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File: 1632053474133.png (53.29 KB, 1200x1106, Rockstar_Games_Logo.svg.png)


Thread to discuss the various games developed by Rockstar.
Some if not most of their games rank amongst the absolute peak of video gaming, so why not talk about and analyse them from a leftist perspective?


I like the concept of Bully but haven't played it a lot. What do you think of that game? And no, I've never played a single GTA


F fez whatley
F patrice o'neal
SSSSSSSSSSS anthony al-cumia


Has there been any new developments on this whole thing?



>I like the concept of Bully but haven't played it a lot
Same. The old graphics are turning me off. But who are we kidding, a remaster of old classics won't make Rockstar rich, so ain't gonna happen
>And no, I've never played a single GTA
I have only played GTA V. RDR2 was the one that really sold me on Rockstar games though


I grew up with GTA 3, vice city, and San Andreas. They were really present during formative years. I havent played the V one, I've only heard good things. I don't really find time to play games anymore.


I've been playing GTA 5 single player lately, and I don't think a game like that could be made today.
It seems unlikely that the smug libertarian sensibilities which gave modern GTA games their voice and social commentary still exist at Rockstar studios.

The same thing probably happened to South Park. I assume all those smug libertarians must have turned in the into progressives. Which is a tragedy, because progressives are far less interesting than smug libertarians.


Lolbergs are a fucking cancer, I'm glad South Park sank into irrelevancy and that lolberg gaming companies like Rockstar and Volition turned into progressives


It seems that there have been many contributions this year, however Take-Two have found out about it and filed a copyright claim against the project. Would be a real bummer if it gets taken down just because some greedy cunts want to push their inferior, DRM-ridden remasters down their customers' collective throats.


>I'm glad South Park sank into irrelevancy
I haven't heard anything from them after that "China callout" season. Have they finally sunk into irrelevancy?


If the devs somehow win the case this is going to be a revolution in GTA modding and game modding in general as it would allow the creation of mods that change the game on a much more fundamental level with much improved performance, but we live under capitalism and therefore can't have fun.


Mod devs can't fight the deep pockets of a corporation, they'll fold.


File: 1643829731764.png (541.19 KB, 720x923, claude speed.png)

GTA2chads where you at?




What was rockstars peak?


Rockstar was always a lolbert leaning company. Why does it surprise anyone this company was always going to be lolbert trash?




The Warriors


GTA:SA on the switch in handheld mode is quite playable and true to its original PC roots. And the story is quite relatable as you play a man who is set against a corrupt police force which he eventually triumphs against . And there is some biting satire of hypercapitalism on the in game radio that is very amusing .


So do you like the concept of torturing and beating the defenseless? Why not join the IDF then?


You're not even really a bully in Bully, you're more like an antihero, it was total ragebait


GTA 2 Claude looks like proto-Niko in this artwork

i also like how GTA 2 takes place in 2013, and GTA V takes place in 2013, but GTA V was contemporary, and GTA 2 was trying to predict the future. Really whacky guesses like "1950s cars make a comeback"


>That Z

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