance.eurekaEureka


The cultural revolution was called off before any real and permanent revolutionary changes could be made. The bourgeois nationalist elements at the top of the CPC protected their friends and their influence and the reactionary red guard factions successfully fought off the rebel guard factions and then the whole thing was shuttered when the actual consequences of a real cultural revolution being unleashed made the CPC bourgeois democratic revolutionaries too nervous. The gang of four were locked up and the workers told to go back to their factories and stop agitating. Mao cucked out to his fellow petit bourgeois nationalist friends and set the stage for Deng to carry out China's very own thermidorian reaction, the consequences of which we're living with today.


File: 1625795446426.png (771.06 KB, 1527x785, TFR_American_Tooser.png)

The Fire Rises Teaser
This is the tree of burgerland before the country collapses into civil war.


>no path for keeping bannon and firing miller
Leninist trump would be fun


the mod starts in 2020 and the pod is that the blm protests escalate and become way worse then otl, the dems then try to coup trump and take DC, but Trump runs off to the Rockies and raises an army, the country basically collapses from there, their are also civil wars in Saudi Arabia and North Korea, but America has the most content, with a communist faction that has a lot of content and also many, many far-right paths


File: 1625829227605.jpg (72.86 KB, 430x645, Reichsbanner.jpg)

There should be a sekrit ultra-unwholesome cursed path for SDP germany in Red-Flood.

There should be an event that triggers if you take a certain focus or fill a certain hidden check (low party popularity or stability or choosing to 'intergrate germany into the global economy' or something like that) where the Rightist-SDP attempts a coup or starts protesting / splits and Frahm has to sick the bizzaro world version of the Reichsbanner-SRG on them which then escalates into a fun sized cultural revolution all across germany with a black-pilled dictator Frahm in charge.eurekaEureka


File: 1625836068905.png (798.75 KB, 735x905, ClipboardImage.png)


Still looks like an apartheid state to me bro


There is probably gonna be a path to stop it I'd guess… but maybe not


>Einstein is an agent of red Germany
Probably it was Goebbels who sent him there in the first place so it’s of course a left Zionist state.


File: 1625844758626.png (476.08 KB, 446x443, ClipboardImage.png)

"Stop Syrian Agression"



Birch path in a nutshell:
>Elected as Harington
>Oh no! Hardliners spooky, they will couo us!
>Just trust me, they will!
>I know, we will coup them! Haha, this can't fail
>Make dirty dealings and preperations for backroom backstabbings to oust this evil Leninist from the party
>Try to fry his ass with a sugary speech
>Party rightfully gets pissed at you for doing a plain-to-see couo and ousts you instead
>Birch and Hardliners take ​over because Haringtons schizoid paranoia killed support for his entire wing
>This is supposedly the bad ending
I do wonder how much of this is the case because the devs were libs and thought people would instantly be hostile to Birch for being a hardliner, and how much of it is just underdeveloped. Because damn, Birch doesn't even get a real introduction, just different liberals im the SLP starting shit behind his back "cuz he be Leninist". Hope they rework it. Maybe add a Birch couo path that happens concurently with Harington so it wouldn't just look like the former is just a paranoid idiot, and would actually give character to Birch. And also would be cool if they added a "no split" path as well, where Harington isn't a birch, doesn't go after Birch and just doesn't rock the boat and tries to accomodate both sides.



You mean Wilson right? Harrington is the NPP-C demsoc


Yes, for some reason I confused Harold and Harington.


apparently there's an ideology rework coming for red flood. i wonder how much more retarded turd positionist takes on ideologies are going to be inserted


Yep. Apparently they’re adding Stirner gang to the anarchist tree. Also spartakism will replace council communism.
Based on the build up in the new update next content will be Indochina, Egypt, Arabia, Anatolia and Caucasus.


Mayakovsky’s Kavkas society is by default literally the “best path” in the game since his flavour event and News event literally describes ‘greater utopia’ as borderline actual heaven on earth / post scarcity F.A.L.CzapatistaZapatista


Post-scarcity FALC in wartorn post-warlord Russia?


why are HOI4 modders so obsessed with making mosely left-wingbolshevikBolshevik


I was planning to use a left-wing Mosley in my DH mod. It's too overdone isn't it? I was gonna use a left-wing Mussolini too.


what other mod besides kaiserreich makes him a leftist?


tale of two brothers, to name one

do not let me discourage you anon, do itbolshevikBolshevik


the mosley memorandum was pretty based and labour were demonstrably wrong to reject it. in that sense, it's sort of tragic he went down the road he did after it was rejected and he was demoted. so i'm assuming it's largely down to the appeal of the future that never was.


Thanks m8, hopefully I'll get around to making it someday


But Russia in Red-Flood isn't 'Warlord' tier just very poor.
And the Kavkaz society regardless of leader literally gets like 8 research slots implying that their insanely technological advanced tiers of development.zapatistaZapatista


File: 1626096216087-1.png (225.18 KB, 500x249, Warsaw_Bejing.png)

CWIC new alt-history paths




>Anti-revisionist pact
>Peking pact
Depends on who is the leader, but still kibda cringe

Reminder to all antirevisionistkiddies that it was either Khruschev and destalinization, or Beria with Stalin's legacy preserved, but USSR also being cucked out to US for Marshall plan gibs and dissolved into EU-type federation, while DDR would be fully thrown out to the wolves.


The only 'Stalin's legacy' Beria would've preserved is betraying the revolution and cucking out the communist movement to the whims of western capital at every turn.


what about Molotov


did they get rid of the cringe "stalin genocided jews and was thought of as an omnipotent god" stuff?


Sounds extraordinarily opposite to the real Beria to me. He was a huge reformist at points even worse than Khrushchev.
>Peking pact
Wonder how anyone could fixed the total fucked policies Mao did to the rest of Asia. Probably not betraying indochina for a shitty buffer zone and purging Zhou Enlai early.




If I vassalize León will they colonize for me? I'm playing as the Mamluks and no-cbed Granada and turned them into a March. but I'm debating wheter should I annex them and release León or not


File: 1626191463665.png (457.17 KB, 805x488, unknown.png)

more teasers


curious about this too, comrades please resbondbolshevikBolshevik


As far as I'm aware, that's still in there




if i recall correctly, some dev said they knew it was cringe and would be changed in the soviet rework


Based if true


>Playing red flood.
Ok wait so what functionally is the difference between Artuad and the Fiume leaders 'Accelerationism' and irl Fascism?
In two of Artuads three routes (The one where Artuad Stands alone, And the one where he allies with Saint-Loup) He more or less embodies the usual characteristics of French Fascism / National-Syndicalism (Though in Saint-Loups path he adds being a Teddite on top of that)
And as for Italy Keller and Shimoi are blatantly just different flavours of actually existing Italian fascism (Marinetti also sorta counts but he's right up there with Escadron-Artuad as not just a fascist but straight up 'supervillain' tier)

But what makes this more confusing is that Italo Balbo and the Blackshirts became leader of Italy in my game which means the Blackshirts and assumedly the PNF still literally exist in this timeline.eurekaEureka


It’s fascism in everything but name. But tell that to the devs and that will trigger them immensely. I suspect most of them are just ashamed fascists that are too cowardly to come out of the closet and proxy it with his hodgepodge of ideology.


100% agree with this, I feel like they have spent so much time with these 'meme ideologies' that they themselves have started to actually consider them seriously and now resent the community for pointing out that Red Flood is a fucking meme.


Anyone here mod Paradox games? How the fuck do I make flags? Or just graphics in general? I'm not a graphic designer.


IDK how to import them into the game, but if you need a graphics editor then Paint.net or Krita are both great choices and there are lots of tutorials available for them.syndicalismSyndicalism


I mean I can probably import them fine, certainly flags should be no problem, my problem is actually creating the flags themselves, ones that aren't already existing flags at least. I have paint.net and GIMP but I may need to try out Krita as well.


It probably started out as “ironic” memes but as time goes on it attracted actual schizos who took it seriously like Athelas.


This ARP is silly lol. It would actually make sense as a Balkan-Soviet split following a Greek civil war where the KPD don't cuck out to Moscow.


>the KPD


>attracted actual schizos who took it seriously like Athelas.
Kek, what?


usually the AI doesn't colonize if you vassalize them before they have colonies, but if they already do they will continue to as long as they have enough money to sustain it


Anybody still play Darkest Hour?


I do, but somewhat rarely.soviet_unionSoviet Union


Well I'm considering porting the Armageddon scenario from HOI2 to DH as well as adding some additional content. I may post it here if I ever do.


File: 1626694684255.jpg (23.12 KB, 400x400, 162454392692379673.jpg)

I hope they include her through an event to splinter from the Dems as a mild isolationist succdem.


There better be a blanquist Joe Sestak carnaton revolution path




you should have changed your religion to tengri and culture converted to Ethiopian for maximum whitoid slaying power.


wtf someone actually finished a game



>TNO, Wilson.
>Entire section of Wilsons tree is him trying to manipulate the socialist party into booting Reg's entire wing out and allying with Social-Democrats to fill the void.
>The final event in this chain is literally Wilson making a big secret speech about how much of a redfash tankie stalinboo nazbol birch is and how he needs to go to 'Save the party'
<If you fail to win enough of the party to Wilsons side their like 'WTF IS THIS WRECKER DOING???' And boot him thus replacing him with Birch since he's the second most prominent person in the fucking party in this timeline.
<Authoritarian Socialist Party becomes ruling party

The Nazi-Collaborator LibDem path is also funny.
Its literally.
>"We finally did it LibDem gang…We scrapped first past the post!"
<"What did it cost"


File: 1626787793900.png (184.62 KB, 640x628, Marxthonk.png)

>many, many far-right paths
ngl, I got the feeling that all but a select few are gonna "better" than the commie paths


>1st set of green/orange texts

>2nd set of green/orange texts



File: 1626799405495.png (3.75 MB, 1920x1080, eu4_23.png)

Why did jannies delete my pic? Fucking smegmaskins


Looks like it’s gonna be both difficult and fun playing as East America and win against all odds. Wonder how the devs would try to balance this.


What a lovely color


Anybody have any tips on Communist China playthrough for hoi4?


Played the shit out of that country trying to get the achievements. What tips do you need?


not that anon, but I could use a few pointers. What's the general strategy in the sino-japanese war? KMT china always fucking lets me down but eating up all supply so the japanese tanks just break throughnaxaliteNaxalite


Let the Japanese land a bunch of troops in naval invasions, encircle and exterminate them, rinse and repeat until they're all dead. Don't try to seriously push into Manchuria until their forces are super weakened, just hold your ground at the starting borders (and advance opportunistically tile by tile if you see a weak point).



Ok, so here are some import points:

-Train your troops until they are level 3.

-Make 7/2's (they're not meta anymore blablablablablabla, i know but you're poor as fuck, so this will have to make do), and slowly update your previous trash infantry and cavalry divisions to them.

-Hire military advisors, specifically the army logistics expert. The difference when having him on is night and day, and makes pushing into Mengkukuo much, much easier. Other recommendable advisors include:
<Infantry expert.
<Army Regrouping expert.
<Entrenchment expert, if you plan on grinding them down for a bit (which is usually what i do until i can update my divisions to 7/2), though it isn't obligatory to hire him.

Chief of army is either the Army Morale expert or the Army Defense expert, i'll leave that up to you.

It is also recommendable that, if possible, you decrypt Japan's cipher, as well as launch the 100 regiments offensive. It's really helpful when pushing and seeing their shit fall apart.


When joining the war, you can take one of two approaches:

1. You join it after setting up your defenses in a fallback line on your border with Mengkukuo and gaining entrenchment bonus, this ensures the nationalists don't fucking die, as some enemy divisions will stay there and won't maraud the KMT as much as they normally do. Time will be mostly spent defending (doing some pushes here and there whenever the AI does its thing and forgets to man up/barely mans up some tile), but also focusing on upgrading your division templates and building stockpiles. When you feel the time is right (your divisions are strong enough/theirs are weak), you strike and seek to overrun Mengjiang. At this point, they will start to fall apart, and killing Manchukuo shouldn't be a problem (just watch for the AI trying to encircle you, as at this moment you'll probably be snaking quite a lot).

2. Do NOT join the war immediately, you want the nationalists to do a lot of the initial heavy lifting (but don't let them die either). Only do so when you're fully ready (i.e. done everything i said so far), at which point the Japanese should be starting to stretch their lines, and you can overrun Mengjiang swiftly depending on the circumstances (the 7/2's will trash what the fascists put there), and even cut their forces in half if you manage to get to Qingdao, though no guarantees.

