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File: 1629942945972.jpeg (34.77 KB, 220x313, 220px-WoW_Box_Art1.jpeg)


Does anyone play this game or wow classic? I used to play quite a bit of classic, TBC, WOTLK and early cataclysm. TBH i consider the first three expansion packs unbeatable in their quality, esp. Vanilla and TBC. WOTLK was also the height of Arena pvp.

I don't think bu-blizzard could ever recreate something on this level. Classic Blizz (90s->2007/8) was an AWESOME time. Activision merger started to take its toll around the time Cata rolled out. Even WOTLK though having tons of oldfag devs etc. it still began to show a few signs of this, though arena pvp was at it peak and beast. Raiding was good, but already you saw the cycle of "running out of ideas", with them updating naxxramas. Cataclysm was supposed to be a reinvention of classic wow which is why they redid a bunch of classic zones including Orgrimmar.

I feel like after this period Blizz started to succumb to the same late-capitalist bullshit of hollywood where every single movie is a reboot. Every game nu-Blizz/activision-blizz made after that just seemed like a shitty recycle of previous ideas (ex: Heroes of the storm - lets make a moba like 6 years after they were hot and make all the characters in there from our other games or shitty generic). Even overwatch wasn't as original as people think, the characters felt like shitty incredibles/disneyfied versions of archetypical charcters.

The mechanics/graphics of wow have gotten better but the balance and storyline have become shitty. This isn't an inditement of the programmers or technical artists but more the corporate leadership and creative direction.


Got into TBC Classic recently, EU Zandalar Tribe, Horde. Played in Classic, so I just finished going through 60-70. Honestly most kino RPG gameplay progression I have seen, possibly ever. Hilariously TBC story was considered dogshit because it fucked up the big epic storylines by character assasinating all of WC3 cast, but in the down-to-earth world story it was the best the game ever was. World felt big, interconected and believable. Factions felt like real unlike the faction wide reputation factions in nu-wow.

Honestly nu-wow is a ship of Thesius. There is no single thing that ruins it, or makes it so bad when compared to say TBC. Yea world is fucked now in SL, but I can see TBC that has this same design in terms of questing but still remains good in other parts. The new loot system that basically invalidates everything each tier could work in TBC wothout ruining much as well. Same with raidfinder. Same with crossrealm. Same with store mounts. Same with tmog. Same with items being boring turds. Same with idiotic end game systems. Same with new talents. Same with streamlined proffesions. But if you drop all of that shit at once it just completely breaks the experiance. I honestly don't know if live can ever recover. One thing I believe should be prio number one is to beef up the world: break the lazy design where all zones are seperate, add backtracking between various zones, add actual group content, fix up reps to not be so isolated, add in rewarding gear that competes as being prebis for heroics (or at least normals) in raids, hell, add in MoP challange modes as seperate thing from M+ and lock them with an attunement, and by god Jack, kill that fucking retarded WQ system and bring back proper dailies.


im thinking of playing classic TBC the thing is I feel like i'll be really behind in terms of gear now that its been out for how long


It was only out for summer and Blizzard slacked off on releasing P2, which will come in 2 weeks now. Personally I srarted a few weeks back and already got my character some respectable gear for raiding, mostly because pre-raid items are possible to aquire while leveling and there are some good easy to get options out there. Also Karazahn is easy and there are pugs for Mag and Gruul, so the gear isn't that painful to get, only if you are really trying to get full bis.


AM i still good to start a character and get it to 70 in time to experience this expac?


Yes, just make sure to pick a populous realm so it wouldn't be a complete pain to find dungeon groups or pugs, as some smaller realms get kinda dead in between phases. T5 got released like a month+ ago, so there are 3 more phases (out of 5) waiting to be released. I'd say TBC still has 1.5-2 years left.


Is the private server scene still alive?


>EU Zandalar Tribe
Is that communist guild still around? If so, join it! Unless you're a member already.


File: 1648872742112.png (34.12 KB, 669x264, vulpera allied quest.png)

suddenly remembering that part of the vulpera allied race quest where you're a strikebreaker and have to beat the labor organizer into submission


Good thing I'm not emotionally invested in porky products. A simple and easy rule that never leaves me feeling like a fool.


A good video by Комиссар Яррик on WOW


>Made in 2020
Impressive just how much worse the lore has become since then, primarily in the last few weeks. Literally all story from Sargeras and the Titans to even smaller things like Orc invasions is now permanently stained with the fact that the Jailor "controlled it all 7D intergalactic chess style the whole time!".


Every story eventually turns to shit if it goes on long enough


Yarrick did a follow up a year and a half later on this.


This game has so much missed potential now that the expansions after wrath came out. I want wow 2 but its a darker timeline where the scarlet crusade succeeds in destroying the forsaken and the horde remains fel corrupted and demonic and the alliance remains a slave society, and its remade with better graphics.
Also i believe all magic classes should have healing and tanking specs. Like fel, i think warlocks should be able to heal groups by stealing souls and dealing damage or something. Also this game is so old i wish it became open source so that anybody could develop new shit. But alas i think the future of wow is slow death as people get bored with it.


I want an alternate timeline where the defias succeeds and allies with the syndicate to abolish the aristocracy. Even in the story there's stuff like how kel'thuzad joined the scourge purely to eradicate classism, or at least that's what he preached to the people of lordaeron anyway. The defias had huge potential as a faction.


Nope, my comp was to shit and had to pay for subscription, I was only a kid. I was relegated to Runescape instead.


