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I just realized that if the combine never existed in the half life universe then humanity would've conquered xen immediately beginning the mass slaughter and testing of the native life and world of xen only to then build more portals to other dimensions and universes ultimately becoming the next combine, what are the chances that the half life games take place in a universe where this actually did happen and were playing as a Gordon Freeman in a human timeline where humanity found better portal tech long before the black mesa facility would


combine had the technology to teleport from universe A to universe B, couldn't locally teleport within the universes
however the humans were finding success in developing such technologies, hence why the combine kept the human civilization somewhat alive for so long instead of just killing everyone and taking the planet for its resources before fucking off


That's terrifying


It's a shame valve has just fucking given up on half life


Off-topic, but i like the beta and half-life 1 more then the final game
i never liked turning Gordon Freeman into jesus and making the gaming into more of a action instead of utilizing hl1 tone
and i still don't really care about Epistle 3 and how g-man just left him there like an ass



They've said they're working on more games in the series and the ending of Alyx strongly implies there's more to come.


Developer promises and bag of gamestop preorders are worth the bag.


>said working on stuff

pal i hope ya enjoy the long haul


Half-life 3 2033


half life 3 basically happened a year ago. the biggest lost cause in the history of gaming righted itself. have a little faith.


>have a little faith
I seriously can't imagine worse advice than "have faith in a video game company"


>I seriously can't imagine worse advice than "have faith in a video game company"
What about "have faith in Valve specifically"?


>half life alyx is half life 3
>vr game is half life 3
>half life alyx came out 13 years after half life 2 episode 2

pal I do think half life 3 will come out once i finish university and get married in my 30s


>What about "have faith in Valve specifically"?
Were you even alive when episodes 1 and 2 came out?


>be me
>play half life 2 when it first comes out
>all right
> buys the dlc
>a bit outdated by its still good
>plays tf2 pretty good too
>half life episode 3 still hasnt come out
>eh alright we have tf2 updates
>half life episode 3 still doesnt come out
>eh we have portal 2
>half life episode 3 actually now plain 3 still doesnt come out
>eh i mean we have cs go
>half life 3 still isnt out
>at least we have cs go update
>hlf3 doesnt come out still
>I mean at least we still have tf2 updates
>tf2 stops or rarely updates
> I mean at leaaassstt we still have cs go updates
>the updates barely improve the game at all at this point
>oh wait thats dead.jpg
>Half life alyx comes out
>literally just a vr game
>faith restored in valve
>waits again for half life 3
>keeps waiting
>………………..at least we have uh the steam deck guys right


>I'll just sit here until half life 3 drops



Uh yeah I was giving an example of worse advice. Did you not read the text I quoted in that very post?


That's my bad. I thought you meant to trust in valve specially, as though they were different from other video game companies.



>as though they were different from other video game companies
as much as gabe has engaged in the practices of other vidya corps the independent status is a relevant distinction. I have doubts a publicly traded valve would have been given enough license to pursue the VR flight of fancy to the extent gabe has.


it's not technically HL3 no, but it's a new AAA hl game. It'd be dumb for that not to change your expectations of 3's status.


This is a good point. There's often too much reductiveness about how capitalists work, but in reality their specific situation matters a lot. Valve not being publicly traded probably has made a big difference in their business practices since they have no shareholders to answer to, and the porkies who own the thing have some involvement (in theory) in developing software etc.

However, Valve kind of led the way on bullshit microtransactions with the TF2 hats and loot crates.


>publicly new aaa half life game
Aka in other words the past 12 years the only half life triple aka game they made was a vr title when they could have easily spent that time making half life 3

And they knew we wanted it but nah here's an exclusive vr game


They've always used Half Life to push new technology, but before it was new software.

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