If you push the Japanese army out of the continent, you should get an event where Japan offers you a white peace, and you prepare to turn on Chiang Kai-Shek. However, i never got it since the DLC is bugged as fuck, in which case, simply build subs (preferably by getting some other country's license production/lend-lease), naval bombers, raze the IJN to the bottom of the ocean, and invade Japan. Its army will be very pathetic given the multiple naval invasions you repelled during your preparation (tip: the AI loves trying to invade the Korean peninsula, so you can either repel it each time, or you let them get a bit of a foothold, and destroy whatever troops they mindlessly shuffle in it).


General notes:

Also, try to encircle their troops whenever an opportunity appears. It takes a medium amount of time to see their army bleeding, but it is well worth the effort.

Make plans to create planing bonuses, these can be handy buffs in battles.

If the war with Japan takes too long (i'm talking 1946 level long), it is possible that the KMT will start doing the One China Policy focus, which will makes them immediately attack you, even if in the middle of the war. So keep an eye out for that.

The guide i used to properly learn how to play is the embed video.


What are the current "meta" division templates? Is it still 40w infantry/arty space marines with a few SPGs and TDs? I recall those were the absolute kings during together for victory.



Thanks, from >>11186

>If you push the Japanese army out of the continent, you should get an event where Japan offers you a white peace, and you prepare to turn on Chiang Kai-Shek. However, i never got it since the DLC is bugged as fuck

Ah okay, that was a big problem for me. I manage to push the Japanese out of Korea and at first I thought, okay, that's it, but somehow they keep coming up with the manpower and shit to keep launching invasion after invasion. This happened to me right after I started a communist uprising and went to war with the KMT, only for Japan to drop an invasion in both South Korea and Northern China. Either one of which would have been manageable, if my imports from Uncle Joe didn't suddenly go through the floor.

>2. Do NOT join the war immediately, you want the nationalists to do a lot of the initial heavy lifting (but don't let them die either).

So I shouldn't follow the video's advice and go the Government of National Defense route or whatever?

Thank you. I actually saw that video before and it's what got me started playing China, but I had no way of knowing if the information in it was still accurate, or if there might be better ways to go about it, though borrowing his strategies have gotten me through pretty well so far.


>So I shouldn't follow the video's advice and go the Government of National Defense route or whatever?

No, you absolutely should. What you should not do is joining the war immediately (if you take the second approach i laid out), let the nationalists do the initial fighting and build up your own strength. After you deem yourself ready, join the war with them.


File: 1627195111871.png (35.02 KB, 738x416, images (5).png)

Nothing more satisfying than slaughtering Whit*ids like dogs as a TVRKISH nation in EU4


File: 1627218385824.jpg (621.05 KB, 1920x1080, mwll6mrei1921.jpg)

Sneed and feed Central Asian refugee. How bout you play a nation that takes effort to play?


now try it in vicky 2


Red-Flood x Jojo part 6.

Artaud = Pucci
D, Annunzio = Dio.
Shimoi, Keller, Marinetti = Sons of Dio.
Lev Sedov = Jolyne.
Trotsky = Jotaro
Nitti, Kolchak, Churchill, Avatar, Sternburg = Jobros.

l'etat irreal = Made in heaven.

I will not explain further.zapatistaZapatista


File: 1627237902238.png (3.75 MB, 1920x1080, eu4_23.png)



>please don't


What mods you guys generally use with hoi4 (total conversion/non-total conversion)? I have a few of my own, but the amount of "essential" mods can be very mind numbing. I want to use so many of them, but it's so overwhelming.


Ooh, I get you.

By the way, the game doesn't really seem to make clear, but is there any advantage to infiltrating multiple provinces, or is one as good as them all?


>mamluks > arabia
Wake me up when you get the three mountains achievement


No clue. Whenever i tried doing these infiltrations, i always failed, so i didn't use them a lot.


File: 1627262482354.png (4.43 MB, 1328x4472, ClipboardImage.png)

Average gsgoid


I didn't know they were this bad


This is my experience also, infiltration seemed pointless, though I guess it makes China waste their PP along with you (whatever that's worth)


all it does is fuck up military factories, I wouldn't bother. just get the one sabotage you need to start a communist uprising and crush them with a conventional army


This one kinda gets me because Oranje is unironically my favourite default Vic2 nation (by non-default I obviously mean my homebrew day-one save file where I tag-switched between all the big boy countries and dissolved them via releasing all their territory and devassalizing). Ornaje is basically the only country that both has access to natural resourcess, has a government that allows building factories and enough room to grow while not being OP, and having some more interesting challanges like taking down South Africa and Portugal. Also creating a Red-Africa superstate is pure kino towards the late game.


Is Hoi4 still build-14-divisions-of-medium-tanks-and-steamroll-literally-any-nation simulator or has it gotten better?


File: 1627322105567.jpg (18.09 KB, 559x350, 1625688804230.jpg)


>tfw Steam decided to redownload all my fucking HoI IV mods
For fuck sake, they're all on my fuckin' computer, the fuck you redownloading all that for?


The next update will greatly revamp the way combat currently works by changing many minor, albeit important stats (best example being the over stacking division penalty getting wayyyy less severe).

But it'll be locked behind a DLC. so poorfags are fucked lol.


just pirate everything bruhpiratePirate


Apparently WerBell was a known associate of Lyndon LaRouche
LaRouche path for America confirmed? Is TNO based and Plato-pilled?


File: 1628005833014.png (774.28 KB, 1208x652, ClipboardImage.png)

comrade goebbels at it again


File: 1628007480674.png (602.9 KB, 1440x503, ClipboardImage.png)


>not Vicky 2
into the trash it goes


What mod?


I want to beat to pulp the one who made this


Alt-history mods are only gonna get dumber, huh?



>The USA was plunged into instability by Wilson’s failure and largely collapsed in 1928, while in France the military under Foch seized power. In Italy, Gabriele d’Annunzio overthrew the monarchy, with the royalists fleeing to Sardinia. The chaotic republic in Germany gave way to right-wing authoritarians and revolutionary socialists who carved out their own fiefdoms amidst the chaos, while the Prussian junkers established an aristocratic republic in what land they could hold on to.

>With no side able to gain a clear upper hand in the Russian civil war, fighting died down and regional forces entered into a stalemate. The United Kingdom, having lost it's good relations with France and bankrupted by the collapse of America, fell into decline, with territorial losses in Ireland, India and South Africa over the 1920s.

More interesting than TNO tbh


>Goebbels a strasserite
That’s pretty dumb but seems like this one have so potential.
We have multiple German won ww2/ww1 mods now. It already got dumber.


>That’s pretty dumb but seems like this one have so potential.
To be fair, I'm pretty sure that Goebbels was part of the Strasserite wing of the Nazis, at least until Hitler came to power


File: 1628051571500.mp4 (3.48 MB, 576x720, 1628051563402.mp4)

Tag yourself


File: 1628060368907-0.png (388.2 KB, 439x1024, equestria at war.png)

The Brony


If i'm a retard that plays HOI4 because i get to fight, conquer, destroy and do other simplistic things that entertain my monke brain, instead of actually building an managing an empire/civilization, could there be any other paradox (or any other grand strategy game for that matter) which i would enjoy? Even if i had to force myself to learn a bit before getting into?



>STRENG GEHEIM covers at least 3 Stalin tree sized trees, all of which fall under the "Path of ML" choice
Uhhh, based? One is obviously Colonel Sanders, but I hope the other 2 have some spicy shit, and its not just one super-giant trot tree, or some meme Monbol Berezniki or Pagan Tukhachevsky paths along with the trot one.


CK2/3 is pure unhinged ID the game, but more from the Freudian sexual perspective, though I'd argue the combat is quite nice once it clicks, and its fun to do one-life swap to random ruler when you die games.

EU4 is the quintesential map painter sim, however I can't vouch for newer versions as I dropped it a few years back, and the new DLCs migh have fucked some shit up, as I recall the game at some point getting worse with each addition of new dumb mechanics. For one I highly recommend disabling Cossacks, since it fucks up the original games diplo system into a more annoying one.


wait for Victoria 3


I am curious though, is Goebbels in that mod like in Red Flood and the Kaiserredux submod Roter Morgen and just do "Nazi Germany but with a red coat of paint" or are they doing something different?


yes, in fact there he's even more of a nazi than his other versions. his party starts in a coalition with actual fascists including hitler and his final germany borders are just a copy of otl ww2 germany borders


Mhmm, and what about the "Red imperialism" and "Volkskommisariats" they part of Gobbels' path aswell?

>he's even more of a nazi than his other versions

I swear to god if the mod thinks that Nazi=left….


I'd lowkie want to do a mod where Goebels does indeed lead the revolution in Germany but is actually an ultra based communist ideologue, basically like a German Lenin with the power of speech to raise millions of workers to action, and basically becomes the leading star of the world revolution. Problem is everyone would look at that weird and ask "why the fuck are you making wholesome Goebels??!??, to which I say… yea, fair point


File: 1628111734425.png (592.95 KB, 612x1423, ClipboardImage.png)

I think they're going to be Bukharin and Zinoviev. Looking at the tree for Stalin that's what it seems.


Well, there's an alternate history timline on ah.com where Hitler is a communist and Goebbels joins up with him lmao


>>11481 (Me)
But yeah, I say, go for it anyway lmao


Isn't this too historically inaccurate? Perhaps if the start date were 1933. But by 36 Stalin had already won, that's part of the tragedy of the purges and how unnecessary they were. It also starts to give some justification to stalin, as if his paranoid fears were real. This is like if they had a tree for germany where you can be the jews and make the german people slaves to global jewery


I wish



>Darkest hour makes you a racist
Welp I guess I’m one.


Shhh don't tell that to anyone

Btw their German tree is still worse. They completely gloss over the fact that the holocaust happened


Not to mention no KPD path for whatever reason


>Btw their German tree is still worse. They completely gloss over the fact that the holocaust happened
Coincidentally enough, they about it for a bit in the subreddit




File: 1628197634908.png (128.51 KB, 724x611, 1424207731250.png)



Didn’t they stole the propaganda mechanic from a mod? What’s worse is that they made it as if that’s something unique to the Soviets even though everyone was propagandizing.


>Didn’t they stole the propaganda mechanic from a mod?
I mean, i guess, but people will say that whenever Pdx introduces any new mechanic based in ww2 that happened to also be in a mod.

>What’s worse is that they made it as if that’s something unique to the Soviets even though everyone was propagandizing.

I don't think anyone considered this idea. Hell, i even saw people saying it was incredibly rad and that they wished for other countries to have it as well.


Yeah, I honestly don't care if they steal from mods, because mods are infinitely better than vanilla, but the political stuff, that is fucking shameful. I mean if you want to portray 'the human side of the purges' in your Eastern Front DLC, okay, fine, but how about a bit of a fucking mention of Generalplan Ost then? Fucking Nazi sympathisers. HOI is becoming the most deranged Nazi propaganda game since Company of Heroes 2.


>Yeah, I honestly don't care if they steal from mods, because mods are infinitely better than vanilla
I mean, i like them officially incorporating it to vanilla, as it makes my modlist just a little bit less haphazard.

>I mean if you want to portray 'the human side of the purges' in your Eastern Front DLC, okay, fine, but how about a bit of a fucking mention of Generalplan Ost then?

Agreed. Playing endsieg and seeing the events talking in a moderate amount of detail about the historical occurrences was a really nice experience.

>HOI is becoming the most deranged Nazi propaganda game since Company of Heroes 2.

How bad is it? I got CoH for free once and barely played (mostly because hoi consumed my soul). Hope it is as good as Men of War looks.


>How bad is it?
Ever watch enemies at the gate? It’s basically that with the asiatic horde and all. The gameplay was dumbed down to serve the anti-communist propaganda.


EU4 is g*rmoid supremacist propaganda, the only reason Europe is a pain to conquer is because the 283828288282 germ cities can amass 100K troops against you each


The real problem is the agressive expansion for attacking the hre from outside the hre.
If you're playing in europe, and you want to conqueror Germany, you should look to become emperor, or friends with the emperor. Then it's free real estate.


>enemies at the gate
That's all i need to know.

Hope i can at least have a good laugh from it.


>How bad is it?


Hopefully Relic go bankrupt after AoE4. It looks like dogshit. And what they did with DoW is just sad.


