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what vidya does bunkerchan like
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bst gaym evr


I think Streum On only ever wanted to make 40K games based on how much EYE is inspired by 40K. It's a shame because EYE is the only game that makes cybernetics as overpowered and fun as they should be, in every other cyberpunk game you're not all that much more powerful than a normal human.


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Speaking of vidya, Sonic Movie is out and its a lot of fun. A good nonspoiler review by thoriasunlimited https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SgwS05X3saU


I have been doing another play through of fallout 4 so I could focus on base building and I have been turning the wasteland into a socialist state with collective farms built out of old vault tec parts turned into above ground vaults.


nice anon.

I mean, there's a limit to how much power cybernetics could actually have when they still have to be attached to a squishy human body. Like, if you had superlegs that could run 100mph, they would just destroy whatever part of your leg they were attached to.


That's why we need full cyborg bodies. Put the brain and some artificial organs inside of a big armored box in the torso, cover everything in armor. .50 bmg would be a mild nuisance to them.


Endless Space 2, Stellaris, Command and Conquer, Deus Ex, Bloodborne, Dark Souls, Fallout 2, Kenshi, and Lobotomy Corporation.


Shadow of the Colossus
Dwarf Fortress
Heroes of Might and Magic 3

Bloodborne / Dark Souls
Metal Gear Solid
Vagrant Story
Devil May Cry 3

Parasite Eve
Warcraft 3
Guilty Gear XX Accent Core
Deus Ex
Metroid Prime

Fire Emblem 6
Final Fantasy 6
Darkest Dungeon
Witcher 3 (only with Enhanced Edition mod)
Super Mario World
Disco Elysium
2hu (IN my favorite)

About a million more in A tier, can't get em all.


File: 1608527676975.jpg (178.4 KB, 1200x900, osamas cat.jpg)

Why Binding Blade over any other FE? Just curious.


There are many good ones but this was my first one. I also prefer sprite art to the 3D models of gamecube and onwards. It's a damn shame FE story is always 100% skippable garbage.


Alpha Centauri (I'm finished with it though tbh)
Catacombs of Solaris
Cross Channel


File: 1608527677344.jpg (66.53 KB, 1080x720, animal.jpg)

I got the new animal crossing game and it is pretty good. (Pic semi-related)


Immersive sims and turn based games. My reaction time is too shit for actual fps and rts.
Also anything related to Soviet sci-fi.


I don't wanna be that guy but
fallout new vegas


File: 1608527677852.jpg (200.71 KB, 661x716, new vegas threads.jpg)


File: 1608527677997.jpg (59.21 KB, 274x230, what in the god damn.jpg)

>playing new animal crossing
>find a new character wandering around
>a hippie dog named harvey
>he has his own island like the player, and invites you to come hang out
>get a ride from the dodo birds to fly over to Harv's Island
>find out you only have access to one house on the island
>go inside, and immediately see a casting couch setup
>it's a photo studio, and Harvey's gimmick is doing photo shoots with your neighbors
>you can dress them up and tell them to pose for you
>mfw Harvey [i]Weinstein[/i] is telling you to traffick your neighbors to his private island [i]Little St. James[/i] to take special pictures of them
What in the goddamn did Nintendo mean by this?
What else is on that island that you don't have access to?
And why is one of the photoshoot sets literally a dank basement?


fuck u nigga


/v/ is now the roulette board, please go there for your video game related discussions.


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we need a game that combines megaman and sonic. you play as metal sonic, your bossfights are all the characters in mania, and after each one you get their abilities. you can play the first half of zones in any order just as you can the second half.


Darkest Hour
Ace Combat
Red Dead Redemption
Metal Gear


last few months its been

Monster Hunter World
Risk of Rain 2

really pumped for journey's end


Is there a leftypol factorio server?


File: 1608527913105.jpg (373.92 KB, 920x920, most favorite.jpg)


Have no console so I mooch on my roomies
Shadow of the colossus - classic
Halo CE - also classic
Horizon Zero Dawn - fun combat with robot dinosaurs
Dreams - I mak gam


the vidya that I'd consider my favourite games ever, no particular order

Left 4 Dead
Half Life 2
Silent Hill 2
GTA San Andreas
Red Dead Redemption 2

more lately I really enjoyed Control, by Remedy, the game is a huge homage to the House of Leaves novel, it's incredible


It me, the thread necroer.
Seeing as so many people are into Fallout, have any of you guys played the Wasteland games? How are they for somebody that likes Fallout 2?
Differences, pros, cons?


In terms of the game mechanics, it's like old WoW right? I only read fan-novels so I'm completely unaware.


Also; Decent graphics for an older game


shooters from before 2010


File: 1608528281084.jpg (33.04 KB, 500x432, Kane Scarface.jpg)

In no particular order:

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2;
Factorio (Bob's and Angel's);
Red Faction: Guerrila;
Spellforce III: Soul Harvest;
Pretty much any pre-2010's Blizzard game;
Minecraft 1.12.2 with a shit load of tech mods;
Starbound with Frackin' Universe;
Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds;
Doom *3*.




No, its completely the opposite direction. I forget the terms, I think its micro vs macro rts or something like that, but Warcraft (at least WC3) was based on hero units being powerhouses that you'd support with your troops, while SC more traditional rts in line with Agoe of Empires, where its about unit combos, counters and at the pro level micromanagement (though that last one is probably widespread for most RTS games).


Is that the French AoE2 reskin game? If so, very based.



Thanks to BF2Hub I've been playing battlefield 2 recently, it still holds up amazingly and it still has an active player base.


Honestly mildly surprised and pleased. I wonder how well it runs in Wine these days.


Fallout 1/2. If you want something more recent I'm playing atom RPG right now an it's pretty great


Pretty sure the poster asked for good RPGs, not buggy unfinished turds with shitty interfaces.




New Vegas
Grand Theft Auto V
Red Dead Redemption 2


Is there any sort of list of every single game from, say, today to 2000 or so. I'd like to rate every single game I played, but I can't hope to remember them all.



wow the initial replies in this thread are fucked


I've been playing Real Racing 3 and it is quite funleft_communismLeft Communism


File: 1623650192835.jpg (114.37 KB, 600x850, scmrpg.jpg)


Chrono Trigger is a marxist masterpiece.


ah a classic


Sounds like a /pol/ favorite


I dont play games anymore
but when I did, I liked to play the games I had as a kid.
I enjoyed the worldbuilding and fun glitches in the jak and daxter series. I hope they never remake it like they did with ratchet and clank


If you're not joking, how so? I want to play it since it seems to be one of the best RPGs ever or something

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