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What's your opinion about the Persona games?
I loved P5R, easily one of the best games I've ever played, but long as fuck too, and the 10 hour tutorial will scare most casuals.

Now I will start playing P4G and maybe the P5 Spinoff game.


coomer bait with some vague mythological shit slapped together along with anime style lessons such as "friendships are important" "be true to yourself" etc. like basically every other japanese game in existence
so nothing special really


They're fun.


P2 (both games) > P3 > PQ (both games) > P1 > P4 >>>>>>> P5


P1 is a little rough, but unique for its genre, even within its own series.
P2 has the strongest story
P3 could potentially be the best if game mechanics were updated in a modern port
P4 has the best characters and general feeling
P5 isn't quite as good as P3/P4 with the main cast, but makes up for it with pretty decent social commentary


wtf I could have sworn I made this exact same post word for word a year ago
are u a bot


File: 1642125068276.png (330.43 KB, 768x768, 1614647818271.png)

it's a good series, but my heart is more aligned with SMT.
Goro best boy btw


I find P5 really mediocre. The story is an uninteresting mess and the dungeons are overlong and unchallenging. As unfair as it may be I'll never be able to beat the feeling that the only reason it's as popular as it is is because of its flashy (and admittedly very well done) presentation and people wanting to play a dating sim/watch a high school anime without feeling guilty. Though even the latter point doesn't make that much sense to me because even the characters aren't very enjoyable. Except Yusuke, I'd be friends with him IRL
I'd say the rest of the games (minus 1 which I haven't played) are generally good but extremely flawed. Even 3 which is very dear to my heart is full of problems


3 is a guilty pleasure of mine, reminds me of my emo friends in high school. and the themes resonate with me too
Tangentially related but I think the P3 movies are very mediocre except for the fourth one which is actually kino.

I gave 4 and 5 an honest attempt but they're way too bubbly and pop-like for me. 5's with its muh rotten adults was especially irritating.

1 looks interesting, at least from a presentation standpoint.

2 is the least popular one afaik and also loved on /v/ so I'm just going to assume it's mediocre at best but praised because it's unpopular.


File: 1642323332970.png (869.46 KB, 755x803, download.png)

3 had best grills


Everyone's a girl in the dark


I don't want the option to date a loli


smt is the better series


Yh, that is fucking weird tbh


Only played 3 and 5 royal.
5 I beat just last week and it was pretty enjoyable.
Yes, it’s kind of overhyped, but I’d be lying if I said the storyline didn’t hold my attention.
There is something about fucking with powerful peoples psyches to change the world that’s intriguing to me.
3 will possibly always be may favorite because of the shooting yourself in the head gimmick.


>nooooo the poor innocent pixels


it's just creepy yo


The only time, I, personally, ever found that kinda thing was in Everlasting Summer, I was like, 'yo, this kid is an actual child, stop this yo'


Who's the loli? Futaba? I think it's more the way Joker seems to have an older brother relationship with her that makes it weird
Also didn't the PSP version of P3 let you date a literal 10yo boy? lol


Then just don't do it.


shota is hot so it's ok


Okay, still creepy
Also the games are too easy


objectively correct opinion

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