File: 1628355836367.png (219.8 KB, 400x399, Wtf.png)

Holy shit


>We have multiple German won ww2/ww1 mods now. It already got dumber.
we need more mods set in the modern day and cold war era. I want to see a mod where the USSR won the cold war and is in a collision coarse towards WW3 with China while America is in a civil war and can unify and support either side.
>Play Red World
Red World has no content for China
>This is like if they had a tree for germany where you can be the jews and make the german people slaves to global jewery


Red World had potential but too bad the original creator was a monarchist. In that mod the USSR only won through sheer luck.
A better one would be that China went for cooperation with the US just in time for them to collapse due to civil rights falling through, the panthers got their shit together and the 70s oil crisis never ended. At the mean time another Israeli - Arab war began which crumbled both Saudi Arabia and Israel. Europe went independent but highly fascist.


IMO a good TL for a Soviet Cold War win would be where Molotov becomes General Secretary instead of Khrushchev, he boosts the Soviet Economy but makes the USSR more nationalist and this alienates other socialist countries form the USSR. The US never gets involved in Vietnam but during the Oil Crisis tries to invade Saudi Arabia (this was planed IOTL) and wins but if forced to pull out due to pan arab guerillas. Then the US implements neoliberlaism to deal with stagflation but this causes a second great depression. The US collapses into warlord states. In the 90s happens the UAR unifies the Arab people and China and the USSR fight over influence of communist countries. In the 2000s Islamists blow up the Kremlin causing the USSR to go on a "red neocon" regime change spree that topples the remaining capitalist nations in Europe and Asia (Switzerland, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Iran, Thailand) The USSR alleged that these countries provided financing to Islamists but these claims were found to be false. The USSR is driven out of these countries by guerilla movements, that then turn on each other after the Soviets leave. Different factions in America are still duking it out with China and the USSR supporting different factions. Europe while becoming socialist in the late 80s had high economic growth until the 2010s where aging demographics cause an economic stagnation and cause their to be austerity and immigration and all the controversy that comes from that. European countries are also in a big debate about weather to allow liberal political reforms such as multi party elections as well. The world is by in large socialist who a few capitalist holdouts in areas of America and Africa. The PRC and USSR are at the brink of war after a socialist but pro-Independence and pro-Soviet party is elected in Taiwan in 2019.


TTL isn't hyper-realistic but good for a hoi4 mod because nothing is to implausible and the geopoltical situation is dynamic in a way that would make a hoi4 game fun.


>we need more mods set in the modern day and cold war era that are interesting and change the combat nature of hoi4 into something more long term


Oh fuck I forgot they were doing AoE4. I wonder how bad they'll manage to fuck it up.


Honestly Victoria 3 would work better as a base for a modern day mod, might as well wait for that to come out.


The plot to overthrow the Soviet government was real, and without the purges you would have a 1000 Vlasovs running around
In contrast the muh jewish plot was a lie, and Hitler knew it. Nazism was a plot of personal enrichment for the party and german industrialists, nothing more.


Perhaps. I'm curious to see if the game will get my interest.


Who would be in charge after Molotov eventually dies? Another possibly big difference could be that both India and Indonesia turned communist in the 70s but are staunch anti China and USSR creating a multipolar post capitalist world with 4 aggressive pillars.


So far the art direction is the same flashy cheap Moba cartoon they did with DoW3. The gameplay is painfully average, nothing AoE2 can’t beat. RTS as a whole is a dead genre now.


File: 1628573003324.png (1.01 MB, 1269x711, Screenshot (64).png)

The Second West Russian War mod is pretty fun. It adds some good content for post-reunification Russia.


2WRW Dev here, thanks for kind words, there much more content to come!
P.S: Special thanks from me, as i'm Suslov Dev, and it puts smile on my face knowing that somebody actually plays him.ddrDDR


Resident Suslov stan here, is he already out for 2WRW? I assumed it was only Novosibirsk(?) that had full content and everyone else just had a skeleton war with some flavor events for capitulating X city, and thus was too lazy to download the mod before you guys added the first socialist/communist unifier paths.


Sadly no, as for now development is almost exclusively focused upon Novosibirsk (Shukshin Especially), Omsk, Serov, and Tukhachevsky's WRRF(But Zhukov and his successors also get content done). Progress is mostly halted by general wait for TT, and fears of how it will break mod, plus few unifiers are getting reworked there. I got into Team recently, but thankfully was able to snatch suslov as last available communist unifier(outside of sablin whose is purposefully left out until rework), and right now I slowly but steadily develop him.ddrDDR


Cool. Any chance you could share some details of what you have cooked up for Suslov?


Is their any content for Zhdanov


>2WRW Dev here,


Can't say much, but i do plan to add some choices in political, economical trees, concerning possible reforms, possible Politburo mechanic (Trying to make it not a complicated GUI), to make Suslov's Union feel more alive. Also, Comrades by the names of Kitov and Glushkov, will have chance of appearing…
USF definitely has some progress done, but the dev before i joined wanted to make Ultravisionaries to become Posadist meme stash (with focuses for studying Dolphins and nuking the world) but after some stir in community, the dev got removed together with their ideas, and now different person is in charge, he works in the dark, but USF tree is less chaotic and meme they sayddrDDR


>Also, Comrades by the names of Kitov and Glushkov, will have chance of appearing…
Based. Looks like he's going to be the most based communist unifier then.


I was wondering if you guys could add a decision to invade the slave revolt if it going on during the SWRW. I had to use allow.diplo to go through them.


>USF definitely has some progress done, but the dev before i joined wanted to make Ultravisionaries to become Posadist meme stash (with focuses for studying Dolphins and nuking the world) but after some stir in community, the dev got removed together with their ideas, and now different person is in charge, he works in the dark, but USF tree is less chaotic and meme they say
Yeah, doing that would be way too memey tbh, even with one of WerBells' paths being able to build shit from MGS lmao


Not him, but I think if Slave Revolt happens it should start a special focus tree which would either completely derail the GO4 gambit and realign Brandt with Russia or have it be a pragmatic use of the situation with Russia taking out Schorner and then the Slave revolt.


Right now the lead dev's plan is to move swrw more in future to 75, and by then revolt would be over, but team has discussed hotfix, with would make sr join certain Russia Factions, while others just declare war on them, until big content arrives.
Well, some also had ideas of adding Evangelion, but the voting failedddrDDR


Since you are Suslov lead, may I suggest making https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5Z8Bq35d0k (9:40 to 10:20) as the WRW2 victory superevent theme? It fits kinda perfectly following up the Reunification theme which is from the very start of the Cantata and would then lay the logical conclussion for 45:40 to 46:35 to be the theme for the "USSR wins the Cold War" event if that was ever implemented in TNO2


This is actually ultra based and badass! Whatever Sfx team had for Mikhail Andreyevich, i'm changing it for this, although the 9:40 would also sound great for Start of War Event for it is very tense and battle like, while 45:40 could also be victory event.
In anyway thanks, Cantata kinda slipped off my mind, it's definitely a good source for SuslovddrDDR


File: 1628703284050.png (4.13 MB, 6810x1237, ClipboardImage.png)


Kinda disappointed there wasn't some military commander like Zhukov as a fourth leader option

Hopefully someone makes a mod for it, that'd be based


Finally I can play as Bukharin

But even better, we can have the collective and organic Party rule !iwwIWW


>Stalin is a paranoid dictator, there was no need for purges!


I like how can possibly do the focus 'The Comintern' and immediately form the fourth international lol


File: 1628724735906.png (347.88 KB, 640x549, BASED.png)

>The Supreme Soviet
My oh mysocialismSocialism


What even is the endgame of Borman in TNO?


Does anyone know is any arab countries will be getting content for TNO?


They are developing in paralel 4 updates now. One for general improvements, one for Eastern Europe, one for NA and Co-Prosperity Sphere and one for Southern Europe. Following that there will be another batch of 3 for Balkans, for Japan and the rest of CPS and finally for the entire Middle East.


Gerontocratic bureaucracy perpetuating itself. The endgame is the life-support of the stagnant system collapsing in on itself and everyone in the party grabs up as much cash and state property as they can as everything is privatised, the einheitspakt collapses and german life expectancy falls by 15 years.


I'm assuming that this whole process will take two years minimum


In TNO what ideology would Al Quieda be?


File: 1628886175945.png (3.68 MB, 3900x3000, ftpt020ybec71.png)

I think Kostany in Kazakhstan is supposed to be an islamist state and they are despotist now. Also there is this leak for Toolbox Theory that shows Central Asia, which shows off some of the new sub-ideologies, with the Islamic State having Ultranationalism with subideology of Fundamentalism and Talas has Despotism and Theocracyl. In short, I'd say Al Quieda is Ultranat, Khomeini is Despotist.




Victoria 3 is going to suck



File: 1629096207629.png (585.7 KB, 1920x1080, PUTIN.png)

They told us there would be no Putin
That has changed




(actually this is just a submod, for now at least)


>for now at least
do they hope to be integrated like the latAm submod?


Knowing that there is at least one /ourguy/ on the team I certainly hope that is the case


Not only does this makes no sense, it’s just pure pandering for the Red World crowd. Putin was a nobody that got lucky due to Yelsin’s abject incompetence, having him in the setting like this implies that he was born and raised the same way even though by all means his parents would be dead.


tbh, I agree, although Werbell dev designed putin to be a young puppet for country emerging oligarchs and military, while myself more for, if putin to exist, is to him be either a background character (with prospects of coming to power far beyond the scope of submod) or be possible Yeltsin's Russia candidate under patronage Liberal capitalists being his overseers i.e. puppeteers.
P.S: It ain't much i know, but Suslov will be Putin-free, and "Any other mainstream russian politician"-free (at least they won't be anywhere of importance)


Personally I'd like Putin to be in the same way Zemin or Kosygin are in, where they are basically famous historical people but different due to the way things changed. However I dislike this WerBel thing, as Putin here is described in basically the meme way in which teenage westerners imagine him, instead of the doughfaced empty sock which just has a knack for noticing power shifts in government to make use of them. Actually, that would be a funny way to implement him into the mod - literally have him as a possible "failstate" ending for at least one unifier of all ideologies, with the justification being that in all unification endings he is a new recruit to the force which won the unification. So, say: corrupt bureaucrat puppet for failed communist leader, oligarch puppet for a failed democratic or fascist, corrupt union puppet for libsoc or public sector corrupt official puppet for socdem Russia.


Why can’t they just made up people with creative backgrounds? The lebensraum in TNO would have deleted an entire generation of people including politicians. Only Godspeed do this weirdly enough with their entirely made up people of relevance.


Generally speaking, people don't find made up people to be as interesting, though I agree shoehorning real people into vastly ahistorical roles gets awkward a lot of the time.


It goes beyond that. Since the POD is Bukharin coming to power instead of Stalin, a different set of people would be born starting in 1920s.


Yeah but you have to just handwave that because otherwise there would be hardly any people anyone would actually recognise. As a rule, alt-history assumes that history is 'self-correcting' in terms of famous people being born - circumstances bend around those people to allow them to still exist.


It’s a creative disease stemming back from the alternate history itself and the likes of Harry Turtledove. Even hugely creative books like Year of Salt and Rice have many pastiches of famous historical figures.
True. The Bukharinist faction was hugely unpopular irl, his rule would have seen an even more extensive purge that basically deleted whole ranks of people.


So, speaking of stupid alternate history, what are you guys' opinions on the new Soviet non-aligned and fascist trees? Seems like a lot of people are pretty mad.


what are they mad about?



TL;DR - it's minimal and shitty and mostly only consists of wargoals, with next to no investment in any civil/political/etc stuff. It looks like a release-tier focus tree basically. It is rumoured that the tree was basically whipped up by some devs in the week since the last dev diary who know nothing about Russia/USSR and did no research. It's definitely a lot shittier than the Soviet opposition tree. Also it doesn't even have its own economic path so you will still be doing '5 year plans' at the Romanovs lol.


Oh yeah, and there's only one monarch possibility, whereas Poland has four (????).


yet more unfinished content for this overpriced game i see


this looks like a parody of a mod's alt-his path
>black hundreds
by 1936 they haven't existed for two decades


Lmao this looks more retarded than some of the worst mods like Time Machine. What a joke.


File: 1629598834034.png (1.88 MB, 1140x1140, TNOrussiaFutureCompass.png)

Someone posted this meme somewhere else.
I've played what most of these seem to be referencing (>Zhadanov >Bad) except the Hyperboreans.
Is Hyperborea legit actually a worse ending then the 'Holy regency'?


It has Russia being an American puppet as a good end. Definitely made by a liberal who has never saw how Yelsin ransacked the country in the 90s at their behest.


That chart is kinda old. I am under the impression the mod team either went through a silent deliberalization. With old libtard leads and devs like Pink "yo lets have everyone turn ebil because nazism corrupts lmao deep message here" Panzer or Pacifica resigning, I feel the mod has become way more left wing, hell, Italy having what, 11? different commie paths or just the simple change that removes lib/auth soc really signals something. The only thing now that I hope is that they make the effort posting redditor who shits on C-NPP submod for changed 68/72 elections cannon to purge the remnants of the DSA liberal taint.