Its amazing. The expansion reveal having one single transperson on the presentation made /v/ermin seethe so hard its incredible. I'm not even that much pro-trans, mostly a "yourdadist" on the issue, but I love a good shitshow.


which expansion reveal? dragonflight?


Yeah, they had a trans dev along with three other devs talk about game systems during the brief in-depth look and it made gamerz go crazy.



literally who cares


Still waiting for the sci-fi MMORPG replacement of WoW (the dream that never became reality over a decade into an industry that somehow just got worse while it was technically new, innovative, growing).


an unfortunate amount of "people"


Its really depressing how dead sci-fi is in terms of fresh blood franchises, innit? At best you get indieshit that's one off, same souless techbro future number 38829 or some book adaptation.


Play phantasy star online new genesis
It has titties and femboys


File: 1650580229681-1.jpg (70.36 KB, 800x530, wow-dragon-race-2.jpg)

uygha, just look at this shit.
>we want the scalie audience


Blizzard knows that after all these years, their biggest audience are moonguard coomers and furries. Unfortunately, they're also stuck in the purgatory of a 13+ rating, so they can't let you wear see-through bra armor or dick size sliders for character creation.
Overwatch was made for waifu fans too.



sadly that's all it is, there's nothing else to do


So, as you all know, I play a Shaman. I'm currently the best geared Shaman in the world and I have multiple world DPS records on WowMeterOnline. So I go into this Battleground because I feel like gracing my battlegroup with my presence, right? Everyone is cheering as I enter. They don't bother putting down a mage table or healthstone because they know that they're not going to need it–I, the Darkness, has come.

So I cast Lightning Shield on myself, because that's what Shamans do. They call down MOTES OF ELECTRICITY FROM THE HEAVENS and they SURROUND THEMSELVES with DEADLY AMOUNTS OF LIGHTNING! All of my teammates are instantly electrocuted to death, but me? I merely bathe in the energy; it is my plaything. Even though my teammates are now charred corpses, they continue to cheer, because they know that I can solo this. The gates open. I run in. With Ghost Wolf, my movement speed is increased by


Horde sees me run by but they can't do anything about it because I'm a ghost and I'm wolfing at


a Blood Elf Paladin with Crusader Aura on bubbles and flees in terror when he sees me traveling at


They can hear the howl of my ghost wolf. They are all cowering–no, literally, they type the /cower emote and just stand there–as I cap the Stables. I cast WATERWALKING on myself–WATERWALKING, like Jesus, and I careen towards the Blacksmith. The Horde there see me coming and they just /afk the [email protected]#$ out. I put down my totems before I start capping Blacksmith's flag. A Rogue tries to sap me–


The Rogue is engulfed in flame as my Searing Totem SEARS him from the inside out! His leather clothing EXPLODES in a rain of fire that spirals around my beautiful female Draenei form as I continue to cap the Blacksmith. The fire rips through the Rogue's bones, but it doesn't even consider touching me–why? Because I've got


A Warlock swoops in in Demon Form and tries to Conflag me but his Conflag does 0 damage to me because of


A Troll Mage Slowfalls in and he Pyroblasts me but it is ineffective because of


Blacksmith caps. I mount up on my KAEL'THAS MOUNT–no, literally, I ride Kael'thas around, the Blood Elf–and head over to Farm, because I feel like eating some potatoes.


Just then, I see something through my Sentry Totem. It's the WoW General Forums! –People are complaining about how overpowered I am! They're saying that Shamans need to be nerfed. I smirk.

That's when I decide to take out my HAND OF RAGNAROS.


I slam the Hand of Ragnaros down into the ground. Arathi Basin shatters like glass–the ground falls out from under me. The fabric of SPACE itself CRUMBLES beneath my feet. I cackle as I enter the REAL REALM, becoming a TRUE ENTITY existing ON THE PLANET EARTH. I am a Draenei walking around New York–the cops try to stop me, but they forget all about me when they take a gander at my



But then, in the spaces between the gathering crowds, I see something. Someone. The smirk on my face deteriorates. .. it's one of the Horde. A Troll.

I thought I had destroyed Arathi Basin. I thought I had won the Battleground. But all that time–

–But all that time–…

.. there he was. Just standing there. Regenerating 5, health,



I glared at the Troll.

The Troll glared back at me.

Silence flooded the world.

"And there's nothing you can do about it," the Troll whispered.


MMOs in general are so fucking boring these days

I feel completely drained just entering them. Not because they’re bad games but because there’s nothing in them once you finish your first play through
All the endgame content in them is instanced meaning you can’t farm old dailies and weekly quests
All the fun rpg mechanics you’d expect from these types of games like the lack of quest finders, paragraphs worth of quest notes your expected to read, lack of linearity in progression and story telling, large maps, equipment durability and gear requirements all are taken out
Not because it’s “too hardcore”(quite the opposite casuals love this type of shit) but because the whales that blow money on these games wanna make sure anything that can potentially put ordinary players against them is neutralized. Fucking obnoxious shot dude makes these games feel static and unfun


how long until the older xpacs of wow become public domain and open source? i would love to see the day when private servers entirely replace retail.


sadly never until ActiBlizz bites the dust


Blizzard at this point hates any aspect of gaming that looks like too much fun to play and that’s proven by their blatant design and shocking defence of diablo immortal

World of Warcraft isn’t an RPG
Servers will never become open source
Blizzard will die with activision a death of a thousand stabs from the past decade of consistent disappointment they’ve brought onto their community and the gaming industry as a whole. Not even the Microsoft buyout can save the company from where they’re heading


Project Ascension and Turtle WoW are both pretty good vanilla+ private servers with healthy populations

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