Russia isn't really a 'puppet' in any of the endings where Liberals take over though?
It's more just like what a NATO member in the 90s or the five eyes are (i.e a member of the imperial core)


Why is it bad storywise for the C-NPP to be a bunch of succdems?
None of the possible Republican, Democrat, C-NPP or FR-NPP candidates are meant to represent a fall of US capitalism or society. Hall only takes over if the social/economic situation in burgerstan gets so fucked that people are 'desperate' enough to voot for him and a crisis has emerged.


The main problem of C-NPP is that they are portrayed basically as DSA types from 2020 election context, ignoring that the progressives of TNO 60's would be less student nerds and more old labour types. Also Harrington is really silly since 1) public is shown to react to him as some sort of commie demon when he does shit just as if not less radical than TNO LBJ, and 2) he literally is just a nerd who wrote a book about poverty.


people always assume ideologies to be static when this is not true, ideologies themselves change. A socdem from 1960 and 2020 aren't the same, niether is a liberal or socialist of fascist from 1960 or 1900 vs 2020 the same



same thing both sides = good mature and gripping narrative


I think this can be chalked up to Ebolaman being a based-retard French nationalist. Wasn't there a controvesy where he denied that Jacobins did a single thing wrong during the great terror?


>De Gaulle dindo nuffin
>Actually socialism is red imperialism
Fucking faggots. De Gaulle himself introduced a apartheid regime to free France irl what the actual fuck?
>they are getting better


I feel the urge to post picrel on their reddit. Can't think of a punchline though


Wanna doxx yourself?


I don't think you even need a punchline


>Can't think of a punchline though
POV: You're making Free France in TNO look like good guys and Anti-Imperialist socialists look like bad guys

Also, I recommend you put it on r/rDSRfunny as the main subreddit will remove it immediately lmao




Reddit loves Bill Wurtz, right?
"You could make a religion out of this"


File: 1629930863377.png (Spoiler Image, 300.99 KB, 687x424, suslov_lefty_pol_special.png)

I have returned from neolib nebula that is dev chat, to give you some teaser of focuses for suslov post-unification tree. Their positions here don't represent actual placement tho (yes, this is leftypol exclusive)


>Wanting africa to be free = Imperialism
absolute state.


>Shower thought.
Rodzaevsky start his / Amur's game as being an explosively violent, paranoid, drunk who runs his 'state' little better then a roving raider gang from fallout.
Matkovsky starts his / Magadans game as a cold, calculating pragmatic despot.

By the end of each of their potential unifications the roles flip.

Rodzaevsky sobers up and becomes extremely calculative and the state he creates is extremely efficient in its cruelty
Matkovsky after he gets to the regional stage becomes more and more despotic and violent to maintain his grip on power and in his final event implies he's started drinking. Potentially a lot by the fact the event is about him getting out of bed and his first thought being 'I need a drink'


>cybernetics for suslov


Looks based, good work anon! Though I would recommand to not post tangable leaks that are more than "my father at nintendo" here, just in case the lead devs decide to purge extremists or something


Don't worry about this, you just need to be essential, another dev from russia posted hammer and sickle t shirt in chat with other memorabilia, captioned "Look what i got from CPRF chapter meeting" and was very vocal about being party member, and the response was basically "communism bad, but you make good gfx".


Damn, he sounds based


Suslov is Suslov but what about Kaganovich?


File: 1630507464564.png (819.11 KB, 685x492, ClipboardImage.png)




Anyone else think the new TNO update looks lame? It's all hype on Reddit but it's just over-complicated UIs layered on top of each other.


Sorta agree. Its called Tool Box Theory for a reason, its just a bunch of asorted parts that will eventually help future systems be better integrated while fixing current issues. I view it as a big block inside of the pipe and just want it to come out fast so we could get the future updates (especially Europas Narben and Penelope's Web) faster.


i want them to add focus trees for the 'fail states' like schorner, the AI always seem to descend into anarchy and it makes the rest of the game boring


File: 1630510273499.mp4 (1.22 MB, 1280x720, TNO RED ITALY LEAK.mp4)


Go back to sleep then, petulant child


Kek, who made this lmao



Ebin. However a leftcom state play would be pretty damn interesting.




What is that music?


Guarda come dondolo · Edoardo Vianello




Saturation bombardment of the home islands
Let them never rise from the ashes of their homeland again


File: 1630955178719.mp4 (819.33 KB, 546x480, blessed_superevent.mp4)


File: 1630976200769.jpg (94.34 KB, 602x340, MatrixPods.jpg)

>Pic related : 25'000 Arishe soldiers being spawned from the secret facility underneath Permhaym.
But really the Aryan's in TNO are actually really broken because of this. I was able to make a 10k manpower infantry unit straight after i beat Finland and all i had to do was occasionally refresh the event and get free manpower to keep pumping out units


Really funny now to go back to the early days of TNO still being in development and listening to old devs talk about how funi paths are super hard and would never happen to AI, specifically underlining the Black League as one of those. However now basically every game I see either BL winning in the West, or at least AB wining regional stage. I really believe Russia needs a serious rework. Not for lore or whatever, but for unification, as it is rather shit nowadaysand feels exactly the same to play as any unifier past first 2 years. Also Central Siberia is hell on earth to play.



>or at least AB wining regional stage.
I never seen them winning myself tbh, was always either WRRF or Samara, did see Komi (Forget which ideology though) win once or twice though


I’ve noticed nearly every game Western Siberia ends up unifying Russia and that almost ends up being Omsk


File: 1631038405228.png (28.56 KB, 167x141, arab.png)

okay, this is based


What mod?


TNO Second West Russian War submod


Noice, yeah, that mod seems very based


I hope their is a good focus tree for the arab states and good post-SWRW content


>manage to carve serbia into a big yugoslavia
>now a GP, russia got dismantled so i need to stay there and keep italy out of the top 8 to keep my head above water
>need to enact goringnomics on the balkans, gobbling up as much as i can constantly
>can't get the croatian cores off the stronger austria-hungary because germany (the biggest military power in the world btw) constantly cucks out like a little bitch, and italy for some reason becomes war leader (???) when i invite them and uses the opportunity to take their own cores instead
>can't sphere greece (it has albanian territory i need to annex/sphere to convince albania to join yugoslavia) because of the shitty sphere system and UK's obsession with keeping hold of it
>decided to invade greece and seize greek albania, but also greek south and east macedonia, despite it being protected by the UK
>UK just holds the peace while the entirety of greece is sieged down for a year
>lose GP
>austria-hungary invades




Tried out Kaiserreich again to see how's it doing now after playing TNO for a few months. Man, KR is so fucking bad it isn't even funny.


>Man, KR is so fucking bad it isn't even funny.
Haven't played KR in ages, why's it that bad?


Is TNO any good? People meme it pretty hard


TNO is pretty fun. However, once you've finished all the main countries it can get stale.


I like Kaiserreich, sometimes it's fun to just conquer the world and there is enough flair to keep it entertaining compared to vanilla.


TNO is as good as the nation you pick to play. Most of the time its pretty great, but there are stinkers. Mainly I'd say Russia, since it is, gameplay wise, 20ish identic nations that have 2 year of great-to-meh flavour, followed by 10 years of fast-forward interrupted only by needing to pick new focus, which becomes way less flavourful past regional. There are other weak links like Italy, Japan, England after first few years.

But then there are really amazing ones, like Brazil, USA, Germany, some shorter minors like Ireland, which are just so far above and beyond any other HoI4 mod.


It gets memed on because it's popular, but that doesn't mean it isn't good. Pick your favourite Russian warlord state to play at the very least.


>tfw 50 gigabytes worth of mods have to be redownloaded and installed again because my steam decided to crash


>Not pirating and manually installing mods


Its not *bad*, it is just really shallow and bland after seeing TNO. There is very little showing of your countries domestic situation outside very specific country paths, almost every path is "Press the I WIN button for your preffered faction", there doesn't seem to be much actual impact of the narative to the gameplay and so on. Basically it just feels like a more competant Vanilla HoI4.

I need to try out EAW at some point. Apparently that was the uber-mod at least until TNO came out when it came to complexity, and also apparently TNO had to use some of their teams expertise. Hope that will be better than KR and maybe even rival TNO.


Fuck yeah! Finally someone else here can play EAW!


>almost every path is "Press the I WIN button for your preffered faction"

Yeah that was always my issue with KR. Whatever ideology you pick everything just works out for the best so there's no real need to play as anyone besides the syndicalist powers.

It'd be nice if like, you can win the 2ACW but absolutely ratfuck your economy and end up ruled by libs again or something like that


I mean you can end up ruled by totalists anyway


How the fuck do you beat the other unifiers at the regional and superregional stages?
They always literally have like 800:Soft-Atk 800:Hard-Atk and 500:Def. No matter WHO unifies and how long it took them to.

Admittedly I'm not very good at understanding proper unit composition
Whats the best Division-Template to make so that i can just roll all over them?


Talking TNO Russia obviously, realised i should have mentioned.


File: 1631282861850.png (1.33 MB, 1707x960, lz387vlo4ig71.png)

You gotta build them tanks. Just copy picrel, make sure to research all MBT and IFV related techs and doctrines. Not only will you be anle to steamroll super-regionals, you'll steamroll Germany as well tbh if you play as Western Russia killing off the other super-regional might be marginally tougher than Germany because of the shitty Siberian terrain.


>>12160 (me)
Do note that this division is really expensive to make. 10-12 should be the goal for Unification and should be supported by like 15+ factories for each tank type at least. Also don't slam them in a spread out fashion. Just use a bunch of infantry divisions (use the basic 7inf 2arty comp) to act as a wall on the front that doesn't attack, while you use tanks to chop your enemy to bits by making small-scale blitzes on a couple of provinces, hopefully encircling some enemies along the way.


Try the new millennium dawn, it takes real time to change your nation's politics but is also more open ended, with wars and alliances which is a lot of fun. Also you can do world wars in MD, but not in TNO. World Wars in MD are really fun, especially if you play as either China or USA.
use a 7 2 with elite infantry and artillery, research manpads and add anti air support companies, anti air is supper useful in TNO
IFVs are useless, just use MBTs and trucks with recon and attack helis


doesn't brazil have only just a few years of content?



Is their any mods for the cold war besides CWIC, specifically for anything in the 70s and 80s.


What units are those?
the symbols dont look like that in my game?


>new millennium dawn
Did they recently updated it? Every time i heard somebody talking about the mod they would say it is shit


Brazil only has exactly three years if I am not mistaken, however they are so full with flavour, events and special mechanics that are actually really fun to use, that it feels like a fully fleshed out country, and definetly at least as good as the full 10 years of Iberia, at least in my opinion.

I use NATO symbols (enabled via gameplay options). As for units those are 5 Mechanized Infantry + 7 MBT + 8 IFV. Companies are Signal, Motorized Recon, Engineer, Maintenance and Attack Heli.


File: 1631287695183-0.png (629.35 KB, 1080x691, a4y4zfba80b51.png)

File: 1631287695183-1.png (253.04 KB, 640x588, pyumq5chzi661.png)

File: 1631287695183-2.jpg (121.13 KB, 570x570, 40b58kbx5ph41.jpg)

There is an alt-history Cold War mod called Cursed Days, but its in early development.


is it out?


Nah. Its one of the three wishlist mods I have for HoI4 that I can't wait for but will likely never come out, the others being l'Ordre Nouveau (TNO, Kaiserreich edition) and Godspeed: A Flame for Winter (if reconquista failed and WW1 caused an ice age)


These are good picks, I'm looking forward to both of them. Although I think Godspeed has been in development since HOI4 came out lol


File: 1631305602237.png (431.19 KB, 610x586, unknown.png)


File: 1631308241400.jpg (3.85 MB, 8022x7701, 90vni3if7jv61.jpg)

non ants version


>purging Beria gives Stalin three more years
Based and redpilled
Have they uncringed Stalin's tree yet or is he still a gorillionaire mindset antisemite?


Imo the most redpilled path here is the Khruschev outmaneuvering Brezhnev one.


iirc Khrushchev also used to have cybernetics on his tree, but this has been removed. This is incorrect as Krushy was interested in cybernetics but was being constantly sabotaged trying to implement it.


The beria purged path looks pretty amazing. Non revisionist agressive cybersoc Soviet Union, what's there to not like?


It's the based banned in multiplayer for being too epic path


Wait wtf actually? I thought he was pro bureaucracy


The most important thing to realise for HOI is 'unit width'. Unit width determines how many units can participate in a battle at once. It is calculated in multiples of 20, so you always want your divisions to be some multiple that fits into that without going over it. In other words, have your divisions be 20 width as standard, a 'light' division could be 10 width, and a lategame division can go up to 40 width. A division which is, say, 12 or 16 width like many of the default division templates, is not going to be able to fully take part in the battle. In other words, if you have two divisions at 16 width, and the enemy has only one division at 20 width, you might still lose if only one of your divisions is able to take part in the battle (the total combat width depends on terrain, how many directions the attack is happening from, and so on, but it is always a multiple of 20).

So, to sum up, you always want to adjust your starting division templates to contain 20 width of units. The 'classic' optimal template is 7 infantry and 2 artillery. For poorer nations, this would be 10 infantry instead. With appropriate support companies of course.

Once you are producing trucks and tanks you can then replace these divisions (dont literally replace them, just build more unless you run out of manpower) with trucks and tanks instead. Also remember that tanks are not supposed to be used on their own, the British tried that in WW2 and got roflstomped in North Africa, tanks are the 'armoured spearhead' of a motorised infantry company.


Cornman was much more based than people later credited him for. He was more driven on strengthening the state industries through self management but still pro cybernetics. His stance against Stalin was that of political opportunism.


Yes, much to my frustration the documents I once had, that I could find easily again on the internet, are no longer there and I lost my copy. But Khrushchev did support a rollout of cybernetic planning that was sabotaged by institutional elements of the USSR. I can't even find them referenced on the wikipedia for his congress speeches now. He was also for term limits in the politburo that would prevent the gerontocracy.
I guess it's no longer true lol



>Try the new millennium dawn, it takes real time to change your nation's politics but is also more open ended, with wars and alliances which is a lot of fun. Also you can do world wars in MD, but not in TNO. World Wars in MD are really fun, especially if you play as either China or USA.
Speaking of MD, what's the best template for that mod, I ask because IIRC, the devs for that have changed things quite a bit in terms of combat

What mod is that about, CWIC?

As far as I'm aware, that's still in there, not sure if they intend on uncringing it or not though



File: 1631367445616.jpg (190.33 KB, 1200x869, Tanker_war.jpg)

I was thinking something more about the 1970s/1980s, the 1980 War of Persian Aggression and Arab Unity and the Tanker War. Their are no Hoi4 mods that cover the late cold war, which imo is more interesting and fascinating then the early cold war.
>Speaking of MD, what's the best template for that mod, I ask because IIRC, the devs for that have changed things quite a bit in terms of combat
Mixes of MBTs and IFVs are really good for base units (if you have more then 40 mils and high military budget (which at the highest budget adds 200%+ to production) then it isn't hard to mass produce tanks and IFVs). Also build helicopters for maneuver units. Another thing about MD is in the latest patch once you go five years into the game their is massive resource scarcity so you have to plan around that.
>What mod is that about, CWIC?


>Mixes of MBTs and IFVs are really good for base units (if you have more then 40 mils and high military budget (which at the highest budget adds 200%+ to production) then it isn't hard to mass produce tanks and IFVs). Also build helicopters for maneuver units. Another thing about MD is in the latest patch once you go five years into the game their is massive resource scarcity so you have to plan around that.
Neat, cheers m8




Jesus Christ I still can't help but seethe about Kovner being in TNO, especially after seeing the varied national liberation paths for other countries that are to be implemented in the coming updates. Fucking retard old guard TNO devs abd their shitty "le nadziez meik da world be ebul cuz dey corrupt da good geuyez" writting style, I guarantee they will never remove UPO retardation out of respect for the old devs. That path is so fucking stupid and insulting. Literally just "yo there was 1 wacky 100 partizan with a tiny marginal group back in OTL in between a giant mass of other anti-nazi partizans, let's make him into an edgy sonic OC undying killpeopleist and make him the only partizan resistance path". Landrut and Vituska are also fucking insulting, even more so due to existance of Kovner: "You want free Ostland that isn't shit, well then, here, pick from a retarded German porky failson libtard aryan savior and a sociopath Belarusian nationalist and Nazi collaborationist butcher". Fuck Panzer fuck panzer fuck panzer die in hell I hope they make you watch every single dsrfunny meme while you are there for torture you fanfic hack bad writer you


File: 1631436592752.png (409.42 KB, 820x876, assgushall.png)

No Regrets


noooo you can't like gus that's extremism!!


holy shit i just reloaded my Aryan save and factored in this template and this is borderline fucking game-breaking with them.

Manuever warfare gives 10% division speed.
Vagners starting tree gives another 10% speed.
And his regional tree gives an additional 5% boost to speed.

On top of cloning, The aryans seem to have fucking teleportation technology.


File: 1631454365493.png (438.86 KB, 1000x1000, disgust cat.png)

wew, if you told me you were playing aryans I wouldn't have helped


Their fun as a meme lol.
Honestly i find the regular 'Aryans' funnier then the 'Hyperboreans' since the 'Hyperboreans' are just…Normal…Russian Neo-Nazis…Basically…while the 'Aryans' are just totally delusional beyond belief.
I'll probably play as another Military Chadocracy like the WRRF, Sverdlovsk or Mongolia next though.


File: 1631455600224-0.jpg (227.17 KB, 800x450, GlowingMan.jpg)

File: 1631455600224-1.jpg (127.33 KB, 1280x720, Legendaryglowingone2.jpg)

>Radio Free Magadan.
>Radio free Syktyvkar



>Honestly i find the regular 'Aryans' funnier then the 'Hyperboreans' since the 'Hyperboreans' are just…Normal…Russian Neo-Nazis…Basically…while the 'Aryans' are just totally delusional beyond belief.
idk, hyperboria seems to be literal "Asiatic Barbarian horsemen trying to destroy western civilization." Their goal is to bring back Europe to 500 AD.


based and righteous anti panzer rant


Fuck Panzer


who is panzer ?


The former creator and lead dev of TNO (now retired/ousted)


Its just every time someone talks of his writhings it sounds like he's a Horseshoebrain nazi simpatizer, like that shit with Gus Hall


Not horseshoe brain, just auteur syndrome of a talentless hack who wants to become the new JRR Martin (who he claimed to be his big literary inspiration) thinking it is deep and masterful storytelling when the good guys become evil when nazies win because nazism is so evil that like some Warhammer 40k chaos corruption it bends reality to make normal people insane. There are some other paths which were revealed to later have been saved by other mod team members, like Batov who was supposed to be Taboritsky 2.0 or USA which was supposed to become Nazi Germany 2.0 after the first decade. Southern Urals is basically what all of TNO would have been like (random historical figures going insane killpeopleist, quirky libtard wholeome 100 communes, evil starvation gommiez, fallout fanfic self-insert factiond) if he had his say on all things.


>like Batov who was supposed to be Taboritsky 2.0 or USA which was supposed to become Nazi Germany 2.0
What the fuck lmao


Thought this video might of use to those who are having troubles with the Paradox launcher


Its just that for me these amateurish shit kinda hurt the mod, TNO feels like a one of a kind mod focused on the history of the country you play and those that interact with it, like some anons said like a VN, but if these history is busted by shit writing it ruins it, but this mod, as well as the cold war one Kinda made me curious to create my own mod if i had a better computer.


File: 1631564508362.png (345.63 KB, 1263x707, znb12auxi6v61.png)

Leftside of picrel is real leak that was posted a long time ago


>Democratic Party / NPP-FR (See: Post-Wallace NeoCons) hegemony in US with falling standards of living for proles and economic stagnation + 5% inflation.
>American youtuber sexpats.
<"Speer's germany is a ticking time bomb, here's how"
<"Why you SHOULDN'T be worried about Russia's Mar's mission"


>Speer's germany is a ticking time bomb, here's how
their is no way that these would happen in the TNO universe


Bruh, he looks like he's wearing the same coat as Tabby lmao


Look at the edge of his chin, they've just stuck his head on it lol


>USA which was supposed to become Nazi Germany 2.0
So the USA would not change at all? I'm sorry I don't follow


Right-side of the pick is a meme. Found the entire image on dsrfunny, but I recall that originally the left side was an early fbi.gov leak, so someone just merged the leak with edited tabby pic


If I understand correctly it wasn't a left-wing critique style "America becones Nazi Germany" and more just a liberal paranoia of US becoming overly nationalist and expansionist, so less IRL empire of evil and more Fallout style "US invades Canada to protect its interests" meme.


>>Speer's germany is a ticking time bomb, here's how
>their is no way that these would happen in the TNO universe
IIRC dev leaks have said that if Speer wins the GCW + he dosen't get couped by the reformers or the hardliners + America and Japan both fuck up = Germany will basically closed as the 'winner' of the cold-war.
I think it's also the same for Japan if the AuthDem Admiral guy gets elected + he dosen't get couped by Kishi + Anyone but speer wins the GCW + America fucks up somehow.


some friends got me into the game recently, after a short tuto campaign with them as germany, I did a playthrough with france, and loaded saves far in the past numerous times despite the easiest difficulty until giving up because US immediately declared on ussr after defeating nazis and I didn't feel like I did a good enough job to save them.
Then I started a soviet campaign which prompted a few questions.
1) is that me or germany is ez mode compared to france and ussr ? are the devs werhaboo ? (they seem heavily prejudiced against ussr/commies)
2) I've seen there are tons of mods, is there any recommended/mandatory ones ?
3) I find the artillery taking 3 width really weird, given it should work exactly opposite. I've seen people recommend to only use infantry+support arty for defense, and tanks for offense
4) do you guys actually use the battleplanner ? every time I tried it did stupid shit and lost me the front, so Im kinda feeling forced to micro everything, but maybe it was because I didnt have enough unit to defend it.
5) Should I train unit all the time, or in bulk when I get the equipment ? (I feel like I have never enough equipment for both reinforcement and training)
6) In war, should I rush cities/victory points or focus on encircling and destroying divisions ?
7) Is it worth to have a lot of support battalions ? I tend to put everything I think they might need (AA+arty+engi+field medic for defense,engi+arty+aa+signal+logistic for offense)


In terms of mods, TNO (The New Order) for a visual-novel-like experience (this is what most people talk about in here)

and Kaiserreich (less story, but better gameplay and mechanics than vanilla)

For strategy, I'm not sure. I just kinda wing it and things seem to work. Equipment production is important though, you get heavy penalties if you can't reinforce properly.


Germany and Japan have to fight foreverwars in Russia and China, while America doesn't. Unless they genocide their populations this would cause America to win.


Germany is basically the country for newbies. I wouldn't say the devs are werhaboo, though I think there are a few unironic Kaiserboos at Paradox
As others said, TNO and Kaiserreich are the big boys. There is Black Ice (I think its what its called?) which basically remakes vanilla HoI4 to be more accurate and in-depth WW2 game. There is also Equestria at War, which even though it sounds like a joke, is actually a really well made mod that balances story and gameplay and is probably better than Kaiserreich.
That is correct on infantry. They are wery squishy but can hold the line well enough. Don't attack with them or you will shred your manpower. Tanks are the main thing to use for offense, in which you mainly want to make small breaches in enemy lines and then try to encircle.
Battle planner is good once you know what to do and how to stop your army from doing dumb shit while using it. Its great for your infantry for the most part as you don't want to attack with them unless the enemy is already broken, so use the front line tool to keep them there. As for tanks, try to concentrate them at certain points and do small-scale spearhed/regular attack plans. Big ones tend to be messy. Also often I do end up microing the attacking units. Think of the battle plan as a way to reduce headaches with units that aren't doing fancy stuff.
Not sure what is meta, but I personally never train more if I can't sustain my fielded units.
Depends on who you are fighting. If its a big power like Germany for instance, then deffinetly focus the army. If its a smaller power like Romania or something, then you should be able to rush tanks to their victory points.
Yes, support divisions are good. Also I think you want to use maintenance as well.


Millenium Dawn and Cold War Iron Curtain are also good mods if you just want to fight WW3.


File: 1631645108251.png (2.89 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

>1) is that me or germany is ez mode compared to france and ussr ? are the devs werhaboo ? (they seem heavily prejudiced against ussr/commies)
This is done, as far as i'm aware, so that Germany can still fight other countries, as their irl counterpart lucked out against France, something that the game wouldn't necessarily be able to replicate.

As for the prejudice part, i guess you can find rather easily in the game, yes. But you can also just easily ignore it. Sometimes a part of the anticommunism i see is due to the game trying immerse the player. After all, the fact that Carlist Spain gets a Nat. Spirit called "Crusade against Democracy" doesn't necessarily mean they endorse it.

>2) I've seen there are tons of mods, is there any recommended/mandatory ones ?

There are in fact tons of mods to try, to the point i feel nauseated thinking about playing them.

As for recommend mods, in terms of small, quality of life additions, i'd recommend player led peace conference and state transfer tool. Whereas for total conversion ones, i haven't really tried too many – only endsieg and the great war redux. Though they were very fun to play, even if a bit unfinished.

>3) I find the artillery taking 3 width really weird, given it should work exactly opposite. I've seen people recommend to only use infantry+support arty for defense, and tanks for offense

The next update will rebalance combat pretty wildly, so i'll be curious to see what happens to the meta.

Ideally, you should have 20 width divisions (be it meats blocks of infantry, 7/2's, or even 10 width, depending on how dire the circumstances are) manning up the front lines, and 20/40 width tanks to breakthrough. However, many countries cannot afford this setup, so you'll find yourself using mostly infantry to do everything. In that case, same deal as before, but with 14/4's instead of tanks.

Good support companies you should strive to get: engineer, artillery, maintenance and AA.

>4) do you guys actually use the battleplanner ? every time I tried it did stupid shit and lost me the front, so Im kinda feeling forced to micro everything, but maybe it was because I didnt have enough unit to defend it.

When you have a plan laid out, it can give a planning bonus (depending on how much time has passed), which can be handy for improving your stats. It can also be useful for mopping remaining enemies (when you get tired of microing), giving you a better sense of your overall strategy (making plans one after the other, like the picrel i stole from reddit), and the piercing maneuver can be good for encirclements.

>5) Should I train unit all the time, or in bulk when I get the equipment ? (I feel like I have never enough equipment for both reinforcement and training)

Depends on your manpower/equipment situation and the country/faction you'll take on. Ideally, you should create enough divisions to properly fight the enemy, and everything else is left in reserve/for emergencies.

A good trick is to have some units always in training, but never deploying. That way, they can spawn out of thin to help in the more pitched battles.

>6) In war, should I rush cities/victory points or focus on encircling and destroying divisions ?

Again, it depends. Are you fighting Germany/China? Focus on destroying their divisions while capturing VP's, the former is vital to the latter.

VP snipping should be done when you need to be quick, so, France and early-USA are good candidates for that.

>7) Is it worth to have a lot of support battalions ? I tend to put everything I think they might need (AA+arty+engi+field medic for defense,engi+arty+aa+signal+logistic for offense)

See my answer above, but it sounds solid, overall. Would only tweak a few things.


>This is done, as far as i'm aware, so that Germany can still fight other countries, as their irl counterpart lucked out against France, something that the game wouldn't necessarily be able to replicate.
Keep in mind that Germany has to carry the Axis against three countries stronger then them so beefing them is necessary for balance.


True, but you could argue a WW2 sim shouldn't exactly be 'balanced'. Germanboos should be teabagged and actually winning as Germany shouldn't be something you do in your first game when you barely understand how the mechanics work. The false balance does actually give asspats to Nazis.


How does paradox have the guts to charge so much for an unfinished game? Vanilla hoi4 is total dogshit compared to top mods like kaiserreich, which are all free.


its not fun to play USSR, UK, or USA is Germany isn't buffed


File: 1631667051946-0.jpg (803.62 KB, 2560x1440, 20210915000528_1.jpg)

File: 1631667051946-1.jpg (987.95 KB, 2560x1440, 20210915002312_1.jpg)

File: 1631667051946-2.jpg (792.16 KB, 2560x1440, 20210915004112_1.jpg)

File: 1631667051946-3.jpg (747.61 KB, 2560x1440, 20210915012704_1.jpg)

File: 1631667051946-4.jpg (787.96 KB, 2560x1440, 20210915013305_1.jpg)

Yeah I guess you have a point there. I still don't like it ideologically though.

TBF, HOI4 would still be relativeuly fun if the mod scene hadn't developed, it's just that the mods have so much passion put into them compared to the base game. Remember that Paradox has to pay people for the time they put into working on vanilla, whereas modders do it for the love.

Anywho, speaking of, I had an unsatisfying game as Francistria so I decided to go for a more pure-combat game as communist Olenia. Olenia has stood up!


>Yeah I guess you have a point there. I still don't like it ideologically though.
Honestly I'd like it if they buffed Italy, Japan and minor Axis nations more to make the game more interesting.


Yeah but then Wehraboos playing on recruit difficulty with a load of broken national spirits/tech buffs couldn't pretend to be strategic masterminds


On top of that, the "'historical' AI" option having Germany collapsing when trying to kill the low countries wouldn't be too exciting

t. saw this happening when i needed the bastards to help me on my war against the USSR. 0/10, would not recommend


File: 1631715252316-0.png (368.03 KB, 1242x729, Screenshot (71).png)

File: 1631715252316-1.png (363.22 KB, 1232x673, Screenshot (70).png)

File: 1631715252316-2.png (350.76 KB, 1185x686, Screenshot (68).png)

File: 1631715252316-3.png (370.83 KB, 1238x720, Screenshot (69).png)

this would be funny if people didn't think it was true


Gets shit on semi-regularly lmao >>10874


in the 1920s we were called philosemites, now were called antisemites


regarding mods i like to use mods that are generally vanilla
>combat width redesigned
makes the division designer more fun, a mod so good that paradox decided to copy them
>EQ capture 70%
captures 70% of equipment from encircled enemies
>expert ai
makes the enemy vaguely more sane
>focus tree backgrounds
>insignia collection
>more division icons
>new ideologies icons
>peace deals
makes it so that all wars aren't total wars
>realistic nukes
nukes only destroy the organization if dropped on an army, this mod destroys all the supplies the army has too
>unlimited bicycle
lets you start with bicycles
>vanilla super events
fun stuff

also use the battle planner and only micro when needed, it's fine


But i think that is sorta solved in the mentioned paths though?
In Speer's route Germoney's empire just gets reformed into the EU but without elections basically and even Moscow is basically just turned into 'West-Russia' as opposed to 'East-Russia'

Same with Japans empire, It just gets reformed into an Alt-History version of ASEAN basically.


Signals are apparently multiplayer meta, so put them in everything. Also line artillery is way better than support artillery, so if you aren't sure go with line over support.


>In Speer's route Germoney's empire just gets reformed into the EU but without elections basically and even Moscow is basically just turned into 'West-Russia' as opposed to 'East-Russia'
>Same with Japans empire, It just gets reformed into an Alt-History version of ASEAN basically.
Realistically this wouldn't happen. Their is still a relationship between the two countries of colonization and genocide. In Reality no way a compromise could be reached.


Couldn't you say the same about Germany and Japan in real life? Yet they manage/d to have their little spheres of influence in OTL. Or America and Latin America/Africa, they did genocide and war crimes constantly in those regions yet most of the countries there are happy enough to be part of the wider US sphere.

Materialism, son, if the economic factors forced Russia to rely on German aid, and Germany was willing to somewhat de-Nazify and apologise for Generalplan Ost, I think plenty of the Russian unifiers wouldn't find it impossible to co-operate with Speer's European Union.


the diffrence is that IOTL thye didn't have to military occupy areas with larger populations and sizes then our own. Counterinsurgency is hard in small countries, its near impossible in very large ones. Especially for Germany in Russia where the guerillas would be supplied by Russians. Their is no way militarily that the Axis could hold their conquests without a foreverwar.


We're talking about the Speer route though, where Germany withdraws from Russia and takes a soft-touch approach with the rest of their European possessions (or gives them full independence), then aligns them into the German/European pact via economics.


File: 1631800542073.png (333.77 KB, 398x500, ClipboardImage.png)

Played a campaign of the Pony mod and it was really good.


I tried it but the mod for me seemes be broken, as every single capitulation ends in a white peace without any conferance or anything. Dunno, maybe its on my end, I pirated the current instal of HoI4 a few months back so maybe something is out of date, however its weird that TNO works perfectly.


Realistically, that would make Eastern Europe into a German Cechnya, with Ukranian/Pole/Lithuanian/Latvian/Estonian nationalists blowing up Berlin metros every other week.


Nice, who did you play?

Definitely worth having an up to date game version, but I saw a bug the other day where a country kept capitulating another then the war ending in a white peace, then they invaded again (and so on) so maybe it is a known issue. Sorry you had problems with it.


File: 1631807423099-0.jpg (2.82 MB, 3120x4200, 1627927720299.jpg)

File: 1631807423099-1.png (1.25 MB, 1592x735, 1628811015972.png)

File: 1631807423099-2.png (1.22 MB, 1290x875, tWvtnKs.png)

File: 1631807423099-3.png (43.71 KB, 105x105, j2VBDOZ.png)

Just wait until the Posadists come out.


I played the Changeling empire. The war was really fun, it's a nice change to play on this massive blob of a continent rather than Earth. I was able to play with massive battleplans, 20 divisions of tanks, stuff that I never get to do in KR. And afterwards, the occupation part, the writing is really good for all the events, I think it's comparable with TNO. I'm still playing through it now.

Damn who are these guys? And who should I play next?


Holy fuck, they sound based


This… looks really badass, what the fuck?


I told ya'll motherfuckers to play this shit. Though when Zebrica will actually be released - nobody knows. It's been teased for over a year now. For anyone that doesn't know, the Kirin live on another continent that hasn't been released yet, so this guy isn't out yet.

Yes, I really like having a different map, I wish more mods were like this and had a non-Earth map, like fantasy worlds, or sci-fi, alternate universe, whatever.

As for the Pax Chrystalia, yes, it is a very good and cool path. I do have to warn you that this is the closest that the game gets to TNO in terms of narrative, tone, et cetera (though plenty of other countries have good and immersive narratives, none of them emulate TNO as closely as this).

Anyway, as for who you should play next… well, if you like a big war, then I would recommend maybe playing one of the Griffonian Empire states, as they have to fight to reunify the nation after the death of Emperor Grover. There's the Griffonian Empire proper (supremacist theocracy or maniac autocracy), Feathisa (the Netherlands, liberal monarchy), Strawberry Duchy (deranged Queen, or possibly a socialist route IIRC), Yale Rectorate (University state, this is one of the harder paths), or Bronzehill (Diamond Dogs, can pretty much pick any ideology that includes reunifying the kingdom including monarcho-socialism - I had a lot of fun with this one). Then there's others that I forget but they'll all be in Griffon Empire yellow at the start so you can see them all.

Alternately, you could try the Aquilean (French) Revolution, or Wingbardy (Italy) which all have their own spheres to dominate.

Or, you could try River Republic (and other countries in their bloc) and create the possibly-socialist Eurozone.


Oh, and one thing I forgot - I played the Equestrian Resistance path and thought it was a perfect capstone to the Equestrian continent content, really enjoyed it - though if you're not that into the show lore, you might not get as much out of it as me. As you would expect, Equestria is the country that relies most on canon content.


In my defence it has been a while since I last played EaW lmao

Speaking of which, anyone ever tried the Escalation '84 submod?


I didn't even know there was any submods. Balefire Blues sounds fun too.

Oh but that reminds me, make sure you play with the EaW music mods enabled and the 3d models reskin, really cool to have unique models for most countries.



TNO needed something like this to break up events. Wonder how hands on it will be, or if it will be a one and done hands off deal.
I'm a tester on EaW and I want to say, give it time in the oven. Devs are hard at work and there's a good amount of meat on the bones already but polish is worth it. Hopefully a lot more focus trees to come.

Personal recommendations for further playthroughs:

Barrad Magocracy (A very special unique mechanic in this one too. Worth it for everyone.)

Arcturian Order (Interesting events, if rather bland gameplay wise. Due for a rework in the coming updates.)

Crystal Empire's Sombra path (If you like something weird and sort of dated but still challenging)

Baltimare, Lavender Berry's path (Based off of Beria.)

County of Greifwald - Griffonian Free Territory (A challenge. Consider it a pretty good feat if you defeat Aquilea)

Last thing: Zebrica is not just Zebrica. It's got a few more major gameplay tweaks that improve and update more bland areas of EaW.


With CWIC what is the difference between the Austria options for the Soviets? Should I anschluss, create a communist east Austria, or united neutral? The FRG is researching the "reject de-nazifaction" national focus fwiw.


Btw what the fuck is with this cursed antisemite stalin national focus path? It confuses me so much because the devs seem like hardline communists going by the rest of the USSR stuff. Any point strategy wise in doing any of them?


>With CWIC what is the difference between the Austria options for the Soviets? Should I anschluss, create a communist east Austria, or united neutral?
Pretty much just those as far as I'm aware, as for what you should do, I'd personally create a communist East Austria lmao

>The FRG is researching the "reject de-nazifaction" national focus fwiw.



>Any point strategy wise in doing any of them?
Honestly, only reason I even considered doing them was because of the Political Power I gain from doing some of them tbh


its because its hilarious
>The Jews are the source of all our problems, they pull the strings of the capitalist governments
everything I read that I burst out laughing
Do second anschluss because having Austria be in the game increases lag more countries = more lag also having a stronger DDR is helpful as the USSR in WW3.


Is there any way of winning CWIC as the soviets without waging a (world)war?


No idea tbh, coups against NATO countries maybe?


>All but one of the Collaborationist England are gonna be "Better" than the Communist path for England


Fuck TNO mods


Now that it seems like South-America is going to be getting more focus / paths soon considering the Cold - Southern - Springs people have joined TNO the question must be asked.

Do you guys think we will be getting a Gonzalo Path for Peru?

And if so.

If you win against the government does the OFN try to dogpile you like Long Yun in China?


File: 1632014943661.jpg (47.33 KB, 622x636, 8 PM.jpg)

average liberal uyghur monkeys


>First spoiler
Doubt it

>Second spoiler

Probably, that or a coup



File: 1632023079894.jpg (232.47 KB, 1024x685, Kaganovich.jpg)

>Central Siberian Plan fans.
<Has to choose to either use your states unique mechanic or use the SibPlan,
<Muh production efficency cap,
<Muh resource gain efficiency.
>The CHAD Western Siberian Five Year Plan.
<300 factories by 1971.
<Unique Mechanic IS having a good economy.
<Lets you build enough factories at the regional stage it makes a fully MotInfantry + Armour army possible.
<Straight up spawns new resources out of the fucking ground.
<Oil production in every state, Oil crisis? never heard of it!


The logic with Gus and Reg is that even if they are not evil themselves, their coming to power would either necesitate the country being shit, or making it shit due to the reaction to their coming to power. So, Gus is le bad because if he was elected that meas a) US is a burning dumpsterfire which makes his path instantly worse than say most others through no fault of his own, and b) his policies will rock the boat and cause even more chaos. As for Birch, he is a traditional ML guy, but the reaction to him will be violent and the Stirlingites will start a mass partisan war, which would completely fuck England for a time, hence its worse than the stable colab/non-Birch HMMLR paths.


><Straight up spawns new resources out of the fucking ground.
><Oil production in every state, Oil crisis? never heard of it!
Fucking kek, didn't know about this lmao


The Kaganovich storyline was pretty shit. It just randomly becomes "oh yeah Stalin is evil btw, here's a bunch of evil events that are happening now" out of the blue in the third act.


I only did Cornman, and that was also kinda weird. As far as I recal, only evil things Lazar does no matter what are working penal labourers to death and not deploying AA guns to protect the villages (which while bad, is understandable). Then he passes a lot of inoffensive and even good legislation through focuses which empower Cornmans wing. Then Cornman coups him and its implied he is a saviour from tyranny. If I didn't know better, I'd say that this was made by a Stalin simpathizer who implies that Stalin was actually alright but Cornman just couped hin and sullied his reputation.



look at the dev diary

this is literally what happens if you take a ultra left interpertation of deng and make him into a character

like LMAO


equestria at war looks pretty good but i feel like this is how new mlp fans are generated, hope there's a de-ponified version of it


>hope there's a de-ponified version of it
There is lmao


you can mostly ignore the pony shit tbh. i'm not into the cartoon at all and it's pretty good


>noooooo i can't play anything that doesn't have humans in it, it's ruined

now you see how we furries/bronies feel all the time


going out of this, i like the idea for that submod for EaW, escalation 84, but it kinda feels generic, the trees feels copy pasted, the issues the surviving human countries have get resolved way too quick, and there is barelly any interaction with the nations of the world, i dunno it has potential to make interesting but feels too bare bones at the moment


you know this sub mod really reveals how absurd equestria at war is.

literally feudalmedievial enlightment ww1 and ww2 era mixed together


Anyone has thoughts about Pacifica coming back to TNO? Her Komi stuff seems pretty alright and she deffinetly is a good modder, but I have a huge distaste for all of the old devs due to the Panzer connection.


She'll be out soon enough, the old Panzerite Clique is a rotting corpse.


redpill me on panzer and the old tno team


File: 1632374345665.png (517.98 KB, 747x640, ClipboardImage.png)



part of the description
8: Not everypony is happy about your new megaprojects. The construction workers endure long hours with very little pay. Progress is halted by strikes. Do you listen to the workers, or send in the police to force them to comply? Clearly the legacy of Caramel Marks still lingers over Equestria. It is time to address it once and for all, starting with the traitorous province in the north. Surely we can drum up some sympathisers within Stalliongrad to dislodge the communists?

And yet, when Daybreaker looks around at her cabinet, all she sees are greedy nobles and industrialists. They do not care for her vision of ponykind's glorious ascension over the other races, only lining their own pockets. They are the ones who embody the decadent and stagnant system she rose to replace. Honestly, can she blame Steel Stallion for rebelling when those nobles conspired to keep their abhorrent treatment of their fellow pony from Celestia's watchful eye? Perhaps those unionists are right in hating them? Perhaps it is time for Daybreaker to cease catering to the parasites of Equestria and start elevating the rest of ponykind?

Yes, Communist Daybreaker is a real pathway.



There is a lot of hateposts on Panzer ITT already, but to sum up:
>Narrative founder of TNO universe
>Autistically auteur to the extreme, once purged all the devs over a single leak. Eventually quit TNO post-release because he thought people didn't take it seriously
>Thinks he is a supper good writter, citing GRR Martin as his inspiration, while his only real experiance before TNO were Fallout fanfics.
>Primary theme for him is "Nazies ebul ergo world where Nazies win becomes ebul in all aspects", which conflicts really hard with making an interesting and realistic alt-history
>All of his personally created paths or story points are/were ranging from pretty bad or stupid to absolutely insulting: Ostland, Urals, Heydrich redemption, Atlantropa, DSR
>Attempted to fuck up a ton of other paths in Russia before the Russia dev team stepped in and stopped him - his plan was to give every unifier a killpeopleist path just becasue

As for the old devs, I don't think they are all bad, and its more likely they just did what Panzer said just because they didn't want to piss him off. However, under their tenure a lot of other stupid shit was done as well, mainly the autistic obssesion of painting NPP-L and Hall as baby-eaters. Also I am certain a bunch of old devs are still on the mod, however I think the main stars have left, especially after their little conflict with rightoid doxxers from kiwifarms.



uhhhhhhh based???

inb4 the only equestrian communist tree is daybreaker


Left sounds based but right sounds very very cringe


File: 1632447320042.jpg (99.91 KB, 591x570, GigachadStacyComputer.jpg)


>Le'Etat Irrel.

>Greater Utopia.
>The Italian Combine.


I kinda want to try TNO is there any country that has a good and fun communist path?


Komi or Buratiya


Deffine good and fun. If by fun you mean cool focuses, then there are a lot of them in Russia. And if by good you mean wholesome, then yeah, there are a few, mainly Komi and Buyratya as previoisly said. But if by good you mean interestingly written, then I'd say Buyratya doesn't cut it, at least now. Komi is great however, and also there is an IRA path for Ireland. But honestly there aren't many great communist paths outside of Russia for now, mainly because the nations that would have them aren't finished. However there should be a ton of them in time, like shit, Italy will have 9 communist paths ranging from Pol Pot to Bernie with everything in between, and I think in the next update they will add in resitance group mechanics to Speer's Germany that will make an RAF path possible if you do it right. Also for now there is a pretty cool if more of a socdem path for Brazil which I liked a lot.


Thank you both, I'll try komi


>Also for now there is a pretty cool if more of a socdem path for Brazil which I liked a lot.
the João Goulart path ?


i save scum so hard in ck2 that I might as well be using cheats


I'm reading/listening to Fallout: Equestria so I can play Balefire Blues. Goddamn this bitch is long, fuckin 600k words. This mod better be good.


>complains about fallout equestria over length
pal you havent seen length until ya read fallout equestria project horizons


Why can't these uyghas understand 'brevity is wit'. I mean it's not a bad story but I swear we've wasted at least 100k words recapping things we already know and trying to make them sound epic; ie. "Littlepip knew that her friends had suffered. Her friend Steelhooves had suffered XYZ" and so on.


because the person that created it was a fanfic writer and because of that they are naturally semi retarded


>Have a very soft spot for Darkest Hour but have not played it in ages
>Wonder what is the go to mod for "realism" and a good WW2 game
>Try Edge of Darkness
>Pick USSR
>See that the tech tree goes all the way to the 80s
>That`s cool i will be able to have a good Cold War game too
>Off the bat i see that Nazi Germany gets a gorrilion different events for free tech, industry and flavor
>Did i mention that the Soviet Union starts with 30% dissent for no reason?
>Barely get any events up to 1937
>Maybe get two flavor events and an admittedly pretty cool for helping Communist China
>Great purge is not an option or any delicate decision it just happens, everyone dies and you get FREE 30% DISSENT

Guess i will keep playing to see if it gets any better but fucking Wehrboos i swear to god


Is that you Tomoko Stalin-stache? the heck are you doing out of /GET/?


I am not him. I just like Tomoko too.


Ah, good. Stalin-stache Tomoko used to be amusing and have decent posts but then jumped off the deep end, so we are… apprehensive.

On that note, interesting post and analysis, this kind of anti-Soviet bias in vidya and media in general is called Klyukva in Russia, just fun fact for ya, from a friendly neighborhood Rusanon.

Also Tomoko thread if you're interested >>>/anime/731


What's that mean?


Thanks for pointing me to to that thread, comrade.
>Ah, good. Stalin-stache Tomoko used to be amusing and have decent posts but then jumped off the deep end, so we are… apprehensive.

That is a shame, if he is still around let us hope he gets better.

>On that note, interesting post and analysis

You are generous to a rant post with green text but yeah it is interesting

Some other bullshit
>Great Purge happened because Stalin was a paranoid maniac
>Actually both Stalin and Hitler have the exact same leader traits with both being Paranoid Megalomaniacs
>Five-Year plans increase dissent and barely build your industries at all

Not that i expected these events to be written by Grover Furr but damn. And taking this thread as an example it does not seem HOI IV is that much better when it comes to writing socialists/Soviets
>On that note, interesting post and analysis, this kind of anti-Soviet bias in vidya and media in general is called Klyukva in Russia, just fun fact for ya, from a friendly neighborhood Rusanon.

Could you tell us more?


File: 1632714193544.mp4 (4.83 MB, 1280x788, bear.mp4)

It's a type of berry eaten in former soviet territories, used in an idiom about bad soviet/russian caricatures.

>That is a shame
Indeed, half the Soviet Tomoko OC got made 'cause of him
>other bullshit
<typical burger memes about gorillions and Stalin = Hitler
In regards to Klyukva?


>Stalin was a paranoical maniac that did not trust his own shadow
>somehow this Paranoid trusted hitler, the guy that openly stated that he wanted to gaz the slavs
This doesent make any sense.


It doesn't make sense IRL either, but people still repeat it for actual history.


>Indeed, half the Soviet Tomoko OC got made 'cause of him

We can never have enough of that i guess. I made some like the gift in >>12501 and some other low quality stuff you can find in the booru but i have not made more because i just have not bee into Watamote for a long time, as much as i like Tomoko as a character
>In regards to Klyukva?
><typical burger memes about gorillions and Stalin = Hitler

Talk about memes
>Steamroll Finland in Winter War
>Still get negative events related to it, saying that Soviet Forces had a pathetic performance and got a bloody nose and humiliation


File: 1632717826910.png (1.74 MB, 965x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

>not bee into Watamote for a long time, as much as i like Tomoko as a character
Same TBH
>Still get negative events related to it, saying that Soviet Forces had a pathetic performance and got a bloody nose and humiliation
Pretty much like in reality, pic related (translation in link notes): https://lefty.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=18033


Essentially Klyukva originated as a term some time ago but it became more a of a culturally common term in post Soviet Russia (partially due to the internet). A good example of pure Klyukva is the film Red Dawn. Combining Russian stereotypes (ushanka, vodka, mongol hordes) and generic communist stereotypes (murdering kids, totalitarianism, incompetence etc.) all set to main characterss that are so pure and patriotic and good. TL;DR: In Soviet Russia [X happens] essentially


Look at this fucking memey ahistorical crap lol
Also more free dissent because of course
I will still try and win too
>Same TBH
It was very good when it was interesting and funny and it was good to see Tomoko becoming less anxious but it is so boring now.
Thanks for the info. Even after the end of the USSR the bourgeois will never let its image rest for that would be far too dangerous


File: 1632725217417.png (346.39 KB, 1024x768, LMAO.png)

Forgot my image


File: 1632725402330.mp4 (1.14 MB, 534x400, 47.mp4)


File: 1632728910655.mp4 (5.25 MB, 1280x720, 1630709614575-1.mp4)


just checked what is involved in modding. Modding focus trees seem super ez. I can really appreciate how much of a scum paradox are for selling them for so much.
But that means it would be prolly ez to make some changes to commies trees to make them more fun


The struggle of socialism is ongoing as always.


>Modding is so ez
Yeah, its even scummier with Stellaris where any sort of flavour pack is what, 10 bucks? Though at least those have quality, most in depth focus trees from parashit are basically sub-standart even for Kaiserreich.


At least the new DLC has choochoos so I can play two autistic games in one.



lmao I was literally saying all of these things when I was getitng those events. I marched right up to the german border while they were finishing up in France with loads of motorized and tanks in like 1939 and declared war on Germany and got fucking shreked by debuff event spam and like 2-3 shitty german infantry jn each border province. The issent modifiers are the worsr. If you have a bunch of mods and play USSR it's easy to go like the whole game crippled and under revolt 70 percent dissent or whatever just from these stupid anticommunist propaganda events. I am not even sure if you can win as USSR on the all in one modpack unless you spam money cheats to lower dissent and spam supply cheats so you can keep the economy permanently focused on lowering dissent. The hoi series always has ridiculous and game breaking amounts of anticommunist and wehraboo cope events. I've always wanted to just edit these mods and snip out all of that and repack it.



File: 1632985532941.jpg (120.5 KB, 660x330, josipbroztito660.jpg)

Reading OP made me download TNO just to try it out. After narrowly deciding against playing Croatia so I could eventually play Tito, I decided upon Comrade Sablin.
Accidentally got into maneuver warfare with my partisans because the AI was retarded and left huge gaps while trying to march into the gaps I left. Executed Yagoda but took the libertarian path elsewhere. Now it's January '64 and I'm planning an invasion into Magadan-controlled Amur with heavy fortifications on both sides from a previous war between the fascists. Been pretty smooth sailing so far and the godbotherer is busy getting his shit pushed in by Kamchatkan piratechads to worry about me.
The only thing I could possibly be worried about is the Japanese puppets, and the Jap prime minister is weak and dominated by the Navy, so they'll likely focus on the Pacific. Looks like Siberia is in the bag.

How much interaction actually is there between the focus trees of the different regions? For a while I was worried the Tuva red army would invade me but all their focuses seem to be directed at the rest of Siberia. Are we eventually gonna have to deal with each other or something?


Japan never intervenes in Siberia, you should be fine as per Tuva as you can peacefully reunify if you have similar ideologies. Sablin gets ridiculous bonuses so you probably have it in the bag.


>After narrowly deciding against playing Croatia so I could eventually play Tito
Unfortunately, even if you did play Croatia, neither they, nor Tito has any content, I believe there is a submod in development that is currently making content for Croatia, so your best bet is to play with that for if it comes out

Speaking of submods, get the 2WRW submod, it enables you to go to war with Germany and get all your land back, although not much content, just a button you press in the decisions menu, but there is some content in development that aims to do just more than that, hell one of the devs for it has posted some stuff here


Why isn't there a Larouche path for America? Given how schizoid TNO already is why not add it?


I know you cant actually get the 'Bad ends' for Britain as of current build in TNO. But what are they anyway?
I haven't played england that much but i know there is 1 'SUPER UNWHOLESOME CURSED PATH' for the government and 2 for the rebels.


Fingers crossed for TNO2 path. Also I don't think La Rouche was that active during the 60's. Seems more like 76/80 candidate for NPP


A literal Nazi Chasterton takes over and purges the shit out of Britain
Stirling coups collabs in case of HMMLR defeat and govn. fuckup and purges every single person who had any dealings with the collabs
Reg Birch wins out SLP power struggle and tries to transform Brittain into DotP because he is a trad ML. This triggers Strilingites who start a new partisan war thats like Years of Lead or worse.


File: 1633107117889-0.png (10.49 MB, 4000x3396, toosr.png)

File: 1633107117889-1.png (3.97 MB, 4000x2000, TFR_big_tooser2.png)


>the "pro trump" and "anti trump" choices make no difference, the killing of soleimani and the police brutality happens anyway
Kek, fuck me, this is way too realistic in how there's no difference between dems and repubs.


sorry that i'm this terminally online, is this a parody or what ?.


its the, The Fire Rises mod


yes i read the image its just like but just like >>12656 showed this mod feels like a parody of the US politics


well its where the US goes into a civil war


File: 1633185893481-0.jpg (92.25 KB, 1400x700, Victoria-3.jpg)

File: 1633185893481-1.jpg (46.73 KB, 1280x720, idontneedit.jpg)

>still no release date


Are there any mods for these games that are actually good? Was playing the CK3 mod with the black sun guy and it seemed really retarded. You couldn't mouseover anything without an excessive amount of retarded exposition and lore popping up for no reason. Supposedly TNO is also like this which sounds fucking dumb. Why are all the mods for these games filled with an autismal amount of retarded lore telling you all about Johnny Wilkin's Third Nipple even though it's only tangentally related to the plot and only mentioned as a footnote even then.


TNO is like a visual novel.
Kaisereich has the world-conquering paths.

>hy are all the mods for these games filled with an autismal amount of retarded lore telling you all about Johnny Wilkin's Third Nipple even though it's only tangentally related to the plot and only mentioned as a footnote even then.
because it's fun


Dumb. Kill yourself.


Why are you mad?


I must consult the Book of Rage.


File: 1633390282568-0.png (291.85 KB, 1855x1117, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1633390282568-1.png (5.18 MB, 5000x3250, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1633390282568-2.png (318.43 KB, 1629x1155, ClipboardImage.png)

TRO submod is made by at least 1 rightoid. Whole god damn thing will probably be Nazis = Soviets cause authoritarian.


the US is more authoritarian than both nazi germany and the USSR but i don't see this kind of comparation with either


If East Germany had all that extra land it would be far more powerful than it was in reality.


How the fuck do you get a NPP-C 50+ majority? I need it to pass RFK's Radical civil rights.

Also if RFK gets assassinated are you meant to repeal the civil rights act or keep it as Thurmond if you want John Glenn to pass 'Revolutionary civil rights' after he gets elected? Like is John Glenn passing 'revolutionary civil rights' in RESPONSE to Thurmond completely callously crushing RFK's work or is it meant to be him BUILDING ON the still in effect 'Radical Civil Rights'?


Thoughts on Zhdanov and his successors Chelomei and Kardashev?


File: 1633403763715.png (89.01 KB, 820x520, posadaflag.png)

These guys are coming with Zebrica's first release. They're the Hippogriff communists.
Here's their flag


I think you can't get 50+ without loosing the SAW right after getting the worst discontent with the war events. However I am pretty sure you can get radical CRA without majortity by taking the correct side-focuses like speaking with MLK. What is your game plan by the way? If its Hall, then you don't need Radical CRA, if its wholesome socdem USA, then what the hell are you doing playing NPP-C, LBJ->McGovern should be the goal.


Because slavery = FREEDUMB!!! Seriously though they have weaponized the aesthetics of freedom into their propaganda for so long that Americans and their simps have completely bought into the joke.


Is Omsk based or cringe?


Based, death to the Germs


My LBJ>MCgovern USA game was sorta black pilling tbh.
You canonically literally make America in practice the best place to live in this universe Assuming that the soviets dont return in russia of course

But conservatards got too triggered that i was being nice to black people. So the NPP won the senate in 72, McGovern only won with like 272 electoral voots. Meaning he wasn't even able to pass his flagship policies like dismantling the MIC.


Incredibly based.
But for maximum based you need a unified south urals under BLACK MOUNTAIN which is then peacefully annexed by Zhdanovite West-Russia giving you their buffs and generals.


>Asleep in my apartment inside housing unit 56//# (these are nicknamed Pokryshkin flats fyi) In downtown Novosibirsk.
>Gets woken up by them turning on the giant neon sign on the side of the housing unit opposite mine, It's advertising some new gaming system made as a joint effort between TITAN(TM) and SONY(TM)
>Walk to work.
>See a few Narodniks getting their heads dented by FENIKS(TM) Private law enforcement personnel, probably got caught trying to hand out 'how to unionise cards' to people at the FENIKS factory again.
>Walks past some people watching TV through a shop window, Pokryshkin and Shukshin are having another debate.
>Shukshin wont do enough, will vote for him out of desperation just to get rid of Pokryshkin though.
>I stop in at the SIBIR fast food place on the way to work, their algorithm works out what i probably want best as i walk through the door and it's presented to me as soon as i reach the pick up counter.
>mfw SIBIR datamining oligarchs raised the price of chocolate soylent and rice cakes again.
feels bad man


Novosibirsk is unironically more grim than even some of the funni paths in TNO. And no, Shukshin 2WRW campaign didn't fully pay back for it. Only an Ostland CW Kovner executions tier event but with Pokryshkin could fix it.



>Some of the comments are calling out the devs for their bullshit about Gus Hall and his alleged homophobia and how it is somehow worse than any other President

Based comments tbh


I still dont get the cope that George Wallace bending to Yockey / Nazis and implementing nationwide racial-segregation and basically starting the George Floyd riots x2000 all across America. doesn't 'lose America the cold war' or 'make the light of liberty go out' or whatever the fuck.

But Hall just by getting elected automatically makes America 'authoritarian' (He was literally elected lol wtf?) socialist and gives them a gloomy blue colour palate


I think it is some sort of anglosphere cope about their system being the bestest ever, thus every timeline where England or US moves away from it automatically is bad. Its the reason why TNO Italy is likely to get 9 serious and actually unbiased commie paths, why you have MLs like Khruschev, Suslov, Zhukovs libsoc advisor or that Irkutsk party guy being painted in rather positive light, but then Birch and Hall are basically satan and "2nd worst path" for their respective anglosphere countries.


in reality their is no such thing as good or bad


you moron. you fucking imbecile


prove that good and evil exist


Why do the TNO devs ban you for supporting Hall?


Becuz they're soy libs


I will shoot your mom, and presumably it won't bother you because there's no meaning to morality lmao


Shooting his mom and his resulting emotional reaction or lack thereof doesn't prove one way or another that good and evil exist.

If you shot Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun would probably be really sad about it, but that doesn't factor into the moral substance of the act.


If the only thing that makes you care about your mom is a social construct you have a serious and very real brain issue


something something horseshoe theory



fuck, i forgot about that filter



kek, fitting imo


How the fuck do you get Barry Goldwater in the NPP-L?


How do you guys feel about hyperborea?


File: 1634317883779.jpeg (280.82 KB, 1680x840, wb1YCKT.jpeg)

Anbennar is the best mod out of any paradox game. Fight me.


is thier a /leftypol/ hoi4 multiplayer group



Would love to have someone co-op with me in a Japan/Manchukuo game


Hilarious path, very fun.


File: 1634491269403-0.jpg (383.37 KB, 1920x1080, .jpg)

File: 1634491269403-1.jpg (346.02 KB, 1920x1080, 4.jpg)


Quite the art making such a large screenshot totally unreadable


Think I've just had the worst game of V2 I've ever played as Portugal on GFM
>can't invade brazil because it's fucking perma-allied to the UK for some reason
>can't colonize because railroading events just hand out most of africa before anyone has the technological capabilities to do it properly
>lose the entire congo where most of my holdings are because me, #9 on the power list, 200 diplo with all GPs, gets cucked by a literally who totally irrelevant and collapsed belgium
60 years of boring and 5 years of "fuck this shitty playthrough", I was already pissed off with how boring it was before I loaded it up for 30 minutes and quit

Also absolutely fuck whoever came up with the sphere system and got it into the final game, love bouncing around #8 with three other idiots and it messing up our economies, being unable to sphere anyone because the AI is perfect at managing them, losing my standing with every country when I drop from GP, and having some cunt unsphereing me and then leaving me unsphered afterwards


Have there been any announcements on Victoria 3 and what they're replacing the sphere system with? Because it's one of my least favorite things about V2.


The Sphering system also seemed broken to me especially because (iirc) it gives economic bonuses to the GP/Overlord in charge.
You could get absolutely fucking OP as france FAST in vic2 by basically just slowly expanding your European sphere of influence, Taking lelgium, Switzerland and the Italian secondary powers,
And then sniping the Netherlands, Spain and the Ottomemes when they dropped from great power status.

It's Also awfully broken in regards to Germany.
You can stop germany from ever forming by just taking one OPM into your sphere as either france, UK or Russia.

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